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Blurb. Sonia Salazar is a renowned actress in the industry not just because of her beauty but also because of her talent. She had a successful career, a wealthy and handsome husband, and a very handsome son. She had everything a woman could ask for. However, everything changed due to an accident. Half of Sonia's face and body were burned in the accident causing her child to fear her. She was ashamed and rejected by her husband's family and abandoned by her friends. The man she thought would support her until the end turned out to be the first to turn his back on her, pushing her toward her downfall. Sonia was confined by her husband in a room for several years, alone and isolated. Until the day she feared the most arrived when her husband filed for divorce. Sonia refused to agree unless she could have her child... and because of that, she was kicked out of the Valencia mansion by her husband's family. Sonia Salazar is an orphan; her parents passed away at an early age, and she has no known relatives. She reached her current position and built her career based on her beauty and talent. But now, with nowhere to go, the Valencia mansion became her only home, and she couldn't return to work because of her appearance. Sonia lost hope and on the day she wanted to give up, two strangers entered her life. One of them called her "mommy," and she suddenly found herself becoming a part of their lives. These two people had no regard for her appearance and did not show any disgust. There was no pity in their faces either. They accepted her without hesitation, and Sonia did not think twice about showing her sincerity to them. However, even so, Sonia could not forget her child and wanted to seek revenge. Fabian Martinez offered to help Sonia Salazar. Fabian would assist Sonia in getting her child back, seeking revenge on the Valencias, and returning to the industry. But there was a condition—Sonia had to marry Fabian. She had to appear in public as his wife and act as a mother to his child for good.


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