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Moira and the alpha male

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About me

I am Moira rose carothers. And I'm not just a girl from a different state. I'm also a woman from a different country, this life is hard for me, and I also know that too. Many ways have gone past my life that I had to fight for, from easy level to difficulty level. I mean, it can be hard, God has blessed me with very good parents, and I would do love to thank him for that. Alex cardone my boy friend, I have loved him since the very beginning, we've known each other, I moved here to Syracuse, New York. Alex is the best. That's all I have words for him, but I'm still worried about this life situation. It can be hard, but also, well love is a difficult but it can be easy if you want it to. If you want it to be difficult, go ahead. If you want it to be easy, go ahead with that too.


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