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A Wild Night With A Drunk Billionaire

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Just one night, Elisa's world was turned upside down. Her virginity was snatched away without her consent. Before she could regain herself, she received a sack letter from her boss. Life was unfair. To keep her sick mother alive, she needed to accept a menial job she never imagined. Her beauty became her torture. She was framed by her mistress and she suffered the greatest humiliation of her life. Multiple times, she contemplated suicide. But the love of her mom kept her going until she became a surrogate mother to someone who was once a thorn on her skin. Will this be the end of her world? Or the end of a new beginning?

He sold my virginity

"It was on Wednesday! A doom day. A day I will never forget. Just like the date of my birth, this was the date of my death I saw with my very eyes… Just a moment of negligence, my world upside down........" Elisa's words


A black Mercedes car suddenly stopped in front of an apartment building. The driver wore a black suit, black sleeve and black eyeglasses. The young man sitting at the front seat with him looked tense.

"You better not mess with me," the driver said and paused. "Go and accomplish my Boss' mission. I'm giving you five minutes to come back with her."

He spoke with so much authority and his voice was very deep. The young man he was talking to, opened the door of the car without a reply and his name was Douglas.

When he got to the door, he took a deep breath and tried to relieve himself from any evidence of fear. He readjusted his shirt, then put on a fake smile before he knocked on the door.

"Please, forgive me Elisa. I need to do this to save my life, otherwise your boyfriend will be a dead man in the next moment," he thought. At the end of his thought, a gorgeous young lady opened the door.

"My love," she said with a sparkling smile and they embraced before Douglas entered the sitting room.

"I have a surprise for you," he said as they held hands and walked towards the middle of the sitting room.

"Where is it?" The lady asked and her name was Elisa.

"It's a special surprise. You need to put on one of your best gowns. I will blindfold your eyes before taking you out of this house."

"Are you kidding me?" She chuckled and sat down. She looked into Douglas' eyes and saw that he looked anxious.

"There is something you are not telling me," she said. Douglas moved closer to her and said,

"I want to spice up our relationship. You are very special to me. I want to treat you in a unique way every day of my life. If I don't do that now, when will I do it?"

"Why is there so much fear in his eyes?" She asked.

"I have not done this before." He dragged his breath. "I can't tell her. She is my only hope. The only thing in exchange for my life," he thought and before he could say something, they both heard the sound of a car horn outside.

"Who came with you?" She asked and turned her face.

"It's the cabman. He is waiting for us. Please, don't ruin this arrangement." He walked up to the door and came back. He could no longer control his feelings.

"Hurry up and get dressed." He moved his hands with so much panic. Elisa reluctantly stood up, still looking at Douglas as she walked towards her bedroom.

"I hope she forgives me after this incident." He thought and hit his hands together. Seconds later, the driver pressed the horn of the car again. This made Douglas walk into the bedroom to hurry Elisa up. When he got there, he saw that Elisa had put on a red gown and was applying lipstick on her heart shaped lips. Douglas opened her wardrobe and brought out a black material and blindfolded her eyes.

"Be careful," she said and Douglas was trying to be fast so that the driver of the car would not come inside the house and destroy his plan. After blindfolding her eyes, he held her by hand and led her out of the house. Then they walked into the car and sat in the back seat and the man drove away.

Elisa noticed that despite the long period of driving, Douglas did not say a word, the car was grave-silent.

"Where is Douglas taking me to?" She shrugged and the continuous silence in the car made her uncomfortable. Nothing like this has happened before. Finally, the car stopped and Douglas held her down.

"Where are we going?" She tried to whisper it into Douglas' ear.

"Don't worry my love, I'm with you." He spoke with an increasing level of anxiety and she felt it.

In Elisa's dark world, she tried to interpret the outside world with her ears. She knew they were entering a building. She could hear the voices of people and all her confidence rested on her boyfriend, who was leading her by hand.

A few seconds later, she heard Douglas putting a key in the mouth of the door. Elisa immediately knew they were about to enter a room. It was a hotel room. Douglas opened the door and led Elisa close to the bed. He tickled her on her neck to ease her stiff face and she smiled.

Next, Douglas went to her back and was unzipping her gown.

"Stop!" She snapped. "What are you doing? We both agree to keep my virginity until our wedding night. What do you think you are doing?"

Douglas whispered to her right ear.

"I know. I just want to see what stuff you are made of. I'm emotionally dying in silence. Just seeing your natural adornment will calm my nerves."

"No, no. Douglas, it will arouse you."

"I promise I will not do anything stupid. Believe me," he held Elisa's hands as she was about to remove the covering of her eyes.

"Do you want to see what I'm putting on, is that all?" Elisa asked.


"Then why can't we do it at home? Is that the surprise you have for me?"

Hmm… Yes. Elisa, I want something new," he stammered. Elisa took a deep breath as she tried to reconsider Douglas' words.

"Please, help me out dearest. I covered your eyes so that you might feel comfortable. Just play along." He kissed her neck.

"This is weird," she thought as Douglas kept unzipping her gown until it fell on her legs.

Elisa was putting on a black lace bra and a white pants. As Douglas was about to remove her bra, she turned and said,

"Why do you want to remove my bra?"

"I thought you agreed some seconds ago? Elisa," he sweetened his voice. "I don't want to cheat on you. Seeing these things will ease me. In a few minutes, we are out of here." Then he moved to her back and removed the bra.

"I don't think this is a good idea."

"Just wait and help me out. Let me do what I want to do."

"Douglas, please promise me you will not force me to have s*x with you."

"I'm not going to have s*x with you."

"Okay!" She took a breath of relief.

Douglas bent down and pulled down her pants. Elisa couldn't hold herself again. She sniffed and said when she felt she had been exposed.

"Can I remove the fold on my eyes?"

"No. I will tell you when to do it." Douglas said and his eyes came in contact with the wall clock. It was a few minutes to seven and the day was almost turning dark. He removed the bracelet from her hand.

"Does he want to bathe me? Why did he remove my bracelet?" She thought.

And as Douglas was about to remove her necklace, his phone rang. Douglas quickly silenced the phone and returned it to his pocket.

"Please wait for me, I'm coming back." He kissed Elisa's right cheek and he went out of the room and closed the door.

About five minutes later, Elisa heard the creaking of the door and the footsteps of someone entering the room, then the door was locked.

"Douglas? Where did you go?" She asked, but the person kept quiet. She sensed that the person was taking off his clothes and the light went off. And before Elisa could remove the fold used to blindfold her eyes, a

a stranger pushed her and she fell on her bed.

"Douglas! Douglas!!" She shouted. "I told you this was a bad idea. You can't resist it." She struggled and suddenly became frightened as she felt the palms of a different man.

Why calling another man's name?

The very first thing she noticed was that this person was drunk. She could perceive the alcoholic wine on his entire body. The man overpowered her, but he found it difficult to penetrate. As he tried to maneuver his manhood into her body, Elisa shouted. Pain impulses distributed through her entire body.

"Ah….a," she cried out and opened her mouth. "I have not done it before. Please stop."

The stranger was not touched by her words. All he wanted was to gain access to her body. It was as if this was what he had been waiting for. Finally he penetrated her and she felt a tire. The pain was so intense that she couldn't struggle again and she felt no iota of pleasure at the first instance.

"Douglas, why did you do this to me," tears came out of her eyes and the room was very dark.

After the man had had his way on Elisa for the first four minutes. He suddenly got angry and shouted at Elisa.

"Why are you calling anothe


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