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An Affair with The Billionaire

An Affair with The Billionaire

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Nicole was the second daughter of the Chapman family, she was the girl who had it all breathtaking looks, a foster father who loved her as much as his own biological daughter, and a fiance who was handsome and rich. But nothing was perfect in this world. It turned out she also had a foster mother and sister who could ruin everything she had. The night before her engagement party, her foster mother drugged her and plotted to send her to hooligans. Fortunately, Nicole went to the wrong room and spent a night with a stranger, after that she became pregnant for an unknown stranger. Mocked and ridiculed by everyone, she left the city to start life anew. .... Five years later, she came back with a pair of beautiful babies! On the day of her return, she angered the tall, cold and handsome CEO. To her astonishment, the CEO and her kids look very much alike! Is he the mystery man who she got pregnant for? Her kids went viral because of their cute pic- tures. It also attracted the attention of the CEO, so one day, the president took the initiative to find her..

Chapter 1

There were a lot of prominent people staying at the Rose Garden hotel in Q City.

The engagement party for Gerald Tillman, son of wealthy businessman Javed Tillman, and Nicole Chapman, second daughter of the Chapman family, was held tonight! Congratulations to the happy couple!

"Gerald, may I ask which room you are in?" At the start of the wedding ceremony, Nicole began to feel lightheaded and had to excuse herself from the banquet hall to answer the phone.

"8445." On the phone, Gerald's voice sounded icy, as if he had repressed his emotions and love for her in the past. This is because he was speaking to her.

"Amelia told me that you want to surprise me before our wedding. Do you want to?" As Nicole's cheeks flushed, her adorable dimples became more noticeable. "Are you considering adopting me as your own child? However, this time around, I'd like to keep it until after we've tied the knot. After all, we've been waiting for more than a year at this point."

"I am not fooling around with you in any way. Quick, get on your feet." Gerald terminated his call and hung up.

He couldn't wait to finally be with her, could he?

Nicole closed her eyes and pondered, "I am only 19, will it be..." as she thought about it.

"That doesn't make a difference, does it? He is on his way to becoming my fiancé." She retains a deep and abiding affection for Gerald.

Nicole made her way down the hotel hallway in a staggering manner. Because she was inebriated, her lovely and delicate tiny face flushed with red. She was able to show off her voluptuous shape thanks to the short champagne-colored Chanel dress she was wearing. She was a nice and charming woman.

"It's very peculiar. I didn't drink much... When she rubbed her forehead, she noticed that her eyesight was becoming increasingly hazy.

She wasn't planning on drinking at all when she was at the banquet hall. But just now, Mrs. Chapman, who was the woman who fostered the young girl, demanded that she should have a drink with her guests and a few notable individuals in the community.

After entering the elevator, Nicole, who was feeling lightheaded, touched the button indicating the sixth floor, but she was surprised to find that she had actually pressed the button indicating the eighth floor.

The hotel's most important guests are given access to the eighth storey of the building.

After stepping out of the elevator, Nicole immediately proceeded to the room that Gerald had indicated he was in. Yet, she had trouble differentiating between the number 844 and the number 5. She rang the doorbell for room 2255 and then...

"Please come in." The room was filled with the seductive and alluring sound of a man's voice.

The allure of his voice was sufficient to entice her.

After pushing the door open, Nicole stumbled in while giggling uncontrollably. "When did you start speaking with such a low tone, Gerald? It sounds very much like you've had a bass added to your voice.'

Even though there was no light in the room, it was still possible to make out the opulent furnishings of the home, including the king-sized bed. That was a suite fit for the president.

The air was heavy with the aroma of a man's cologne or aftershave.

"Gerald..." she continued while moving forward and leaning forward over the wall. After that, she passed out on the spacious and plush bed, at which point she enquired, "Where are you?"

She was startled by a sudden surge of heat, which made her uneasy.

Bella fidgeted nervously with her outfit...

The noise of water being ran could be heard coming from the bathroom. After what seemed like an eternity, a tall person finally emerged.

The individual was dressed in what appeared to be a bathrobe when viewed in the low light. The water drops that have fallen from his chest are giving a hint of what appears to be muscle on his otherwise bare chest.

He was a man who was really stunning in appearance.

The man in the shadows looked at Nicole with his dark brown eyes, and his voice was enchanting and captivating. He was speaking to her.

"What is your name?"

"Hot..." The delicate lips of Nicole were parted ever-so-slightly. "I'd like to strip down to my underwear..."

After her foster mother had given her a glass of wine, the woman's entire body began to feel as though it was burning up, and she subsequently began to experience a gradual clouding of her consciousness.

The man put aside the towel that had been used to wipe his hair and grabbed her arm in an aggressive manner. "Get up, you're in the wrong room," the other person said.

"Gerald... I had the impression that you wanted me..." Nicole laughed as she encircled the man's neck with her arms and hugged him. "I'm here... You are the one who needs to take responsibility for me ".

When Nicole pulled him down, he quickly held out one arm to support himself, but he was still nearly on top of her. Nicole pulled him down.

His nose was filled with the faint aroma of wine, and his mouth was left with the taste of a young woman's sweetness.

The only thing that Nicole was aware of was that she was holding a person in her arms, and she could smell the clean and alluring aroma of shower gel on him. Instantaneously, she started to experience some dryness in her throat, and her entire body started to get hotter and more uncomfortable.

"Give it to me, I'm hurting," they said. In a relaxed manner, Nicole pressed her face against his torso. The heat that was building up inside of her was being alleviated by the chill of his chest.

Before their wedding, she smiled to herself as she closed her eyes and got ready to give herself to Gerald Tillman.

The man was having a woman clutch on him like a kitten, and he was so close to resting his body on top of her that he almost did it. It had been much too long since he had satisfied his need and needs, and he had just finished showering when he felt himself starting to grow aroused.

His formidable self-control began to slowly crumble when the woman extended an offer to take the initiative. This woman was nothing more than an easy catch for him to make!

He bore with it and then dialed his secretary's number to talk to her. "It is not necessary to submit the meeting files to this location. The next day, I won't waste any time getting to the office.

In this gloomy presidential suite, the man finished his call and leaned down to kiss Nicole on the tender part of her body before saying, "Lady, that's what you asked for..." He spoke very quietly into her ear. "Don't regret it."

Almost immediately after that, he kissed her lips, and then he took off every piece of clothing that was on Nicole's body.

That night, he was in complete control of her for the entirety of the night.


The following morning, the room was littered with evidence that pointed to the chaos that had occurred the night before.


Nicole made a disappointed face, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. After that, she fell back asleep again.

Drake Butler, the Chief Executive Officer of the well-known Butler corporation, turned his attention to the woman reclining on the bed. She was sleeping like a child, with the comforter wrapped over her chest tightly and holding it in place. Under the light of the early sun, her shoulders as snowy as the snow itself and her tiny little face were stunningly beautiful.

The skin on her shoulders and neck, which had previously been as white as snow, was now covered with hickeys of varying shapes and sizes. It was almost a demonstration of how insane the night was.

As a result of the severe jet lag that he was experiencing after returning home from his trip overseas just the day before, Drake intended to spend the night in this particular hotel. Even though he had ordered his secretary to bring in some conference files, he was caught off guard when this clumsy woman entered his room.

Because of all the flirting that this woman performed, he lost all of his self-control, even though he was a man who had a lot of it to begin with. Now that he saw her clearly under the daylight, he was surprised at how pure she appeared. She had shoulder-length hair that was short and curly, and her eyelashes were very long. She was charming while yet having fun.

Drake took a peek through Nicole's suitcase as she lay on the bed, and he discovered that her name was Tiffany Jordan.

"Give me a half an hour, and I'll be in the office..." He used his phone to make a call. "Identify a woman that goes by the name Tiffany Jordan and make a financial offer to her. Keep our conversation away from each other."

This was a thank-you gift for allowing me to spend the night with him. After all, he seemed to have a lot of fun with this woman the night before.

Drake raised Nicole up and removed the jacket from underneath her while she was still seated after delivering the directions to the secretary.

"Gerald..." Nicole spoke in a murmur.

Drake came to a halt in the middle of his maneuver. "Gerald?"

He looked at her and noticed that her eyelashes were moving slightly. He then noticed a light red butterfly birthmark on her snow-white skin, which was located behind her shoulder. With just a touch of profound

after some deliberation, he exited the room.

Unbeknownst to him, someone had left a platinum lion head tie clip on the bed. It was engraved with the abbreviation of his name, which read "D.B.," which stands for "Drake Butler."


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