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I'm a reader. It's nice to finally have people reading my work. Thank you.


Destiny's Thread
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Sasha is a young woman in her mid 20s. She married Harvey thinking he loved her, unfortunately, she finds out that she was wrong, he had only pretended to love her for the benefits he'd get if he married her. It was too late for her to back down from the marriage as she was already with a child. To protect her child from being sold out by her husband, she has to agree to his demand to be a surrogate mother for a rich family who were desperate for a child. After the sudden death of her child with Harvey, she divorced him. Years later, she becomes determined to find the family that had paid her to be a surrogate mother, and reunite with her child. She finds the family however, she discovers that her child's intended mother was dead. She falls in love with the child's father, Padens Robert, in the process of reuniting with her child but their relationship is faced with different challenges. Find out if Sasha was able to achieve her goal to reunite with her child or not.


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