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A Secret Child With My Uncle

A Secret Child With My Uncle

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Uncle, please stop it!!!!!!!!!! Before I knew what was happening the feelings were all over me and I can't withstand it again. My leg was shaking and my mouth was moving without saying a word, or is this a kind of play? After 1 hour of not realizing where I am, I could hear a word whispered into my ears Ava How do you feel now? Uncle Lucas asked….. I couldn't talk but imagine the whole scenario again, how did all these things start, so I have lost my virginity? What the hell…. Why would my uncle do such a thing? Now I want it more than ever. I felt something had been activated in my system. Now I can't live without sex or is it how everyone who has tested before will always feel like? I'm just 15 and have this kind of feeling, what will happen when I get to my twenties? I can't get over these feelings myself. I'm obsessed and worried because I can't believe my uncle did such a thing to me or I'm not truly a member of my family, something must be hidden which I need to know.

Chapter 1

Ava's POV

"Uncle I beg of you I can't do this what if I die during the process what will you say," Ava said bursting out in tears

"No matter what? You must do this because I can't bear the Shame, who will you say impregnated you? Are you going to point your finger at me? Oh no you must be dead if you try such" Lucas said threatening her

"So what's the reason for living if I am to do abortion in the Tenth week of pregnancy, what is riskier than this?" Ava asked with hatred written over her face

"You have to think wise and behave yourself because I am going to meet the doctor who will do the abortion, moreover you don't need to be afraid because he is a good practitioner and has done about ten good abortions for me without any case of death from anyone," Lucas said

"What?????? Ten good abortions, which means you still have more people you meet apart from me and still have the guts to tell me you love me, and here are mine deceived by you." Ava said looking at his uncle as if she can strangle him to death for making her life so miserable

"It's nothing Ava after all I took care of your needs so what will make me not have you"

"And for the last time I don't want to repeat myself, just make up your mind, by tomorrow morning I will take you to the hospital, be rest assured the abortion is going to be a quick and easy one," Lucas said in a warning tone, walking away from Ava

Ava sat down in tears thinking of the best thing to do, abortion or leave the baby. Should I risk my life or bear the Shame and keep my baby alive?

After thinking for a while without coming to any final decision, Ava picked up her smartphone using her palm to wipe the tears from her eyes, she dialed her best friend's number.

"Hello, Elle are you home?" Ava asked her

"Yes Ava, any problem?" Elle asked

"No I just want to come to see you over there I need to catch some rest at your place" Ava replied her

"Okay, I will be waiting," Elle said

"No problem I'm on my way" Ava dropped the call and took her hand back without evening looking at how tattered her hair was as she left for Elle's house

Elle on seeing her friend Ava knew that there must be an issue with the way her face is swollen and red.

"Ava, what could be the issue? hope is not about your uncle this time around?" Elle asked looking at her friend who couldn't talk but cry

"Elle I am just finished, how on earth will my uncle thinks the best thing to do is to kill me after all the humiliation and maltreatment" Elle he has finished me

"What is it now let me know how to help?" Elle said holding Ava who is doing as if she wants to kill herself before her uncle does.

"Elle I am pregnant"

"What for who?" Elle said shocked with her eyes wide open

"I am Ten weeks pregnant for my uncle Lucas, after much deliberation, he told me that I am going to do an abortion, he just left this morning telling me to make up my mind that the abortion is going to be tomorrow"

"Elle please help me, help your friend, what should I do? I don't want to abort my baby but I just don't know what else to do, I am very confused right now."

"Ava I understand, but why did you keep the pregnancy so long before Letting him know about it?" Elle asked her

"It wasn't my fault Elle, I had my menstruation the first month but in the second month I missed it, just for me to realize that I am having some changes happening in my body I told my uncle, and I had a pregnancy test which turned positive reading Ten weeks of being pregnant. The whole stuff is confusing me" Ava said sitting down on the ground with tears

Elle's mother on hearing their conversation came out of her bedroom to see what is happening to the girls, Elle what is happening to your friend?

"Mom, my friend Ava who I told you about living with his uncle who always takes advantage of her, now she is telling me that she is Ten weeks pregnant and her uncle to threatening her to remove it or he will kill her," Elle said to her mom

"What the fuck!!!!! So is she trying to have an abortion?" Elle's Mom asked

"No she is afraid but doesn't know what else she can do, but mom what will be your advice for her" Elle asked her mom

"Ava my daughter," Elle's Mom said touching her shoulder

"Mom, who else can I run to or call"mom "? I don't want to go back to the village because my mom won't be happy hearing this and I am afraid of dying during the abortion process because this baby is too old to be aborted and my whole life is at risk" Ava said trying to control herself with an endless cry

"Ava I understand your situation, don't hate yourself, it's not your fault rather you have to accept what has happened and face your fears."

"Don't abort the baby, since your uncle wants you to do an abortion I will advise you not to go back to the house but rather stay with me till you deliver your baby" Elle's mother said

"Wow thank you, mom, but who is going to take care of me and my baby till he grows up I don't want to go back to my uncle's place rather will I want him to see this baby," Ava said to Elle's Mon

"Yes I will take care of you and your baby till you start work or can take care of him"

"Thanks, mom since I didn't come with any of my belongings let me go back and get some of them," Ava said getting up to go out

"Okay that's good, Elle will accompany you so you can get what can sustain you here with us," Elle's Mom said

Thank you so much mom I appreciate it, Ava left with her friend.

Chapter 2

Author POV

Lucas tried all he could to call Ava's number but she wasn't picking up the calls, he sat down confused about the whereabouts of his niece. What can I use to bring her back? He thought of sending a harsh message and warning her, "Hello Ava, make sure you come home by tomorrow, else I will sniff to get whatever hole you ran into and I bet you won't like me when I catch you."

Those words made Ava panic but pray her uncle doesn't find her, though she knows that it will be possible for him to find her.

(Two weeks later)

Ava's mind couldn't stay in one place since she started hearing rumors about Elle's mom child trafficking, some neighbors closely warned her to look for her way now else Elle's mom will sell her baby after birth.

She heard this rumor from three close neighbors when they knew she was living with them. She started suspecting if that was true but lacked evidence rather she heard stor


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