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Bribing The  Billionaire's Revenge
  • 👁 5.2K
  • 10.0

Liesl McGrath is an up-and-coming artist but for eight years she focuses on her husband as a devoted partner, adjusting her life and her career around him achieving his goal of becoming CEO by the age of thirty. Her life is perfect until her glass castle crashes down. Her husband admits to infidelity with none other than her own sister and there is a child coming. Liesl decides the best way to mend her shattered heart is by destroying the one thing he holds more important than anything else: his career. Isaias Machado is a billionaire first generation American he knows the value of hard work and doing what it takes to survive. His entire life has been geared to the moment he can take the McGrath company away from the corrupted men who once left his family homeless. When Liesl McGrath approaches the billionaire to bribe him with information set to ruin her ex-husband, Isaias Machado is chomping at the bit to take everything the McGrath’s prize including Liesl. A story of love, revenge and healing needs to start somewhere and Liesl’s pain is the catalyst to the wildest rollercoaster ride of her life. Let the bribery begin.

Nanny for Three Alpha Brothers
  • 👁 3.8K
  • 9.9

"Will Elsie be your Luna one day?" "You're asking a lot of questions," Rory stated "But if you must know, no. Elsie will never be my Luna, she is just a hole for me, an obedient toy who is at my beck and call," "If Elsie is not fit to be your Luna, then why is she good enough to bear your children?" the woman lying under him questioned further. Rory grunted once more, "I killed Elsie's parents to become Alpha, why would I want Elsie to be the Luna of the Autumn Pack? Do I look like an idiot? I'll use her for what I need, and then toss her away." After Elsie found out that Rory, the man she loved had murdered her parents in cold blood to claim the Alpha status, she was left heartbroken. 'It hurts, the man I loved, who I trusted and wanted to become his Luna,' I paused, speaking to my wolf 'He murdered my parents for his own selfish needs,' As I said these words, bile rose in my throat and burned my insides. Deceived and upset, she vowed to seek revenge on the Alpha of the Autumn Pack to become a Warrior for Rory's biggest rivals, the Summer Pack. Little did Elsie know the Summer Pack came with three arrogant Alpha Brothers, who she had to prove herself to first before seeking her revenge.

The Game Of Chase
  • Author: Eva Zahan
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 5.4K
  • 9.7

Trying to move on from her traumatic past, Sofia McCommer has joined her family's struggling business in an effort to make a fresh start and show her family her worth. Scorched by life, Adrian T Larsen, the powerful business magnet has become a man no one wanted to cross paths with. With only darkness filled in his dead heart, he doesn't know what kindness is, and has an intense hatred for the word: love. And then comes the game. A game of ignoring the cold-hearted playboy Sofia plays with her friends at a Saturday night club. The rules were simple: Ignore the billionaire, hurt his ego and get out. But little did she know that getting out of the paws of an injured tiger wasn't an easy thing to do. Especially when the infamous businessman, Adrian Larsen's male ego was at stake here. Bound by fate when their paths clash with each other more than Sofia ever expected, when the powerful billionaire barges into her life, sparks and desire start to test her resistance. But she has to push him away and keep her heart locked to keep both of them safe from the dangerous shadows of her past. The dark past that always lurked around. But can she do that when the devil has already set his eyes on her? She has played a game, and now she has to face the consequences. Because when a predator is teased, it's supposed to chase…

I will never be yours - Part I
  • 👁 1.8K
  • 9.6

After Selena was forced to leave Alpha Kian's kingdom for being his second chance mate she swore to never come back, leaving her family and friends behind. Without any other choice, she leaves the pack and has to survive on her own. With no pack or family to help her, she starts over and builds up her life. When fate one day interferes and she finds herself captured by the king's men as an enemy and tossed in the castle's prison to be tortured. Can she escape without the king finding out his mate has come back to his kingdom, and keep her secrets hidden from him? When her life and the ones she cares about depend on her secrets. Is the King still the cold-hearted mate she once met a late night in the dark or has he changed?

Mates of the Luna Queen
  • 👁 8.6K
  • 8.9

"Tell me," he leans down and whispers next to my ear. "Have you ever been kissed?" "I don't think that is any of your business," I snap back at him. "I am making it my business, Luna Queen," he says as he runs his thumb over my bottom lip. Born of a white wolf and identical Alpha Triplets Raven is unlike any other werewolf alive. Bearing the mark of the Moon Goddess, she has earned the title of the Child of Light and is destined to become the Queen over all of the werewolf packs. Under her rule, she is prophesied to bring peace to the werewolf world. But there are forces working against her. Will she bring everyone together in her life to rule peacefully or will the werewolf kingdom fall to ruin?

The Sex Gods Pornstar
  • Author: M.E Julie
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.2K
  • 8.8

“How long does it take for you to orgasm?” The first interview question took Kate by surprise. She looked over at her potential boss and blurted. "Excuse me?" "Or are you a virgin?" He asked again. Then ordered her to strip when Kate agreed she wasn't a virgin. ** Kate Migrated from New Orleans to Sin city looking for an acting role after she received an email from the company. Unknowingly to her, the company turned out to be a very popular Porn company owned by the twins, Alex and Aiden, who were popularly known as the sex gods. Initially, Kate wanted to reject the job but she became too desperate after she found out her father's condition. One thing Kate never knew is that she'll get tangled in the struggle between the twin brothers, who were fighting to gain her love and own her heart. When the tension between the brothers became too hot, secrets started coming to light. The exact secret that ruined Kate's life years before. Who among the twin brothers is the father of her son?

The Alpha's Pregnant Mate
  • 👁 1.3K
  • 8.8

"I can't deal with your games anymore. Tell me the truth about Caroline," I asked. To my surprise, Aiden's reaction was nothing like I expected. His face contorted with a cold, bitter laugh. "Oh, please. You think you're worth my time? You're just a nobody, and I'm not going to make our thing public. You're just a convenient little toy for me to use," I took a deep breath, mustering all the strength I had left, and decided to play it cool. I needed to catch him off guard and show him that I was not going to be just another pawn in his twisted games. "Is that how you see me, Aiden? Just a damn toy? Well, I've had enough of your games," Aiden looked taken aback, clearly not expecting this reaction from me. I could see the anger and frustration in his eyes, but I refused to back down. "I reject you as my mate, Aiden," I continued, my voice firm and resolute. *** In a world of werewolves and secrets, Leah conceals her pregnancy from everyone, even her mate, the popular and handsome Aiden. When she discovers her true mate is Ian, the heir to the powerful Silver Pack, their lives entwine in unexpected ways. Aiden's betrayal, Clara's support, and a three-year absence shape Leah's strength as a single mother. As Ian reenters her life, can he prove himself worthy of her love, and will their bond survive the challenges of pack politics and lingering secrets?

Beyond the Contract
  • Author: Natacha_H
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5.9K
  • 8.6

"She's wearing white. Why is she wearing white? I'm supposed to be the only one. Make her stop, baby!" a woman whines at my husband-to-be. "You have to change," Abraxas says, kissing her temple is a caring and soothing way. "Eh, why? Am I not the bride?" I ask in confusion. Little did I know, the wedding was only the beginning of a nightmare. Despite knowing it was a contracted marriage, I still entered into it full of hope that Abraxas Harlow would eventually fall in love with me. But after years of being treated as a slave and striving to perform as the Harlow family's 'good wife', I had enough. When I finally gathered the courage to ask for a divorce, Abraxas belittled me, and he thought my life would be a struggle without him. But he couldn't have been more wrong. I am Anastasia, the billionaire heiress of the Jackson family, the most influential and powerful family in Pearl City. I am not just any Stacy. Now that Abraxas knows my true identity, and he thinks he can win me back? Dream on!

Falling for My Best Friend's Brothers
  • 👁 1.6K
  • 7.5

"How could you?" My voice was filled with sadness. The pain hurt deeply, and it felt like the trust we had was falling apart. "I didn't mean to, Lily," Leon said, his voice shaking. "Come on now baby. We haven't exactly done it lately." "You were busy so I gave you space! You're such a piece of shit!" I felt torn, but I knew I had to be strong. "We are done, Leon! We are fucking done!" *** After enduring a heartbroken betrayal from her boyfriend, Lily finds herself unexpectedly had an one night stand with Ace, her best friend's brother, on the eve of her friend's wedding. As she tries to keep her relationship with Ace hidden, she finds herself entangled with Ace's twin brother, Alex. Friends shouldn't have relationships with their friends' brothers. How will Lily tell her best friend Cher about the wild encounters she had with her brothers? What happens when Leon threatened to expose her before she could tell Cher? On one hand, there's her best friend, always there to support her, and on the other hand, the twin brothers who consistently infuse her life with passion and surprises.

Fell In Love With My Roomy
  • Author: Mnemosyne
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 700
  • 7.5

Julianna Macey, or Juls for short, is desperate to leave her parents' home. Living at home for her undergrad degree is ruining her social life and making it difficult for her to keep in touch with friends. So when her friend Carlo offers her the chance to move into a student apartment, she jumps at the chance. The only problem is that the available room is shared by his three friends Kyle, Mark, and Kent. As if living with three boys she's never met wasn't bad enough, Kent appears to despise her. When she's around, he makes a mess in the kitchen, never puts his laundry in the dryer, and acts as if she doesn't exist. Despite being good looking, Kent and Juls develop a fierce hatred for one another, and she begins to regret her decision to move in with them. However, because her lease still has a year to run, she is unable to leave. Juls begins to question whether living with boys has any benefits or if she acted prematurely. More importantly, she questions whether or not she and Kent will ever get along as well as why he despises her so much.