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Affair with my Brother-in-law

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At the age of twenty-five, Charylle Raquel Jameson lived a spoiled and pampered life as the only daughter of the Jameson Family. She can easily have whatever she wished for, can get away with any scandals and issue with her family's connection. Not until her parents decided to arrange her marriage to one of the most prestigious businessman of their country, Hugo Warren. But that's not where everything is ending. Charylle being a rebel child didn't agree with her parents offer and escaped her family's grip so she can give her virginity to someone else. In that case, her soon-to-be husband might change his mind and break the marriage once he find out that she's not pure as what they intend. At the night of her rebellious event, Charylle had a one night stand with a stranger, who happen to be her soon-to-be husband's twin brother, Hunter Warren. Both stuck at the flame of pleasure and desire, would they rather choose to be intimate with each other and listen to what their bodies wants? Or distance their selves to respect the holiness of marriage?

Chapter 1

Growing up in this household with my three older brothers, and casually dominating anyone as I take the privilege of being the youngest, I never thought that this day would ever come. I blankly stared myself at the mirror. I put on more powder under my eyes to cover it's being swollen after crying and throwing tantrums as my parents dropped the most hideous idea they could think off.

I can't believe my parents really put me in this kind of situation. I begged, plead and asked them to stop continuing this nonsense but neither of them listens to me. I admit that I was spoiled ever since I came into their lives. I was an only daughter and the youngest of four siblings. I can have anything I want and make someone obey with a single word.

But what they did right now, was too much for me to handle! How can my parents, who always supports and loved me, tends to do this to me!? Their princess!

"This is the only way we could think of to take care of you, Charylle." Mom comforted me with a hug as if she was telling me to accept their decision just for a simple reason. "We only want the best for you, baby." She added and my eyes were instantly filled with tears as I sat in front of my vanity table.

My whole family was inside my room, listening to our conversation, from my grandparents who were looking at me with pity. To my brothers and cousins who were watching me with worry. And to my parents who keeps on comforting me with their words and reasons.

"Best for me!? No, mom! This is not the best for me and only I know what's best for me! And that is not to sign that paper!" I became hysterical and annoyed.

I saw how dad covered his face with his palm as his loud sigh covered the whole room, telling us that he's already tired of what I'm saying.

I just came home from a trip to Manhattan and I admit that everything didn't go out as planned. I was with my friends and boyfriend, partying and having a good time in our lives when three officers gate crashed inside our party. We don't have an ounce of idea what was happening until one of the officers told us that Louis, my boyfriend, was arrested for using party drugs.

We have been together for three months and I know he wouldn't do such thing!

"You have to grow up, Charylle. We decided to give you your freedom because we trusted you that you won't do anything like this. But look where we have to fetch you from… a police station, Charylle! I never thought that I'll ever visit a police station just so I can pull you out of that jail!" Dad's voice echoed through the whole room, silencing all of them but not me.

"And you think that selling me off is what's best for me!? Dad, how many times do I have I tell you that it was an accident!? We were framed up and none of us used a drug! We were just partying, dad. I promised." I was almost begging him and desperation can be obviously heard from my voice.

From the side of my eyes I can see Weasley, my oldest brother, fidgeting his fingers and looking down on the floor so as not to meet my gaze.

"Weasley, please. Help me out of here, you know that I won't do such thing right?" I asked for my brothers to defend me from my parents wrath but he only stared at me for a few seconds. His eyes were firm and stoic before looking away, not wanting to interfere between me and our parents.

"Charylle, you are going nowhere in your life. I believe in you and I know you wouldn't do such thing but your friends…" Mom let out a sigh and stared at me softly and gently before continuing with her words. "Your friends are just… not a good influence to you."

"Mom, I told you that my boyfriend didn't own those drugs! He was framed up, the reason why he wasn't detained!" I wanted to pull my hair our of frustration. Are they even listening to me!?

"He wasn't detained because his father used his connection–"

"Because he really didn't do it!" I cut of dad's words and his eyes immediately shoot glares at me.

I wasn't used with this kind of his expression, he was always soft and gentle to me as his only daughter. And I'm confident that I can soften him up to stop them from caging me.

He let out a deep sigh as if calming himself not to lash out on me. He massaged the bridge of his nose and bit his lower lip. "You can't say that, princess. We all know that his father is part of the government and held a huge stock of connection. He can take him out of jail without any sweats." His voice then turned softer and tender.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. I can't believe they're doubting my boyfriend! "Louis is my boyfriend, dad. You wouldn't let him court me if–"

"You didn't even told us that you're in a relationship, Charylle." Ivan interfered and his voice sounds of danger and warning. He's my second oldest brother and he's the most overprotective among them.

"Oh, come on! I'm already twenty-five, what would you expect!? I'm not a kid anymore, okay? Stop treating me like one!" My breathing started to get ragged and I'm already near of losing my temper.

"That's right! You are not a kid anymore but why are you still acting like one!? We're expecting you to get involve with our business or even start your own career that would make you happy! We aren't stopping you from partying and doing all those crazy shits with your friends, but can you at least be responsible to your life and do something for your future!?" I wasn't expecting mom to burst out like this. Her eyes were already red as a group of tears packed up at the side of her eyes. Her lips are slightly trembling and I saw how my brothers immediately run to her side to calm her down. "We're expecting you, Charylle, to at least stop burning cash for inappropriate things and start living on your own. Be independent enough."

My breathing started to get heavy as I listened to all her words. Dad was just watching us and everyone can feel the whole tension inside my room. I know mom had already made out her mind and I'm sure that I can't do anything to stop her. So I turn to dad and I pleaded only to him.

"Dad, please… I promise I won't get in trouble again, please. Just don't ruin my life."

I averted my eyes to my grandparents and saw them shedding tears as they watch me. I went to where they were sitting and instantly hugged grandma. I was in between grandma and grandpa when I feel their hand, rubbing my back and comforting me with kisses and hugs.

"We are not ruining your life, princess. You have been spoiled too much by everyone around you and this is the only way to at least give you a lesson of your wrongdoings–"

"It was not my fault to be spoiled in the first place." A whimper escaped my lips as my tears slid down on my cheeks. I buried my face on grandma's chest so as they won't see my tears.

I was really hurt that I can't help blaming them for everything that was happening to me. Yes, I was spoiled. Yes, they treated me as if I was the most superior person. And yes, they only did it because they love me… but still, I can't see myself as at fault for everything that ever happened…

Or I was just being selfish.

"The long lists of all your scandals are not going much further, Charylle. We have made out a decision and it's final. Not anyone, even you, can change our minds."

My tears fell even harder but I tried to met dad's intent stares. I was about to say something and object to their decision but mom already stopped me even before I could start.

"Baby, you know that your brothers are working hard for you. All the money and power that you hold came from your brothers to give you a lavish life without being pressured and stressed out. They are taking it all for you, Charylle, but if this keeps going… you won't be the only one who will be void from inheritance. We'll also take all of your brothers hardwork from them so they won't be able to spoil you."

Her voice was too cold that it almost sent shiver down my spine. But I wasn't convinced. The side of my lips tugged upward into a smirk, "I don't believe you." They can't do it. They won't do it.

I know how my parents protect and love our family but seeing how mommy looked at me with her emotionless and deadly cold eyes, I suddenly found myself shaking my head. I know my mother too much, she might be the nicest person that I know but she never once lied to us. She is always true to her words and that's what frightened me.

I am not denying that I have been to a lot of fights and scandals even when I was younger. I could just easily step my way out at the eyes of people because of my family. Having a dad who owes almost all of the successful business in our country. My brothers who are also one of those self-made billionaire who made their own name in the business world. The moment each of them started studying, my parents had already brought them enough pressure to handle and that made them a lot stronger. Unlike me, when my parents found out that they were having a daughter, everything was planned for my perfection.

I can get away with anything using my family's name, I do whatever I want, go wherever I want and trash anyone who I wanted. I was very much spoiled and pampered that I didn't notice if what I was doing was wrong or right. I lived a very different childhood from my brothers but I never once heard nor felt them blame me.

In fact, they were always the one whom I can call to when I really needed something. They can't say no to me and I grew up in that kind of environment.

I averted my eyes to my mother when I saw her about to exit my room. "You don't have to believe me. You will marry Hugo Warren whether you like it or not. Try to disobey me again and you will see what I can do."

Chapter 2

I tried calling my friends multiple times until I realized that my line is out. I took my cards and planned to use it to get my line back but I already had a hunch that all of them are blocked by now.

I've been planning to call Louis or any of my friends so they can help me escape our mansion but dad pulled out a whole group of bodyguards with the help of Grandpa. They did it casually as if they can already read my next movement.

The whole mansion was filled with CCTV'S, all the doors and windows I can use to escape has some bodyguards in standby. Everything was fully guarded and secured that I have no choice but to follow their rules.

No internet and gadgets inside my room. No locking of room. All my designer items and collection will be sold and the money will be donated at some orphanage. The money will be under my name with the appreciations I'll get from those people.

From the past week of staying here with the guards and maids watching


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