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K. R. Alexander

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About me

Erotic and supernatural romance writer since 2014, I have published in several online platforms, such as Wattpad, Amazon, fizzo, among others. Graduated in social communication, I chose writing as a profession for love.


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Princess Camellia Arventia was rejected and mistreated by Emperor Donovan Arventia and Crown Prince Theodore Arventia throughout her life. Born to a consort, she lost her mother shortly after birth and grew up isolated in her palace. Forgotten by everyone, Camellia was used as a fax machine, doing charity work just to improve the image of the imperial family, believing that if she fulfilled her role well, she would be accepted by her family. Camellia ends up getting involved with the Grand Duke of the Empire, the Emperor's cousin, William Valois, who is constantly being sent to war by the Imperial family. On discovering the Emperor's plans to assassinate the Grand Duke, Camellia tries to warn him, but her efforts are in vain and she ends up being accused of treason, tortured, and executed. "Benevolent, you say, glorious empire, you say." I opened my eyes, anger completely overwhelming me at that moment. "My only sin was believing that one day I would be recognized by a family that had always planned my destruction." I freed myself from the executioner's grip, standing up and turning towards the box, where the imperial family watched in shock. "I curse the imperial family and if there is a goddess in this pig-infested world, may she grant me the gift of coming back from the dead and destroying each one of you!" His last request was to take revenge. Will Enora, the goddess of the Arventia empire, grant him this wish?


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