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A Virgin Of Arab

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Rashid is a wealthy man who thought to have everything and get anything without any problem. Until one day he met her, Victoria, a different girl, so determined and full of peculiarities. He had bought her virginity and had proposed that she be the mother of his child, she had accepted, not knowing that this decision would change her life forever. “Can Victoria follow the contract to the letter without falling in love?” “Will Rashid manage to stay by her side without giving up his heart and emotion, even if she doesn’t believe in love?”

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Victoria felt that her heart was going to rush out of her chest, her irregular breathing and the nerves floating through her entire being, took away the little courage that inhabited her. She tried to keep calm and stay still in her place, but it was an impossible task.All she wanted was to run out of that office and go back to her house; however, remembered the terrible situation in which found herself with her sick mother and she knew that there was no turning back from her. She couldn't back down when she knew how much she needed to support her parent afflicted with a terrible disease.She didn't have a single penny, and with how expensive the treatment was to treat her mother, she found herself with the noose around his neck, so he ventured to make a decision as foolish as that one.Sell her virginity. Yes, hand over her innocence to the highest bidder. And there she was, in the ostentatious and dark office of a man she had no idea about, she knew absolutely nothing about him and yet she was willing to share something so intimate because she was in need of what she would get for it."How long will I have to wait for Mr. Ansarifard?" She asked nervously, while she played with her hands to calm down the powerful nervousness that surrounded her system and imprisoned her in such a way that she lost the ability to breathe normally.The man in a suit, apparently a bodyguard, just nodded and then walked off, leaving her with the unknown in her mind and alone in an unknown place.She swallowed hard, and with the little daring that ran through her, he left the comfortable chair, to take a walk around the site. She thought the taste of the Arab was too good; everything in her place, fine and delicate details that even left her surprised. Everything was new for her, being there was like inhabiting another universe, far from her reach, taking into account the position of that tycoon and hers, which was nothing in comparison.The office was poorly lit, in addition to the fact that the varnished walls of that black color also made it look darker, and then he noticed one of the two paintings with focused light that were perfectly placed on the wall, giving it that luxurious air and artistic that overwhelmed and shocked her at the same time. It wasn't just any work of art, those made the hairs on her skin stand on end and she couldn't help but feel a shiver meandering through her spine.It's just that it was something she wouldn't want to see, even less when she was alone. Above, behind closed doors. Perhaps it would have been better to wait for the businessman in the chair and not scrutinize without permission.The works, created by some madman, was nothing more than a crime scene, there was a lot of blood there, but it was still just that, painting.After returning to her place, she looked at the stacked folders and other objects on the desk, belonging to the Arab, each thing in a perfect asymmetry that made her disconcerted. She didn't want to rush into thinking about the owner of all this, but from that moment she knew that she would be facing a perfectionist man, she would not have the slightest doubt about that. Had it been a bad idea to resort to that place?She recognized that the madness began since she posted that post anonymously. She didn't believe that she would have an answer either, but everything turned out in the least expected. Every time she thought about what would happen her vital organ beat harder, and if she remembered her mother, then she was more convinced to do it. She jumped up.Finally, the torturous wait ended with the entry of that specimen. No, she had never seen him, not even in a photo. And when she looked at him, she couldn't believe it. How would that man buy his virginity? That is to say, with how handsome he was, he could have the woman he wanted without giving a single penny. She reviewed him from head to toe, he was tall, had a three-day beard and gray-green eyes that, upon resting on her current brown gaze, left her paralyzed.The Arab came closer to her and smiled at her, but a fleeting smile, which passed to her non-existence after her expression hardened. The next thing is that he held out his hand and she was slow to respond, but finally shook her hand in greeting.“Victory?” “Yes sir...”“Just Rashid, let's put the formalities aside, okay?” He expressed, to which she nodded her head in agreement.“Rashid” she said shakily, the man wearing a black trench coat took it off and placed it on that coat rack he had. Now the young woman noticed how the muscles of her stocky body stood out under that white shirt. She focused back on him and smiled compulsively. Then she looked down from her, before he spoke to her again.“Can you stop moving?” She released, she immediately saw him, it was true that he didn't stop shaking in his place, he swallowed hard.“I'm sorry” Rashid sighed, he hadn't had a "perfect" day, in fact it had gone well, but within what he always expected, he couldn't consider it that way, just irregular. That young lady in front of him, seemed somewhat self-conscious. It was strange to him that someone like that could dare to be with someone in exchange for money. She wasn't interested in her either. She only wanted to fulfill her goals, that's why she had to win her over at all costs.He blinked over her, curious to the core of her. It wouldn't just be a one-night thing and that's it, she was the one chosen to carry her firstborn. She was pretty and with that she was enough to give him the privilege of bringing her heir into the world. What else did it matter?“Victoria, I have a proposal for you”“That? I mean, I know I’m aware of everything and so are you, ¿what are you talking about?”

Chapter 2

“Family name, please" And no, you don't know everything, I have a proposal for you, I know you won't let it escape, believe me, it's an opportunity for you, for me” Her she blurted out, leaving her stunned.“What is this all about, Mr. Rashid?” she corrected, she urgently needed to know.He stared at him and gave a slight smile. She swallowed hard and held the air inside her, not inhaling more, then she needed it. Her eyes flew to that open folder that Rashid was looking at. Of course, it had to be some document that validated the payment, which she gave. At that precise moment she felt that she was worthless. How could she if she was selling her body for her money? She wasn't just anyone, but she felt like one and she knew that the aftertaste would stay with her for a long time.“Are you OK?”“Y-yeah... Just a little nervous” After issuing the admission she regretted it.“It's normal, but you shouldn't, I'm not crazy, and


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