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Prisca Leela

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Mitchelle Grasse is a workaholic who wants to go crazy on her twenty-fifth birthday. She wants to go to the club and even get a one night stand. She didn't expect to be in a new city on her birthday, and what is more, she didn't expect to meet a rich and handsome guy.

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A Billionaire left her because he thought he cheated on him. Five years after, he found out that everything was false. Now, he tries to get back her wife, whom he loves very much.

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Rea is a half-human, half-werewolf. She didn't know it when she entered the territory of a hostile wolf pack. She tries everything to become recognised by the pack.

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Left with two children, the brave woman tries to create a better life for herself. He made one crucial decision that changed her whole life. Dive into the book to learn more!

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A billionaire alpha-vampire hybrid meets a usual girl who was kicked from her family. Even though she is a human, he wants to mate her. What challenges will this union bring? Will they be together? Will they have a happy life?


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