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Amanda: Payment for Debt

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Amanda Armani - The woman who offered herself just to protect her youngest sister. Her family had an enormous debt to De Mevius, known as a nightmare by many. Byron De Mevius - The youngest son of De Mevius, he's aloof to all girls and only focused on their family business. They met in a problematic way. The family of Amanda needs to pay their debt to De Mevius, while Byron is required to have a wife and son. Amanda volunteered to become Byron's wife for their debt. Byron, on his side, has no choice but to accept his father's request, get married, and have a son for heredity.

Chapter 1

At a young age, I experienced hardship, to be the child of people who have a lot of debt. There are many enemies. There were times when I struggled to find out and understand why people have so many problems, especially my family. To this day, as I grow up, I include my two siblings who are also struggling. I always ask my parents why we still have to borrow from so many people.

"Aren't you going to work?" I turned to Marla, carrying her child. I picked up the child so she could get ready for school.

"My shift is later tonight," I replied while still looking at my cute niece. I am twenty-seven years old, Marla is seventeen years old, she gave birth when she was sixteen years old. We didn’t know who Mia’s Dad was, my niece. One day, Marla came home crying and with her clothes torn. We asked her why, she also did not speak for several months until we found out she was pregnant and she admitted someone r*p*d her. She didn’t know who did it so we didn’t go to jail and we also didn’t have enough money to file a case.

My sister went through depression while she was pregnant with Mia. I made a way to find those devils that made her but our parents stopped me, they said karma will take care of it to whoever it is. I was angry at what they said, my heart turned away from my parents when I realized they didn't seem to know what had happened to Marla. My sister was injured, her life was ruined but it seems like they can't do anything or maybe they just don't want to. From then on, I paid for my siblings and Mia myself. I always make sure that my siblings and Mia have a good life even if it is difficult to earn money. I let Marla study again, it wasn't an obstacle for her to have a child to just stop studying. He dreams of graduating, and I also dreamed that.

"Ate, lend me this ah?" I turned to Mariz who was already holding one of my shoes, making sure her shoes were broken again. "I lost your pair of shoes," she added, still smiling. All I did was grinned.

"Yes, you two hurry up and you might get late at school again. I'll take care of Mia, Marla. Just hurry up and go home later so I can go to work too." I smiled at the two of them and then they left the house.

I left my mother's house with my siblings and Mia. They were fine but I was tired of arguing every day when it came to money. They owe anyone but I am expected to pay that. I am also a human being, struggling and tired of what they want to happen.

"You stay here, okay? I'll just finish washing your clothes baby Mia." I put her on her bed and kissed her on the cheek. I'm not done with my laundry yet, the amount I still have to do at home. I will still clean before going to work.

As I was doing my laundry, I was stopped by the sensation of someone approaching. I slowly turned to our wooden gate and saw my mother carrying an eco-plastic. Even though I didn’t want to stand up I was forced to do something to greet him.

"What are you doing here, Mom?" She frowned at my sudden question, pretty sure she's mad again.

"Are you that rude? You won't let me into your proud house?" Her tone is full of anger, I can't blame her either because of my behavior.

I stepped aside to let her pass, but she ignored me and entered the house voluntarily. I took a deep breath before following him. I had to restrain myself from what we were going to talk about again.

"Where is Mariz?" she asked. I wondered when I looked at her, why was she looking for my sister? Mariz is our youngest, sixteen years old and still in senior high school.

"She's at school, she will be home this afternoon." I went to the kitchen to get her something to drink. Surprisingly, Mariz is the only one she is looking for that Marla should be involved in, she always does it every time she comes here.

I handed her the water, then she took Mia who was still awake, I thought she was asleep when I came out. I just watched my Mom while Mia was playing. It’s fun every time they face the child, we feel good but when it comes to the things they need, our dealings with each other will suddenly change.

"Please tell Mariz to come to my house, we'll talk."

"What for, Mom?" My polite but cold question. She suddenly looked at me badly, I was just asking. I know she didn't like me questioning her again, my sister is the one involved here so I should know.

"We'll talk, you're out of there." I clenched my fist and approached her to pick up Mia, maybe what else will happen to the child if we argue again.

"Will that be good for Mariz, Mom?" I really tried to hold back but I knew my Mom.

"What do you think of me, going to ruin my daughter? You haven't proven anything to us yet, Amanda, and if you act like you already have. Fix your habit, I didn't raise you like that!" I closed my eyes firmly, I asked well but if she could react she was defensive.

"Mom, I'm in charge of Mariz so I should know what it is. I take care of them, I can't be ignorant of what you're going to do to them."

"What will be done to them, Amanda? Is that really how you think of me, the way you think to your father or us? The one who did something bad to your sisters and to you huh? I'll take Mariz to you and we'll take care of it and support her in her studies! "

I shook my head, she should take my sister. I have a bad feeling about this. "Mariz will stay here, Mom. She won't come back to your house, she can visit but she's not allowed to go back there."

"Your arrogance. Oh well, tell her to go home. Don't bother to stop me because you don't matter to us anymore!" I bit my lower lip to hold myself from crying, after all, they really don't care about me anymore? Even though we are not in the same house, I still think of them. I sent all that they ordered.

"O-okay Mom, I'll tell her when she gets home."

"Just make sure, Amanda. You're so stubborn, you don't follow us anymore." I only nodded in response. I let her out of the house and I slowly sat down.

Am I so worthless to them, even though I am sacrificing my education to pay off some of their debts? Maybe that’s how life is, no matter what you do people still criticize you wrong and what’s even more painful, those people are your blood relatives. What else can I do if they are like that? Respect, because they are my parents but sometimes it's hard to give respect when you're the one who's having a hard time.

Chapter 2

It's getting late so I arranged my things for work, I've fed Mia a lot and now she's sound asleep. It's only been an hour since the two of them arrived so I cooked their dinner as well. I always do it every night during my work shift. I also didn't have time to eat with them every dinner, so I just prepared something for them. So that after they eat they can immediately do what they should do as students.

I stood up when I heard the sound of the door, a sign that someone entered. Marla came in first frowning. "What's your problem?" I asked, I looked behind her when I saw that Mariz did not follow. "Where is Mariz?" my additional question, she looked at me obviously mad.

"Earlier while we were going out we saw Mom, she was waiting for us and took Mariz. Mariz really didn't want to come but Mom was completely embarrassed in front of many people." I closed my eyes firmly, holding back again. That came from her


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