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A Contract Wife For Mr Badass Billionaire

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Isabella caught her sister sleeping with her boyfriend. She was so sad that she signed a marriage contract with a cold billionaire who wanted nothing to do with her but get an heir from her. What happens when love proves to be a force greater than anything? Will Isa be able to overcome all the challenges that would want to tear her Down?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Isabella's POV:

I'm drowning myself in the cheapest beer at this bar I wandered into. More dazed than a zombie in an apocalyptic attack, I feel exhausted.

Worn out from the joke that is my life. Depressed because I seem to be the dumping ground for every terrible human occurence.

Isn't it ironic? The bitter taste of the beer is nothing compared to the bitterness I feel in my heart. Pain I can never act upon, because even being the victim that I am, the people I hold dearest still consider me a villain.

My eyes becomes blurry. I don't know if it's from the tears, or the effect of this drink. I look around, hoping to catch a bartender, and ask for what must be my fifth bottle.

That's when I notice it. There's an obvious class difference. While we the poor's that can't particularly afford whatever this place are clustered in this tiny compartment downstairs. The VIPs are in a secluded section up the stairs.

"Yikes." My word is slurry, as I ready my feet to rise.

I'll have to go get a refill myself, so I grab my half empty bottle, hoping to have emptied it by the time I arrive at the bar.

I take a deep breath, trying to act normal. No one must know I'm already past my limit.

Planting my wobbly feet to the ground, I take a step, and then another. The room is spinning in my vision, but I keep going.

I'm so deep in the thought of walking to the bar in one piece, I miss my step, and fall into a hard surface.

The impact of the situation doesn't sit until I hear a low growl. My spinning eyes shoots up to meet the coldest blue I've ever seen.

"Oopsie!" I chuckle, drunkingly. 

"Are you blind or something?" His rough voice pierces through my intoxicated state, pushing me back to the reality of the situation.

I step back, following his eyes as I do. His white shirt is soaked with the----- I look at my hand, and surprisingly, the now empty bottle is still secured tightly in it.

"Oh my God!" I gasp. "I'm so sorry." I reach out to wipe out the stain, but he pushes my hands away, and easily sidestep me.

"Are you crazy?" He says in a low, vibrational tone, and the words spins me back to the reason I'm even here in the first place. 

"Are you crazy?" Is that what he asked again?

I look at him, and with trembling lips, I reply, "I think so."


Barely twenty-four hours ago, I woke up the happiest girl on earth. In all my years of living, I've only known love from one person, until Gabriel. My Gabriel. 

Three years of sweet love. Today is our anniversary, and I plan on going all the way out for him, and for me.

A screeching tyre whooshes past, reminding me I'm on the sidewalk, on my way to a jewelry store. I skip past the band playing soft blues under this scorching sun, and the woman screaming at her bald husband.

Today is all rainbows for me, and absolutely nothing can ruin it.

I find a shop. It's exterior looks archaic, but alluring. Gabriel loves small businesses like this. He'll be ecstatic if I can cop him a gift from this particular store.

That's what I choose as an excuse to go in. It has nothing to do with the Jasmine and lavenders fragrance, which coincidentally are part of my favorite notes.

"We're just about closing," the male shop attendant remarks, his voice reaching me from behind the counter.

"I understand, but it's my three-year anniversary today. I desperately need something special," I plead, urgency seeping into my words.

He glances at the clock, then offers a sympathetic smile. "I'll do my best. What are you looking for?"

I end up buying him a Rolex, and a hundred year old bottle of wine. It costs me an arm and leg; basically half and quarter of my savings, but I'll live. Anything for the love of my life.

"Thank you," I express my gratitude, a forced smile gracing my face.

The lovely man waves me goodbye, and I skip out with the package in my hand, the same way I skipped in. 

I've already splurged a bit, so I may as well go all the way out. This is my thought as I hail a taxi, and give him the coordinates to Gabriel's place.

I don't care if Gabriel hasn't even called yet. In my heart, I know it's because he has a big surprise for me. The thought alone makes me want to break into an unending giggle. I have to slam my thighs together, to stop my legs from swinging back and forth.

The moment the taxi pulls into his parking lot, I jump out, and quickly pay. 

Spinning around, I hurry into his apartment, and go straight to his bedroom. A big smile is etched on my face, as I twist the doorknob, and push the door open.

My smile instantly falters at the scene before me. I blink twice, hoping it's just my vision playing tricks on me. It's not. 

Gabriel, and Madison, my own sister, are entwined on the bed. They are kissing deeply with their eyes closed, and apparently, their ears have lost their ability to hear too. I remain standing, stunned in the doorway.

Gabriel's eyes meet mine, and with a start, he swiftly pushes Madison away. The gift falls from my hand, rattling through the silence.

The last thing I see as I turn around, and run out, is the spilled wine from the broken glass, which is almost a reflection of my broken, and bleeding heart.

I hear his footsteps behind me, and I double my speed. Thankfully, I find a taxi who have just dropped someone else in front of the building.

I hop into the backseat, and give the driver my home address. It's when I'm fully settled in, I realize I'm bawling my eyes out. 

But as I arrive at my house, my hurt is replaced with pure, unadulterated anger. The car stops, and I storm into my house.

I'm halfway to my room when the door opens behind me. I spin around, and find a smirking Madison.

Unable to curtail my fury, I march back to where she is standing, and give her a resounding slap.

She holds her cheeks, and smiles. I'm taken aback by her reaction, until the door behind us open, and her smile quickly turns to tears.

"What are you doing Isabelle!" I hear mum's scream as she runs into the scene.

She goes straight to Madison, and pulls her into her body.

"I caught her cheating with my boyfriend." I blurt out.

My twisted sisters eyes widens. "That's not true mum!" 

“It's true! She's having an affair with my boyfriend,” I say, my voice breaking into mild hysteria. I turn to my father that has just come in, hoping he will at least believe me. My face falls when he throws his to the side.

Mom's eyes narrow. "Is this true, Maddy?"

"No, Mom, I swear! Isa's lying," she pleads desperately.

To my shock, Dad's expression hardens. "Isa, you've always been trouble. Maybe Madison's better off without you."

“True,” Mom agrees. “And even if she did steal your boyfriend, isn't it because you can't keep him?”

“You are so worthless, you know,” Dad says and lands me a slap. “Never hit your sister again.”  

Their words feel like a punch to the gut. "But I didn't do anything wrong!"

Mom's voice turns icy cold. "You're just causing drama. Get out of our house, and take your bad luck somewhere else!" She howls at me.

I'm dumbfounded by their reaction. Dazed by their choice of words. Without saying another word, I turn around, and walk to the door.

Before I leave, I hear my father's voice. "She's just so crazy!"


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ethan's POV:

For the first time in a very long time, I don't know how to respond to what this strange woman has just divulged.

Who actually admits they're crazy? 

But that's only half the reason I'm stunned. She has touched me, no, she has full on clung to my body, and absolutely nothing happened.

My eyes goes to my hand, and as expected, they're trembling. 

My psychologist called it a traumatic response.

A long time ago, my childhood sweetheart died in my arms. Let's just say it's been difficult connecting with women ever since; their touch makes my skin crawl, and my heart, ache, making it difficult for me to breathe.

"Touch me again," I say, surprising not just her, but also myself.

“What? Why would I touch you?” She asks.

I see the fogginess has cleared from her eyes, and she's looking semi human again.

"If you can spill your----," I look at the drink in her hand, not exactly sure I've seen it before. "W


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