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Advantageous Contract with the Domineering CEO

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Juliette Moreau thought she had found the perfect partner in her fiancé, Bastian, until she discovered his betrayal when she found him in bed with her own sister. Hurt and humiliated, she seeks solace in a bar, where she encounters a handsome and seductive man. The night they share proves to be unforgettable, but what she didn't expect is that this man would be her own boss, Gérard Durand. Gérard, a powerful and wealthy man, surprises Juliette with an unconventional marriage proposal: a loveless contract. However, the intense attraction he feels for young Juliette leads him to a delicate balance between his personal desires and business matters. His jealousy and possessiveness pose conflicts that destabilize their relationship, especially since he has no plans for offspring, while Juliette carries in her womb the result of their passionate nights together. The struggle between love, business, and personal secrets threatens to tear apart their complicated union, unleashing a whirlwind of emotions and shocking decisions.

Chapter 1

I loved my fiancé with all my heart and couldn't wait to marry him.

Poor man, he worked too much and couldn't postpone his business trip, but he promised to spend the entire following weekend with me, which satisfied and made me happy.

My friend Chloé insisted that I go out with her. Even though my fiancé didn't like me going to bars or nightclubs, I thought it wouldn't hurt to go out for a night, especially since I felt very lonely.

"You should loosen up a bit, my friend," she looked at me sternly, "your dear Bastian controls you as he pleases, and here you are, following behind him like a little dog, you're too submissive, Juliette."

"But I love him," I said with a grimace, hurt by her words. "Besides, he only wants to take care of me, what's wrong with that?"

My friend rolled her eyes impatiently.

"Not to the point of forbidding you things, Juliette. Don't you see that you're living locked up at home waiting for him, and all you do is work and go back to your apartment? That's not a life for anyone, you're too uptight."

"That's not true," I said confidently. "Bastian and I agreed not to have sex and to wait until marriage... he's been very kind and respectful towards me, Chloé."

My friend sighed, she would never understand how love can make us do crazy things and change our way of thinking.

I just didn't feel like going out without my fiancé. But I let myself be tempted because I was really a bit bored and missed him a lot.

We entered the establishment and the atmosphere was lively. I smiled at my friend, and she started moving her hips to the music, conveying her usual joy and audacity to me.

"Let's have a blast!"

And that's what we did, even though I avoided any closeness with a man trying to flirt with me, I had to remain faithful to my fiancé, who would surely arrive soon. Just thinking about it, a smile formed on my face.

"Chloé, you don't even know these guys," I scolded her as her attitude left much to be desired. "Let's go home instead, it's late and Bastian is coming back early tomorrow from his trip. I need to look beautiful for him."

She pouted, as we had promised to come and go together to avoid any danger, the streets were very deserted at this time and we had to be careful.

I felt my head spinning a bit, but I was still lucid enough to walk straight, unlike my friend who seemed dizzy and very cheerful.

"Let's go to your place first," I told her, seeing her sorry state.

After leaving her safe and sound and as I was near the exit of the building, I realized there was a man who looked a lot like Bastian, I could almost swear it was him.

"I miss him a lot, that must be it," I murmured.

I laughed a bit realizing I was already hallucinating and I had barely had a few drinks.

The man slightly turned around and my eyes widened, it was indeed Bastian and he was accompanied by a stunning young woman.

I was very surprised, shocked.

To avoid being seen, I hid behind a column. Just after they left a bar, I decided to follow them, keeping my distance.

I felt it was a game of my mind disturbed by alcohol. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. My heart told me it wasn't him, that I should go home, but deep down, I knew that wasn't the case.

A few steps away was the Moonlight Hotel, they entered there, very absorbed in each other, kissing a lot, without noticing my presence.

I was sweating profusely, the man I loved the most was with another woman, and it wasn't me.

They entered the room and after a few minutes, I decided to confront the situation and see who the woman he was cheating on me with.

I knocked on the door violently, furious, hurt, and impatient.

Bastian opened the door, he was shirtless, and when he saw me, he opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"Juliette, what are you doing here?"

My eyes burned from the tears streaming down my face. I pushed him aside and entered the room.

I felt like I was going to faint when I saw my own sister on the bed, half-dressed.

"I can't believe this!" I turned to him, furious, "you're sleeping with my sister, you bastard, and you, Sophie, how could you do this to me? We're family."

"I regret nothing, little sister. Truth be told, you're quite stupid, you never realized that for a year, we were lovers. You've been a fool."

His words were pure venom, how could she be so cruel?

Bastian approached me.

"Juliette, there's an explanation for all of this."

"What do you have to explain? That you and my sister made a fool out of me?"

Sophie looked me straight in the eyes, a mocking smile on her lips.

"Juliette, you and I are not sisters. Stop mentioning that word."

"What! Don't talk nonsense."

"If you don't believe me, ask our parents, besides, I'll never forgive you for stealing their affection from me. I hate you with all my heart."

"Stop, Sophie, your words hurt me."

"You're naive, did you really think Bastian wanted you? You're nothing compared to me, you're bland and boring."

"I told you to stop!"

"It's the truth, little sister, you don't arouse any desire in men. In the past two years, has Bastian ever wanted to touch you?"

He stepped in between us.

"Sophie, stop it, please."

"I'm a fool, I trusted the wrong person, I wish you both all the happiness, I won't be an obstacle in your relationship, goodbye."

At that moment, Bastian grabbed me by the arm, Sophie asked him to let go of me and leave me alone.

"Beautiful, let me explain how things happened."

"Don't call me beautiful anymore, there's nothing to explain, this relationship is over, you're a fool and yet you had the nerve to propose to me, never speak to me again."

I left in tears, I couldn't process what my eyes had seen, and Sophie's words kept replaying in my head.

Chapter 2

I felt used and mocked by two of the most important people in my life. I was so foolish!

I thought I was going to marry Bastian, I thought my little sister loved me, but it was all just in my imagination. I was a complete naive and felt frustrated and disgusted with myself.

And then, this whole story about Sophie not being my sister... Is it true?

I walked into the first bar I found. I hardly ever drink alcohol, but this time, I really wanted to drink and forget everything.

I headed to an empty seat next to a man who was quite handsome but with a dark and sad look. I think we both had a bad day.

"A double whiskey, please."

"Right away, miss."

I started silently crying while drinking without restraint, then I noticed the look from this man. It didn't bother me, and I kept drinking all the alcohol I could.

"I don't know what happened to you, miss, but I think you've had enough to dr


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