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Blurb; “Why did you do it?” He demanded in a low voice, a warning while closing in on her. The defiant look on her face crumbled a little as she hastily began to backtrack, it wasn’t long before she felt the edge of the bed behind my knees. “F*ck*ng answer me, Kiara!” He roared, cold breath fanning the tip of her nose as he spoke. She gulped in fear, as what she had done just began to fully sink in. “I- I don’t…” A firm push against her forehead tipped her over and she fell on my back like a doll, panting wide-eyed at a very furious Xavier. She scrambled backward, or attempted to– but Xavier’s large hands clamped on hwr ankles, sharply jerking me downwards until her legs dangled at his sides. “Not only did you leave the house on your own– you crashed my car, set it on fire, and then you went to a freaking, dangerous club…” He moved his hands off her ankles and circled my hips, grips tightening instantly, threateningly. “…and let worthless men touch what’s mine. Who told you that was acceptable?” “Who said I was yours? Since when did you make me yours?” Kiara asked in a breathy voice “Since right now.” ++++ Forced to marry Xavier Romano to spare her brother’s life, Kiara Francesco– sassy, rebellious, and drop-dead gorgeous, was determined to be no fragile and disobedient wife; which surprised Xavier and made his sinful hunger for her intensify with each passing second. Life as a very powerful mafia lord’s wife was no child’s play, seeing as it comes with a whole lot of danger. And Kiara was ready for the dangerous ride.


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