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A sheikh in my life

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Gabriela wanted to be a doctor, but her dream was interrupted by her mother's illness! Gabriela had to stop her studies to take care of her mother and the household expenses were covered by her. It was when she met Sheikh Hamis Al-ali who proposed a marriage contract, they would stay married for a year and then each would move on with their lives. Could they resist the attraction they feel for each other?

Chapter 1

Gabriela Oliveira was a dreamer, since she was little her dream was to be a doctor but as the years went by she saw that it wouldn't be easy. But even with all the difficulty, she kept her dream alive.

She lived in São Paulo, with her mother Odete and her brother Pedrinho, Gabi's father as she was called died when she was still a child. And Gabi recently discovered that her mother was sick, Odete had stomach cancer.

Gabi was very worried about her mother, so she had to leave college for the time being because she had to help with household expenses. Her mother had a small store in the neighborhood but it wasn't enough to cover all the household's expenses, her mother's medicines were very expensive.

Gabriela then asked her best friend Adriana for help, who was dancing at a nightclub. She loved dancing since she was little, one night she went to the club with Adriana and spoke to the owner, Alberto, he immediately accepted that she join the team.

Gabi is beautiful, has green eyes and hair that looks like fire. A natural redhead. During the day she took care of her mother and the little shop they have, at night she danced at the club

Gabriela got ready and went to work with Adriana who was waiting outside.

"Mom, I'm going to go, there's no need to wait for me after work, I'm going out with Adriana." warned Gabi.

"Be careful daughter, I don't like you dancing in the club, the neighbors talk!" Odete said with concern, she knew the neighbors were talking about her daughter and she knew she didn't deserve it.

"I know, Mom, but I don't do anything much. I just dance with these people who are too gossipy. Don't worry, you know I've always known how to take care of myself."

"It's okay daughter, may God keep you and protect you. Good job!" Odete blessed Gabi.

Gabi came out and found Adriana in her old stroller.

"Hey friend!" Gabriela said with a smile.

"Hi Gabi! Guess what, I was invited to a birthday show. The guy is rich and invited me, but I said I would only go if I could take my friend."

"No way Adriana, tomorrow is Friday my mother has an appointment." Gabriela said.

"It's Paulinho from college, friend, we have to go." Adriana begged.

"Ah, I know who it is. He studies Architecture with you, right?" Gabriela asked.

Adriana confirmed, they soon arrived at the nightclub where they worked, the girls went straight to the dressing room, it was a small space with makeup and clothes that they wear to dance, the clothes were sensual, in the club there were some girls who did programs and used drugs, but the girls never did that. The two only danced for the money to help around the house.

Adriana and Gabi got ready, they wore masks so they wouldn't be recognized. The stage lights came on and they started dancing, today they danced an Arabic dance together, very sensual, the audience went crazy, they threw a lot of notes on the stage. The girls listened to everything and the men went crazy.

After the performance, they returned to the dressing room to rest and then repeat the performance again. Around 00:00 at night the presentations ended and the girls got ready to leave.

"Girls, you were awesome today, the customers loved it, here's a bonus for you." Alberto said, handing each one a bonus.

"Thank you Alberto! You came at a good time." Gabriela said.

"Thanks, Alberto! Come on Gabi, are you ready?" Adriana asked.

"Yes, I am. But my friend, you know that I get up early tomorrow, so I'm leaving soon." Gabriela warned.

"Okay killjoy."

They took the car and went to the south of the city, the house Paulinho lived in was a huge mansion, very chic.

"Adriana, this house is very chic, I don't think we're ready for that." Gabriela said.

"Friend, he didn't say anything, I didn't know it was a fancy party."

Guests were entering the mansion in suits and tuxedos, silk evening gowns, lots of jewelry. They didn't match Adriana in jeans and Gabi in a simple dress. They weren't going to enter but at the door welcoming the guests was Paulo and he saw them.

"Hey girls, come here!" called Paulo as soon as he saw the girls.

"Paulinho, sorry, we didn't understand well and came like this, but we're not going in, I thought it was a more casual party, I didn't know it would be something so fancy." Adriana explained.

"I apologize, this is my mother's invention. But don't worry, several of my friends are there in jeans. No problem. Let's go, the party is already going on." Paulo insisted that they enter.

The girls went in with him, the party was booming and everyone was having fun.

Suddenly Gabi felt a strange sensation when she looked behind her and there was a man looking at her, a very handsome man wearing an expensive tuxedo.

Suddenly he came towards her, yes he was getting close to her.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Hamis. What's your name?" Hamis said, looking her up and down.

"Gabriela, nice to meet you." She replied, feeling that look on her body.

"You have beautiful eyes Gabriela."


"Have you known Paulo for a long time?" asked Hamis.

"No, the one I met is my friend, I'm just here with her. But I'm leaving now," she replied.

"Why so early? Didn't you enjoy the party?" he insisted.

"The party is great, I'm the one who gets up early tomorrow, so I was already going."

"I'm already leaving too, if you want I'll give you a ride." He looked at her.

"No need to bother, I'll take a taxi, I think my friend will want to stay." she explained, praying that he wouldn't insist.

Adriana, who was in the bathroom, came back and noticed Gabi's discomfort, so she arrived pulling Gabi.

"Are you okay friend? Who is this guy?" She asked suspiciously.

"His name is Hamis, he's a friend of Paulo."

Paulo arrived greeting Hamis, then went to talk to the girls.

Chapter 2

"Who is this guy Paulinho?" Adriana wanted to know.

"This is Sheik Hamis. He is very rich and influential here in Brazil and has numerous businesses in our country." explained Paul.

‘’I’m going friend, I’ll wake up early tomorrow.” said Gabriela, saying goodbye.

‘’Oh no, you’re going now, stay a little longer. Please, Adriana." asked Paulo.

‘’I brought Gabi, I’m not going to let her go alone.’’ Adriana explained.

Hamis, getting close, offered to give Gabi a ride, she didn't want to accept it again, but Paulo said she could rest assured. She didn't want to ruin Adriana's night, who was clearly enjoying the party, so she decided to accept.

“Okay then, I’ll accept it, it’s late and I won’t be able to get a taxi anytime soon,” she said.

‘’Are you sure friend? If you want, I’ll come with you.’’

'' No! You can stay and enjoy with Paulo, tomorrow when I get home from the hospital


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