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Bent Against The Counter Of His Desk

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Introduction Scarlett O'Hara, that's her name, 26 years old, a single mother of two kids (twins). Poor and manages to earn a living to take care of her twins together with her her best friend. She finally gets a job at a very big company after years of struggling to get one only to find out the CEO is her EX, the father of her twins. He hates her and he will make her pay, and by that, she has to quench his sexual desires. Will she succumb to this? Scarlett's POV "Since you couldn't help but take a sneaky peep at it, how about I show you a proper view of it and perhaps help you remember how it tastes," He said and my heart skipped a bit and before I could blink, his d1ck was hanging right before my face. "S*ck it!" He said in an authoritative voice.

Chapter 1

Chapter 01 Scarlett's POV I was rushing across the corridor, my breath ragged from my exhaustive and never-ending runs.I apologized for hitting someone while still racing quickly and with my face forward. Although I didn't hear her response, I was aware that she had accepted my apology."Oh my, hello.Hello, my name is Scarlett, and I should be here for the interview.""The interview finished five minutes ago, you're late, miss." The woman I had spoken to responded."But, um, is there anything you could do to help me? Please, I need this work and I'm confident I can do it.""Miss, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry but there is nothing I can do to help; our boss is a severe one and doesn't tolerate tardiness. " I felt helpless and hopeless as she spoke, gave me a small bow, and then turned to leave.Not again, please Lord, I continued to chant while remaining immobile for several minutes in the same place.In the space of two months, I will be losing a total of five jobs. Really, the heavens are against me.My phone rang, and it was my best friend texting me.Her text said, "Let me guess, you didn't meet up on time."I groaned and put my phone in my pocket before slinking out of the building.**"Mommy!" When they saw me walking into the house, my twins immediately ran to me. My house is movable and is located distant from the city.There were other homes nearby, but they were just luxurious ones. You must be asking why a wealthy individual would choose to reside in the middle of a forest, far from any metropolis.However, Tonia had mentioned how much this wealthy individual valued secrecy and that some were likely engaged in illegal activities and wished to remain anonymous. She has a lot of affluent pals.After giving me a small pat on the shoulder and saying, "Great, I can leave now," Tonia picked up her pricey bag off the counter and left the house."How was it, mom?" My young, blonde girl enquired."Well, I didn't get the job, but everything will be fine, you know that right?" She gently nodded in agreement as I remarked with a comforting grin."And you, you're doing fine, right?" I questioned young Ryan. He said, "Yes mom," with a broad smile, and I grinned in return.When I said, "Let's go make pancakes," they jumped up in response.***"What's going on, baby?" My best friend made that screeching noise.Ryan wouldn't let me be, so I casually said, "Hey," while I fed him."Let me assume you're upset with me." I scoffed as Tonia questioned while making puppy expressions.I hissed a little, "Of course not, why would I be mad at my one and only friend, oh yeah, the same one who left and didn't care that I lost a job," and then I continued, "Oh yeah, the same one who left and didn't care that I lost a job."With her gum being so loudly chewed, she chided, "Come on girl, you never had the job."She gave me those adorable puppy eyes once more when I gave her the cold shoulder.She continued, "Come on, I knew you weren't going to get the job, you left home at 9 am and the interview was starting by 9 am, be for real girl," and I moaned.Tonia never minces words; she always gets right to the point, regardless of whether it hurts.She is correct; even though I knew the interview would begin at 9, I still left the house at that time. I know it was stupid of me, but there was nothing I could do about it.I had nowhere to put my twins in care because I couldn't leave them here by themselves in this house in the midst of the woods.I growled once more, "Maybe if you had shown up earlier when I called you to come stay with my twins, maybe I would have gotten the job.""Hey, girl, don't hold it against me; I arrived as quickly as I could." She replied while grabbing a few chips to put in her mouth. She is however correct. Again, I'm solely to blame.Maybe the rest of my life I wouldn't have a job. If this is the price I have to pay for being a b*tch, I'm happy to take it."Girl.." Tonia took a picture to snap me back to reality." what?" I enquired carelessly."Girl, what the heck were you thinking about? What's wrong? Your phone has been beeping annoyingly for the past two minutes, but you weren't paying attention to it."I gave Ryan the plate to eat alone, disregarded her, and grabbed my phone in her place."Who is it?" After I remained silent for a few minutes with my eyes nearly protruding from their sockets, Tonia asked a question.Saying "Scarlett! Scarlett!" Tonia screamed when I didn't respond.I abruptly snapped out of them and looked at her with my mouth gaping."What happened?" you ask. I remained silent when Tonia asked again. After taking the phone from me and reading the text I had gotten, she turned to me and her eyes widened."You..."I've gotten the job""You were hired, right?"At the same time, we both said."Girl, are you sure this is not a joke? You claimed to me that you were denied an interview.""No, I didn't, yeah. I don't.""If this is from the corporation, how did you get the position, then?' she requested."What's happening?" I shrugged in response to her query.I answered, nearly trembling, "I honestly don't know, I swear to God."Why do I feel queasy? from misinformation? Joy? Or apprehension that it might be intended for someone else?I'm not sure why, but I wasn't at ease. I didn't even get to see the CEO for an interview, the woman made that plain, so how did I lose the job?"Scarlett.I spoke without thinking, "I don't know, I seriously don't know, I'm as confused as you are right now."She said, "This letter says you're to resume tomorrow," and I furrowed my brows in response."What?""Exactly""So?" I blinked, perplexed."Let's go clothing shopping!" She ran to fetch her car key while screaming."Send for the twins!" I was confusedly standing still as she yelled.

Chapter 2

Chapter 02Scarlett's viewpointThe question is, "Do you like them?" Throughout our shopping trip, Tonia kept asking as she made numerous clothing selections, and I kept nodding in agreement. I was still utterly perplexed.While my twins appeared joyful and thrilled for their mother, I was perplexed.What is happening? That was all I could think to ask myself.If it hadn't been an official email, I would have replied to it. I suppose everything would make sense tomorrow.The following day"How do you feel? Do I appear presentable enough, in your opinion?" I questioned with some trepidation."Come on sweetie, I've told you a number of times, you look good in anything you wear. You certainly appear presentable, if not more than presentable". Tonia remarked, looking at me.I turned and remarked, "I'll believe that since you seem serious saying it,"


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