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Life was unfair and Todd Thomas knew it too well. He was the most handsome boy in town but was very unlucky. His encounter with saving the Putin Global heiress, Morgan from a r*p* was the beginning of positive things happening in his life. Physical and emotional life... Todd gets caught up in a love triangle between the two friends and employer and employee, Morgan and Sandra. He tried to balance this which earned him conflict from both sides as they were confused of where his feelings truly laid. Things was moving smoothly and was going to be perfect when the past suddenly sprung, leaving Todd with only two choices: Love or revenge. Will Todd sacrifice all for his love or take his revenge even at the risk of losing his love?


No news was good news. A new box of mail stood on the glass table peacefully. But my eyes were far from it as I stared at the fireplace. It was cold so the fire was on heating the house. It glowed in its usual way and it seems to be glaring at me. At least it was better than me; in all ways. At least it glows as it does on summer nights. It heats the house like it always did. It did everything perfectly. "Aren't you going to open it?" I heard the familiar voice of my willowy single mom who seems like a hundred parents to me. She had supported me financially until her money ran out and now she never ceases to support me emotionally. "What's the use?" I said still looking at the fireplace. "It's all the same." "Don't you give up and open it," she said and disappeared from the room. I looked down at the box. It was a brown big box with paper with a little writing on it. From: Happy Scholarships To: Todd Thomas ' I hope I'm happy in the end,' I muttered sarcastically and sl*t the seal. I opened the box and saw a white envelope with the same notes:From: Happy Scholarships To: Todd Thomas I took it and checked the back if there were any notes but found none so I just tore open the envelope and took out the letter. It was short and it looked precise. Dear Applicant Todd Thomas, We appreciate your effort and time to apply for Happy Scholarships but we regret to inform you that you were not selected among the chosen. We ask for your patience and understanding. You can apply next year and can be possibly chosen. From the Happy Scholarships team, Manger. I have read this too many times that it drives me crazy. I even went crazy recalling their slogan. We always make you happy Well, I'm not happy, I thought holding my anger lest it consumes me. I squeezed the letter and stood up moving to the fireplace and calling out to my mom. She did not answer immediately but when she did, she came out in her favourite cloth - an apron - and yellow gloves. "What's it?" She asked. "What did you read?" "Same," I replied. "I'm heading out." As I crossed over to the sofa, she said, "Aren't you going to eat before you go?"I grabbed my coat before answering, "No." With that, I wore my coat and walked out of the house.

Chapter 1

Life is unfair and I know it.Even though they were a part of my life and strives, I could hardly remember one. Ha, those endless interviews! But what was the use of remembering them when they yielded nothing? Now the only thing on my mind presently was the one I was going to now. I had seen it last month and called the number and what I heard was,‘We will get back to you shortlyI had heard similar words before:‘ We can get back to you in a day or two'.But those days turned to never and when I wasn’t called throughout the month, I gave up but here I am getting prepared. I had the determination to achieve two things of which I had achieved oneGet to be called for an interview; andWin the job.Unfortunately, I had always only made it through the first stage as the second stage don’t usually pan out well. Now, I wore a green coat after styling my hair in the coolest manner and a lemon head warmer. I rubbed my palms lightly for n


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