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Bethel and The Beast

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My father owned a rich and powerful man a huge amount of money and since he couldn't pay it back, I was given to him as a price to pay for his debt. I became his possession, his servant, his s*x slave, his puppet, and the most obedient of dogs. His name was Harry Corner. He is a man everyone fears. His name itself will make a hundred people bow. He was a ruthless billionaire prince with the worst childhood. He is a sacred idol. Harry was my pain. My sufferings. He abused and defiled me in the most horrible and cruel ways. He brought me pain, He owned my soul, He owned my body, He owned every piece of my body to do with it whatever he likes.


Bethel stared at out of the cell window and saw two teenage girls in maid uniform, talking loudly and laughing. Sorrow gripped her heart, she couldn't help but wonder how it felt to laugh again. To interact with friends. To express herself. To be free.

A drop of tears fell down her eyes and she quickly wiped them away.

"why? why did father have to give me out for exchange?” she sobbed.

”If only I never came out! she lamented horribly and hurdled down her cell. Empty cold cell.

She had been here for the past one month,she hasn't seen her captor,she had only seen him once and that was when he captured her.


” where is my money,Alberto?” Harry corner requested. He was a man everyone feared, his eyes were so cold as he spoke to the old man who happens to be Bethel's father.

That night,bethel had eavesdrop on their conversation and she could sworn she has never seen eyes so cold with raw and deep loathe.

” I...I...will pay you,please give me some more time” Bethel's father pleaded.

”(scoffs) you will pay me my money she yet you've planned on leaving the country. Who does that?” Harry asked,his eyes coldest.

” I didn't run away,I never planned an escape” Alberto uttered and that was when Harry pull out his mask. Bethel's jaw dropped at his sight she never knew the popular Harry corna is a young guy,she had thought he was in his 40's she never thought he could be so young, he looked 26's.His lashes stood out proudly against his upper cheek bone,his skin was spotless without a blemish,he had a tattoo like signature in his left hand,he was gorgeously handsome.

Bethel was lost looking, she mistakenly slipped out of her hideout. Harry turned instantly to the direction where her fall came from.

Their eyes locked.

A chill went down Bethel's arm as Harry's eyes bore into the holes of her eyes,she has never seen a hatred more raw before in anyone's eyes. Harry looked away,his guards hastily went to drag her and collared her with the chain in their hands..

” 200million dollars? how do you plan on paying me!! You even want to escape by travelling out” Harry pointed out.

” you even planned with my maid to kill me,how will you atone your sins??

” since you adore your daughter so much, shouldn't she pay by being my slave? Mr Alberto I guessed you agree to that? Harry asked on clear ascent.

In tears my father looked at me,he had borrowed the money to pay for my mother's surgery but unfortunately she died.

” I agree” my father said and that was how I was taken.


Tears blinded Bethel's vision again,

she has been in the cell to live by the demands of a slave while her captor was present or not.

Just as bethel tried closing her eyes,the cell door flew open and she heard heavy footsteps it was coming closer. she knew who it was.

It was a middle aged woman,

she has been the one telling her what to do as a slave.

” Stand. Follow me” the woman said.

Bethel stood up wearily in her now wretched clothes,she followed the woman.

A ray of hope flashed across her eyes, stepping out of the hurdled cell for the first time, she had really wanted to escape and as she walked behind the woman,she scanned the whole building, the mansion was so big that it was so difficult for her to find an exit.

” Isabella” the woman called as soon as they got to the front of a particular suite.

” yes ma'am” a girl of Bethel's age came out.

” get the slave cleaned and send her to Harry's suite after”

” okay ma'am”

Bethel faced the woman with defiance in her teary eyes. ” and what do I do in his room?” she almost yelled.

” he will do to you whatever he wants” she got her reply.

” I beg of you,help me escape! she pleaded, defiance in her stance.

” you had better not keep him waiting” the reply she got stung deep into her heart.


Even as Bethel tried to block the sound of her feet shuffling on the floor,she couldn't stop the feeling of her sweaty palms. she whimpered.

” what will I be doing as his slave?”

her ear still rang from what the head maid said to her and her hand became more sweaty as she followed Isabelle. This was is just a date she can't escape.

They moved in fully into the suite and there where ten other maids,they were all on maid uniforms,they looked smart and clean.

” she's masters slaaaaaaave” Isabelle said, dragging the word slave.

Tears of humiliation gushed out of Bethel's eyes.

” a sex slave” Ariana laughed.

” let's see how long she can last” Fiona added.

” hi,am Anna” the caramel skin girl waved, she seemed more friendly.

” why are you looking so solemn,it's not a bad thing to work as a sex slave at least you will get paid” Ariana said.

” common let's get her cleaned” Gloria uttered and the girls dragged bethel into the bathroo


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