Becoming his Salvation

Becoming his Salvation

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: sunflowervx
  • Chapters: 18
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "I need you," he whispered firmly against my skin. His deep, hoarse voice wielded such power over me that I had no choice but to comply with him. His dark brown eyes were blinded by his demons. I know the hidden feeling behind those chocolaty-brown eyes. He nudges my thigh to separate them, dropping to his knees, and his tongue works gently and slowly in the most divinely torturous rhythm. "Please become my salvation." he said, sounding more like an order than a request, sending a vibration of pleasure that shuddered me inside out. A moan left my lips reverberating in the silence of the room, where only slurping sound could be heard. I don’t know what to feel right now—the pleasure that binds us together, the pride that the most feared man is on his knees in front of me, or the fear that I’m slipping deeper into the abyss because of him. He is the wild horse whose reign is in my hands to control. He is the feral alpha who can only be tamed by me. Only I can become his salvation.

Chapter 1

Romeo POV

“What’s more difficult remembering someone or pretending not to”

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The monster who hid behind this Greek face—the world didn’t know how dangerous that monster could be. I smirked at myself and made my way out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around my waist. Water was trickling from my wet hair and running down my big shoulder to my dragon-tattooed back. I'm not sure when I made it, but as part of the rules in the world where I live, I had to make one that symbolized my soul. Walking into my walk-in wardrobe, I started to pick out the suit.

I chose a black shirt with gray pants and a dark gray suit. Rolling over my Rolex watch on my arm; I walked out of my bedroom. As soon as I marched down the stairs, the maids lined up with their heads bowed. A blue Rolls Royce was parked just outside my door. Luca, my bodyguard, opened the door for me to get in. Closing the door behind him, Luca sat in the driver's seat.

“Did you find that motherfucker?” I groaned I was angry that we didn’t know that I have a traitor in my gang and that fucker tried to pass my hard work into someone else pocket. I was fuming with rage.

“Yes, boss, we've already abducted him… Others are waiting for your order.” Informed Luca, it was clear from his voice that he, too, was enraged. Because why not in the mafia world, the rules are simple: don't betray the one who put food on your plate?

“Then let go; what are we waiting for?” I smirked as I drummed my finger on the leather seat. Excitement hitting my bones as my body boomed in anticipation to torture that rascal who has this much courage—courage is not the right word—an idiot who tried to betray me.

The car came to halt at the deserted place. Luca is quite good at finding these sorts of spots where I can work quietly. Luca opened the door for me as I walked inside the warehouse. A man's shouting was heard from inside, and I knew that was my man's, followed by a thrilled scream. Ooo, they started the party without me. As soon as I stepped inside the room, the metallic smell hit me, and I felt peace inside me. As I gazed at the man on his knees on the floor, hands bound to the ceiling, his face appeared battered, and there was blood everywhere, my men made way for me. They did a good job.

My shadow fell on him like a devil who is waiting for the chance to devour him. He lifted his head and looked at me. I felt satisfaction when his eyes showed fear for me; he was trembling, shaking like a leaf. This sight always makes me feel like I have the power to crush them.

“I thought you were part of my family but I ended up being betrayed!” I said, already walking towards the man with the sledgehammer in my hand.

“What did the other man offer you to stab me in the back?” I asked but, I didn’t even want to know much about it, but my sordid personality likes to play games.

“What was so precious? To be worth your life! You don’t tremble in fear even once while doing this?” It was possible to feel the dense atmosphere, and my black aura surrounded him to the point that Andrew couldn’t stop crying, which only made me even more irritated.

“Money? Some bitches? A private jet?” I asked, saying the things he can get from betraying me, but again I just heard him sobbing. Taking the tip of the cigarette to his forehead, he ended up moaning in pain.

“Argh…p… please…” He moaned in pain, thrashing around with his bounded hands. “...It was for money… but I never gave any relevant information and… I swear!..” with every word, his skin burned under the ashes, because of the head and this continued until the amber of the cigarette went out. On the other hand, everyone in the shed laughed at his deplorable condition.

“Hey, Liam…” I called my bodyguard “Does he have a family?” I asked glaring at the pathetic being in front of me and immediately got the answer.

“Yes, a wife and a daughter!” said Liam.

“Ok, put the two of them under our protection, in case Joseph wants to retaliate, and inform the woman that Andrew died with a stray bullet! The child does not need to know that her father was a coward!” As soon as Andrew heard my words, the traitor went into despair, to the point of struggling and begging for mercy on that old solid wooden floor.

“N…No for the love of God…mother…. help… Boss, please show a little mercy to me.”

“Your mother will not help you escape from me!” I shouted at his face. He begged me to spare him but unfortunately, in this world, there is no margin for error.

“Wait… Boss, please… I…”

“Sleep well!” I said as I lifted the 44 kilos sledgehammer, and soon after, I landed the first blow on his head. The one that sank the skull, spilling a large amount of blood that stained me. That is the color that describes me, Red. Blood was dripping from my hands but I couldn’t care less and took out my handkerchief and wiped my hand and face without showing any emotions then finally I got hold of myself and took a long sigh.

“Luca and everyone else, clean up this mess!” I ordered, now dropping the sledgehammer on the floor. Taking my coat back from Luca which I previously gave him so it didn’t get stained with the traitor bloods.

“Yes, boss!!!!....”


It was already around two at night when I entered the northern region, a high-class clandestine nightclub called ‘Louvre Sono’. Stepping inside the pub the bouncers immediately made way for me as the pub owner came hurriedly towards me and greeted me, arranging a quiet VIP room for me and my men so that I can enjoy a little time here. I sat on the black leather sofa, and the waitress came to me, surviving the drinks which Luca ordered. As soon as the alcohol hit my nerves it started to affect me.

The room where I was sitting provided a good view of the stage. The neon lights are making my headache worse. I was settled on the leather sofa with my legs crossed, puffing on the black cigarette when all the lights of the pub went out. The only light which is illuminated is in the center of the stage. I was looking around when the host of the night show's voice resonated in my ears.

“The Louvre Sono club has the honor of once again presenting our star dancer…Velvet vision.” I grinned as I looked at the girl who walked to the center of the stage wearing nothing but a lacy red bralette and lacy shorts with a silk robe. As soon as she stopped at the poll she removed the robe and threw it on the audience. But the thing that got my attention is her face looking so beautiful, her big doe deep blue eyes that hold a galaxy in them, plump red lips, cute adorable nose, tall slender figure especially her waist SO SMALL that I’m sure that it can fit in my one hand and more-over her persona which she carries on the stage. The moment I saw that girl my heart screamed one emotion and that is I want her.

The soft flow of music began and the girl started to dance. It was like a swan, a black swan flapping its wings in its cage, and with each sexier step, the audience went wild. To the point of throwing a lot of money on the stage, which made the owner of the pub happy. The young girl wrapped her hand around the pole and slid over it with the sole of her foot contouring the floor. It was beautiful and painful at the same time.

“How wonderful! The girl is splendid the type that make you want to fuck her!” someone from the crowd shouted, staring at the swan while a young waitress shamelessly sucked him under the table. My eyebrow raised at his dirty comment because inwardly I agree with him. I was so engrossed in her that I didn’t notice someone was behind me clearing her throat to get my attention which was only on the swan who was dancing with so much passion.

“So, you too found her amusing…” a sultry voice came from beside me as a feminine hand roamed around my chest. I looked beside me to find Natalie staring at me. Natalie was the girl who would always be my escort if I came to the pub to enjoy my time. But the swan who was dancing on the stage is what I needed right now. I hadn’t seen her in the pub before, or else she had been tainted by my demons. The way she squished her boobs wanting me to replace my hands and squished that puffy chest on behalf of her.

“Who is she? I haven’t seen her before?” I asked, still looking at my swan. Yes, my swan. I want her and I will get her. I want her beneath me moaning as she screams my name. I haven’t felt this emotion in a while as girls are just a thing to quench my lust but here, she is attracting all my attention without even trying.

“I can’t tell you… I don’t want my regular customer to go in someone else's panties...” Natalie said in her sultry voice as she kissed my neck. Her comment ignited a fire in me. Regular customer! My hand immediately went to her neck. I warped my long fingers around her slender neck as she grasped, sensing the danger she put herself in.

“Natalie... One day your blunt comment might put you in danger. You know that. Have you forgotten whom you’re talking to?” my deep hoarse voice echoed in the room. As she wiggled in my arm seeing her red face, I left her. Again, going to watch my swan but to my displeasure the show has ended and some girls are now stripping on the stage.

“...She didn’t serve… here…” Natalie spoke as she coughed trying to inhale as much air as she could. “She is only a dancer here…” she continued.

“Have I asked you if she serves or not?” I asked as I nodded at Liam's direction. He came towards me as I ordered him to call Raul the owner of the pub. After getting my instruction he left me and Natalie alone.

“She will not do that… Let's just do the usual thing we do… I got a surprise for you…” her husky voice rang in my ears as she tried to seduce me with her charms. She is beautiful without a doubt. She is good in bed as I dominate her but she is not the one I was looking for tonight. I want my swan. It was just my inner demon wanting her presence near me.

“You called me Sir.” Raul's voice brought me out of my thoughts which were clouded by this swan.

“She….. the girl dancing on the stage just a few minutes ago… I want her to be my escort for tonight.” I ordered. As I took a sip of my drink but after getting no response I looked up at him.

“Si…Sir she… don’t serve… here..” He whispered, trembling like a leaf.

“Do I look like I care… bring her to me..” I roared this time I was already at the edge and this lunatic was not making it easy for me. I don’t care about anything, I just want her.

“O… Okay… Sir..” said Raul as he ran out of the room followed by fuming Natalie whom I politely ignored and started to concentrate on the things which I’m going to do with my swan.

Chapter 2

Julia’s POV

“It’s so difficult to forget agony, but more difficult to remember beautiful memories”

I love dancing, maybe more than my life. It gives me peace which my life never gave me. When I move my body to the beat of the music, I feel extreme happiness which can be reflected in my eyes. That's what Mrs. Smith always tells me. I do not know where I get this passion and love for dance but yeah, it has become a source of my living.

I was getting ready now for my dance performance. I work in a pub, Louvre Sone. It is a hell of a pub where mostly elite people come to quench their thirst or lust but I do not work here as an escort I just work as a pole dancer. As an orphan I have to feed myself so it doesn't matter if I like my job or not if it is filling my stomach I’ll do it.

I got changed into my usual dance clothes which were just a lacy red bralette and skinny lacy shorts which can hardly hide anything but it was my compulsion so I must


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