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A Secret Crush On My Step-Uncle

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Elise Sinclair got entangled with the wrongest person in the world, her step-uncle but what happens when he cast her aside when the world turned against them? Years later, she came back as the most sophisticated while she threaded on thin ice. She was threatened by her unknown enemy from the past. How will she navigate all the setbacks in her life? Damien Sinclair was empty and emotionless after Elise left. He had to enter into a relationship with his ex because of a few circumstances surrounding the situation. However, his heart still longed for Elise. When he finally sees her again, his hope is reignited, only to be dashed again. How will he get his love back? Will he go to the ends of the earth for her?

He Is Bad


There were continuous knocks on the door and by every minute that passed, the knocks got louder.

At the same time, it was like the sound of the knocks was ringing in my head and it gave me goosebumps.

"Elise! Open the door! You have to pay me today, or else you are going to stay behind bars! I'm going to label you a thief!" The person behind the door thundered, angrily and I shook.

"Elise, I never knew you were such a thief and liar! Your family is so deceitful! Look at how you owe us all! Pay up!" Another person yelled.

I was filled with so much fear at this point and it was as if they would break down the door and take me away.

My head was downcast and my eyes were filled with tears as I looked down at the pile of bills on the table. From the water bill to the electricity bill and also, to my mother's health bills.

"What are you going to do now?" My mother asked as she stood beside me, with her hands akimbo.

My heart stopped beating for a moment hearing her say that and I looked up at her, with teary eyes.

"I don't know what to do, mother. I have no money." I replied, shakily.

I know she wouldn't want to hear that but I had nothing else to say.

My back became hunched like there was a heavy load on it. I had been working tirelessly without rest, and the few dollars I got from my jobs were used on my parents. At this point, I was already looking like a walking corpse.

"You don't know what to do, huh? You have to get money in any way you can! You can't keep us starving without water and electricity!" My father's voice boomed out and my head went even lower.

I couldn't even look him in the eye, knowing he was disappointed.

"I'm trying my best, father! I really am." I replied, as I slowly looked up at him.

I expected him to see the pain and stress in my eyes but he turned his head the other way.

"Then your best is not good enough! You need to get a good job and take us out of here!" He yelled and I flinched.

Sharply, he turned to my mother and then said, irritably, "Talk to your daughter! She is so dumb and can't even make money!"

My mother in turn looked at me, disappointedly and then walked away. Their words and actions had never hurt me just like they did at this point.

On the other hand, my creditors were still knocking and even though I had no money, I still had to show up. My fragile heart couldn't take all the knocking and cursing anymore.

With a deep breath, I stood up to my feet and walked fearfully toward the door. Immediately I opened the door, I was pulled out of the house.

Before long, I got a slap across the face and someone yelled.

"Where is my money, you bitch!" The owner of the loan shark I had borrowed from yelled and quickly, I went down on my knees. My other creditors had left since they couldn't continue knocking but the loan shark workers were still there.

"I'm sorry..." I said, shakily. A tear slipped from my eyes as I looked up at him. I was suppressing the pain from the slap but it only gave me more turmoil.

"Where is my money?!" He thundered.

"I don't have it now! I promise I'll pay up next week. Please, understand me and have mercy." I said, pleadingly as I looked up at him with teary eyes.

"And what happens if you don't pay up, next week?" He asked, with a wicked grin. I knew what he was thinking already and I shook my head, immediately.

"Nothing happens! I'll pay up!" I declared, fearfully. I couldn't fathom what he would do to me if I didn't!

I was determined to work 100 jobs just to get by.

"Alright! I'll wait for you!" He said and sharply he turned to walk away while his minions gave me dirty looks that made me feel disgusted with myself.

For ten minutes straight, tears streamed down my eyes as I cried silently. I was still kneeling and I couldn't even get up anymore since my body had become so stiff.

"Do you need a handkerchief, huh?" I heard a deep voice and I froze for a moment. At first, I thought it was a creditor and I was already thinking of how to get away.

"Relax, it's me." The voice boomed out again as I was about to get up and run.

I froze again but in the next second, I heard steady footsteps and a man so tall and handsome came to stand before me.

My heart skipped a beat as I realized just how elegant he was and this man was my step-uncle.

"Uncle, what are you doing here?" I asked, with wide eyes. As I cleaned my face and rubbed my eyes off the tears in them.

I always had a crush on Uncle Damien but it faded off when he wouldn't even visit our house anymore.

"I'm here to help." He said and then winked at me.

"Help?" I asked, trying to control myself. I didn't want to act as if his actions bothered me.

"You need a job, right? I'll offer you a job as my assistant in my company! The pay is huge! You can use the money for whatever you want." He declared and I thought I was hearing things.

Uncle Damien offered me a job and it was too good to be true.

"Are you serious, right now?" I asked with excited eyes.

Uncle Damien had one of the biggest companies in the city but it was a mystery why my own father still lived like a pauper. However, I didn't care about that at this point.

"Yes! You can resume work immediately! You know I'll always care for you!" Damien said with a low tone and eyes filled with fire.

I didn't know what that was but the happiness in my heart couldn't be quantified.


"Mom! Dad!" I screamed as I rushed into the house with my eyes wide.

I couldn't wait to share the good news with them.

I finally got what they wanted.

"What is it? Did you get money so soon?" My father asked as he walked out of his cramped bedroom with a frown on his face.

Soon, my mother followed after.

I didn't waste time sharing the news with them.

"Mom! Dad! Uncle Damien just offered me a job! A good-paying job as his assistant!" I yelled, in happiness.

I was already dancing around the house while I said, loudly.

"I'll be able to pay all the bills now! I'll take Mom to the hospital and we won't have to starve anymore!" I said, with a happy tone.

"No!" My father suddenly yelled and I froze.

"What?" I asked, with raised brows.

"I forbid you from working with that beast!" Father yelled and I froze. I could see hate in his eyes and I shook for a moment.

"What?" I asked, in shock.

This was an opportunity to make money and he was saying that.

"You cannot go close to him, Elise! He is bad! He hates us and we hate him as well! You should never trust a man like that!" My mom thundered, in anger.

The hurt and agony in her eyes were obvious and I knew that there was an ongoing strife.

Locked Up


My eyes were swollen and it was like I was going to fall down on my face as I stood without even being aware of my surroundings. Last night was hell with my family after I told them about the job I got with Uncle Damien.

The hatred and scorn from my parents toward him was too much. At this point, I still couldn't decipher why they would feel that way toward such a sweet man like Damien.

Later on, I had to promise them continuously that I would not work as Uncle Damien's assistant. And now, I was out late at night to work at the bar.

"Hey, what are you thinking? Get me a glass of whiskey!" A gruff-looking man shouted at me and I was drawn out of my thoughts, abruptly.

"I'm sorry! I'll do that right away." I said, quickly in panic as I looked at the man before me. My hands moved to take the bottle of whiskey but then it froze, in the air.

My lips shivered in fear seeing the creepy smile he was


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