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An Heir For The Multi Billionaire CEO

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“What do I benefit if I marry you?” “If you marry me, I can help you deal with your slutty family on one condition!”. “YOU GIVE BIRTH TO A MALE CHILD WITHIN NINE MONTHS OF THE CONTRACT!” “DON'T BE AFRAID. OBEY MY RULES, COMPLETE THE MONTH RANGE, GET ME AN HEIR, AND YOU WILL BE FINE ” “AND WHAT IF I DON'T?” “THEN THERE WILL BE HEAVENLY CONSEQUENCES ” Nine Years Ago, Alexa Parker, a well-known model drastically falls into her doom when she finds out that her uncle is her BIOLOGICAL father. Her entire life and career fall and her life portray a damsel in distress without her daring prince to save her. Her modeling Image as EVA was stolen from her and she swore to have her revenge when she discovered that they were the major roles in her mother's death. A few years later, She bumps into An aloof, cold, brutal, ruthless king of the underworld and sleeps with him. In other to deal with her slutty family, She engages in a marriage contract with the King, and in exchange, to bear him a child. She signs a contract with him and comes to terms to bear him a MALE CHILD within nine months of their marriage contract. What will happen when two strong and opposing forces are joined together by a contract marriage? What will happen when their marriage is set on benefits and not love? “I HATE you but can't stop LOVING the monster you have to turn out to become. ” “Run away and I will tear the entire Galaxy, smash all the mountains, part the whole oceans and seas, quench the blazing fire and bury those that get in my way just to find you, because, without you I am nothing!”

Chapter 1

“Mrs. Parker, A hope to a new start!” A man in his fifty raises the glass wine cup and drinks it in a go.

“Wish us the best cooperation!” Parker Alexa smiled as she also gulps her drink down.

Alexa POV

As soon as I gulped the drink down, my head starts to ache. My vision became blurry and I felt this pain and itchiness to get laid.

“You spiked my drink?” Alexa's eyes shot a powerful glare at the man. Her teeth's gritted in anger.

Many waves were going on beneath her legs. Her hands became weak and the glass she held fell and broke with a loud sound.

Her whole eyes were all blurry, she was losing consciousness. Her white lacy gown had been tainted with red wine.

Her hormones were acting against her. She was in no control of her body, The furry feeling grew stronger.

“You will pay for this!” Alexa tried to stand up but stumbled to the ground. Her legs wobbled, her head throbbed with so much pain.

“Me? Are you sure about that? Right now, You are weak and drugged but if you beg me, I might as well have pity on you and get you out of here!” The man laughed out loud in ridicule.

That man there was supposed my uncle yet he drugged me to sleep with me?

Since I was born, I had this unimaginable beauty that even heaven and earth could not explain.

My hair was curly brown, my eyes were brown and my skin color was like a shining pearl.

I was the perfect example of a Cinderella but too bad I had no prince to save me tonight.

My body burned up in lust. My pink lips shattered and looking all glooming skin also turned pale yellow.

I did not know how long I could resist the drug. I needed to act fast and quickly.

“You will not get away with this. My father will haunt you! You wretch b*st*rd!” I cursed him. The only thing I could do was to yell, curse him and resist the strong urge.

“Father?! You are a perfect example of a falling princess. You thought you had it all, Your modeling career went so smoothly, you were rich but no more!” Parker Andrew mocks his niece on the ground.

Her condition grew worse. Her brown hair turned black. Her voice became so hoarse.

What a tragedy she has to be disposed of now!

“What do you want from me?” I gave up. One thing I knew about my uncle was that he was in no way going to give up at all.

His heart was hardened like steel. He had no emotion for the dead and the living.

Once he plots, it is no need to disagree with him. I had to negotiate wisely.

“I want your identity. Everything about you! Your career, your riches, and did also mention everything?!” Andrew grins evilly.

I could not do anything but watch him take what I worked for. Besides, I was in no condition to save myself talking of my earned living.

“My identity? You are crazy! My father should have killed you when you killed my mother!” I yelled with force and coughed out saliva on my palm.

Three years ago, my mother was alive not until she died because of HIM. That devil called my uncle!

If heavens could hear my prayers, I'd wish for him to be struck dead by lightning!

“Your mother Is a used product. Once used, you have to dispose of If it right? Let us say a condom. Once opened and used, it has to be thrown away. That is your mother!” He bent down to my eye level and grabbed my chin harshly.

I could not show any pain although, it hurt like hell. I kept it in my heart and endured it.

“I guess the woman you defend, you do not know anything about her, do you?” He asked mysteriously. His face focused on my lips.

He wanted to see at least a reaction or confusion but he got nothing from me.

My face hid the emotion tightly. My mind ran over the question millions of times yet could not process what he meant.

Being a model, facing slutty bitches who want you down and annoying reporters that frame me up taught me how to hide them well.

“You can kill me but don't badmouth my mother!” I clenched my fist harder.

He knew that I was angry and smirked more. He loved to see when people give in to him.

“Why would I kill my blood?” He made no sense to me.

He hid so many meanings in those words. Was he saying that he was my father?

“Who are you exactly to me?!” Alexa aggressively shouts back. She was at the brink of exploding in anger and he was just busy fueling It with more petrol.

“I always assumed you were smarter than an *ssh*l* but now, I know you are not!” He spat out and used his fingers to trace my face.

His dirty fingers reached to my cleavage and stopped.

“I am your father! Your creator! Your mother lied to you all these years. She is the reason why you turned out like this. Blame her! Go ahead, I will not stop you ” He took hold of my mother's necklace and cut it right from my neck.

The force he dragged out cut my skin. I flinched from the pain.

The most important thing was finding the real truth. Could it be that this monster is my real father?

That b*st*rd can't be my father!

“Impossible! Let go off me!” I yelled and held my head. This information was too much.

I could feel my heart breaking into pieces. Why can't I have a simple life?

“This night, I will dispose of you like how I did to your mother!” I could see his hands waving in the other room.

Two men came out without a shirt and with little pants. The way they behaved seemed like gays.

From their look, I knew I would not last a virgin after this night.

“Get rid of her! And while you are at it, ensure she enjoys the best night of her life!” He licked his lips and moved backward.

The two men lifted my body in the air while one of their hands slipped into my dress and grabbed my butt.

I felt irritated by their touch.

“Put me down!” I struggled with my last strength. I could not lose the fight now!

That is unlike me!

“I will make you pay! Ten thousand folds!”

I watched at him with utmost hatred. I will never forget that look on his face!


In the opposite room.

“Book me a flight back to Beijing tonight .” Ray Hudston bluntly says as he puffs out smoke from his mouth.

Cigarette smoke filled the whole air in the room.

“Yes sir! ” Gabriel Dunlop bows opens the door and leaves.


Alexa POV.

I struggled but failed at every attempt. I was about to be taken outside of the hotel.

I could not give up especially not when my uncle had some hidden motive.

“My identity? what a bluff!”I disparaged him in my mind.

I felt a little light and decided to give it a shot.

I grabbed one of their hands and bit it like holy sh*t! I fell from their hands and ran to an open room.

They ran after me still I entered an opened door and banged it shut. I did not have the time to look around.

I quickly bent down and held my knees. It was hard to resist the urge.

“Help me...” My raspy voice called out.

The room was in great darkness with only a light reflecting through the silver-coated glass.

“Who are you?” I heard a voice from the other side of the room. My head tilted there but I could not find the man with the voice.

I knew someone was in the room but did not know where he was.

“Who are You?” He repeated again but with a more dangerous tone. He sounded like he was not in a good mood to entertain visitors.

“Help me..... please....” I crawled slowly to the bed. That was the only way since my legs went to slumber.

Alexa felt a harsh grip on her pale skin. He was the one!

The light turned on immediately, A man dressed in a black suit and long coat. Cigarette sachets were scattered all around the room.

My mind screamed danger and to run but my flesh was so weak. His grip was so firm that it almost dug into my flesh.

“Do you want me to spill your blood before you answer me?” His fiery eyes meant no joke.

He looked more like a drug dealer considered since his room was filled with drugs and cigarettes.

“I have been spiked. Can I stay here?” I asked. If it meant staying with a freak than those men then she would prefer the men.

“Spiked?” He bent down to my eye level and put his finger on my forehead.

I shivered at the closeness and his cold finger. It was only then I remembered that the turbo AC was on.


I could only nod at his question and look at him in his eyes.

His chin widened and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“I will pay you twenty billion to satisfy me!”

The words were like bullets and bombs. I could not hear again.


Chapter 2

“What?” I repeated again to confirm whether my ears were deceiving me.

I blamed myself totally. Walked away from a lion's den and entered Hell, such a misfortune.

“You can't hold in the urge anymore and the more you do, the more your life is at a risk .” He smiled even more.

His pure white teeth shone bright and his dimples showed perfectly.

‘ He was right! And I hated to admit it .’ Alexa muttered to herself.

Spiking drinks and being drugged were common in the entertainment industry and lots of harmful effect.

At least from his status and face, he looked wealthy and would not take any second to throw away $20,000,000,000 to have sex with him.

“I agree!” Alexa focused her gaze on him. The urge was too strong and he was right. If she held it any longer, she might die.

Alexa ceased resisting and let the drug take over her body. Slowly, the man lifted her up and took her to the bed.

Ling POV



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