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Jessica E

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A girl all about craetivity


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  • Author: Jessica E
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 291
  • 7.5

“What do I benefit if I marry you?” “If you marry me, I can help you deal with your slutty family on one condition!”. “YOU GIVE BIRTH TO A MALE CHILD WITHIN NINE MONTHS OF THE CONTRACT!” “DON'T BE AFRAID. OBEY MY RULES, COMPLETE THE MONTH RANGE, GET ME AN HEIR, AND YOU WILL BE FINE ” “AND WHAT IF I DON'T?” “THEN THERE WILL BE HEAVENLY CONSEQUENCES ” Nine Years Ago, Alexa Parker, a well-known model drastically falls into her doom when she finds out that her uncle is her BIOLOGICAL father. Her entire life and career fall and her life portray a damsel in distress without her daring prince to save her. Her modeling Image as EVA was stolen from her and she swore to have her revenge when she discovered that they were the major roles in her mother's death. A few years later, She bumps into An aloof, cold, brutal, ruthless king of the underworld and sleeps with him. In other to deal with her slutty family, She engages in a marriage contract with the King, and in exchange, to bear him a child. She signs a contract with him and comes to terms to bear him a MALE CHILD within nine months of their marriage contract. What will happen when two strong and opposing forces are joined together by a contract marriage? What will happen when their marriage is set on benefits and not love? “I HATE you but can't stop LOVING the monster you have to turn out to become. ” “Run away and I will tear the entire Galaxy, smash all the mountains, part the whole oceans and seas, quench the blazing fire and bury those that get in my way just to find you, because, without you I am nothing!”


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