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Samuel Blake

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A wolf for a wolf tells the story of an embittered war amongst the most powerful wolf packs in the country, the Zorander pack and Goretti pack in an internal battle filled with jealousy, rage, murder and vengeance. Logan Zorander, the son and successor to his father, Raymond Zorander, the Alpha of the pack and Governor of the state is sent on an undercover mission in order to bring down the Goretti pack. Raymond had become increasingly anxious and worried about the rapid growth of the Goretti pack and fearing his position would be challenged very soon sought out the help of his son to take down his rival. In order to prove himself as a worthy successor, Logan was tasked with infiltrating the Goretti family by befriending the only daughter of the rival Alpha. The plan was a simple yet arduous task. He was to get her to trust him completely and blindly, while he got the information he needed for his father. For a man of his talents, he was confident in his ability to carry this out but what he wasn’t prepared for was to fall in love with Maria and claim the daughter of the enemy alpha as his mate. After learning Maria is pregnant with their child, he hatches a plan to escape the wrath of both their parents by moving to a new country but his plans come to a tragic end after his pack launches a surprise attack on the Goretti pack, killing every wolf they came across or so they thought. Twenty years later, Logan Zorander is faced with the horrors of his past. Antonio Goretti along with his brother had survived the Goretti attack two decades ago and they were back to exact revenge on the Zorander pack starting with the new Alpha of the Zorander pack, himself. Despite his best attempts, Logan falls prey to the Goretti family and their quest for payback. He loses his life along with his wife in his last ditch attempt, his four year old son, Lorenzo manages to survive with his life. Fifteen years later, Lorenzo feels it is time to confront the ones who took everything from him. He vows to risk his life in order to get vengeance for the death of his parents. Will he survive the brute force of the Goretti’s or will he end up like his father bringing the Zorander lineage to a sad and destructive ending?


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