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Between Rain and Stars
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Holden Jones is known in the entertainment world as one of the best representatives in the industry for bringing the famous British Colombo model, Jane Gleen, to the top, known for being a man who is "loyal, serious, moody, hardworking and so much more." But he is also a sensitive man who gives his whole life for those he loves and for those who need him, so when Allison Garnet comes into his life, so thin, shut down, traumatized and vulnerable, he doesn't know what else to do but to give his life to help her, getting involved in certain complicated and compromising situations. Allison Garnet has been abused half her life, has been set free by her mother and is tired of people telling her how to live and who she is, her past haunts her more and more closely, which is why when the controlling and calculating Holden Jones wants to stay in her life, she runs away. Unexpectedly, they meet again after some time and a stumble of destiny will end up taking them between rain and stars.


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