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Iyana Salaman is a unique creature, born of the paranormal world's nature. She is a werewolf and a “stain," a rare and powerful creature with the ability to destroy everything mankind has struggled to create. Her mother was cursed during pregnancy, resulting in Iyana's unusual appearance and abilities. As a "stain," Iyana is an outcast in a world where werewolves, vampires, and other paranormal creatures coexist but are constantly at odds. To make matters worse, Iyana is caught in the middle of a battle between two notorious brothers, one a werewolf, and the other a lynx. The brothers have been at war for over five decades and are willing to destroy everything in their quest for power and dominance. Despite the danger, Iyana finds herself drawn to both brothers, each offering her something she cannot resist. However, her affections threaten to reignite the long-standing feud between the two, putting her and those she loves in grave danger. As the tension mounts and the conflict escalates, Iyana is forced to make a difficult choice. She must choose between the two brothers and risk starting a war that could destroy the entire. The two brothers finally confront each other in a final battle to determine who will emerge as the victor and claim Iyana as their mate. The battle is fierce and destructive, with both sides using their most powerful abilities to gain the upper hand. Iyana, caught in the middle, uses her unique abilities as a "stain" to try and stop the fighting, but her efforts are in vain. As the brothers face each other for the final time, Iyana realizes that she cannot choose between them and that the only the way to stop the fighting is to make a sacrifice. In a dramatic moment, Iyana uses her own powers as a "stain" to merge the brothers' abilities and create a powerful new force that is greater than either of them alone. The brothers, initially suspicious of each other, are forced to work together and are ultimately able to overcome their differences and form a tenuous alliance. Iyana's actions have not only prevented a devastating war but have also created a new hope for peace and cooperation in the paranormal world. The climax of the story is a moment of intense action and emotional intensity, as the characters' fates hang in the balance and the future of their world is decided. The tale ends with a sense of uncertainty, leaving you hungry for more and eager to continue Iyana's journey. What new challenges and dangers await Iyana? Will she be able to overcome them and bring lasting peace to her world? Let’s find out!


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