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Busted Bubblegum
  • 👁 9.7K
  • 6.2

Meet Natalie Ashman, the world's most boring teenager. Her life is more than she signed up for. When Natalie is stressed, she chews on bubblegum or forces herself to purge. Natalie will soon learn there's more to life than hurting herself and others. When Natalie reunited with her childhood crush, Collin Abernathy, her world gets turned around as she begins to see the world through his eyes. With her friends and family supporting her will Natalie be able to overcome her anorexia or will it consume her like it did before? Will Natalie learn to trust herself? Or will she continue to struggle with her inner voice?

Revenge of Cleotina
  • 👁 12
  • 5.0

Cleotina is a beautiful noblewoman from lower Egypt. When news travels that her best friend Nebetta was executed by the Pharaoh, she will stop at nothing to join his harem and end his life. During her time in Egypt, Cleotina, is reunited with her childhood crush, Abasi. As a descendant of Cleotina, Kira, a young college student, has made it her duty to learn the truth about what happened the night her ancestor ended King Tut's life. The more Kira learns the truth, the darker the past speaks to her. Did Cleotina end King Tut or was he murdered for another reason?

The Last Hula
  • 👁 4
  • 5.0

Leahi Hiyashi is destined to be a hula legend until her grandma starts to unravel before her eyes. Her grandma isn't the only person on her mind. Kai Kekoa, a new hula student, comes into Leahi's life and makes his interest in her known. As Leahi attempts to avoid his advances, she finds herself liking him back. Will Leahi allow herself to fall for Kai or will she take care of her dying grandma and ignore him? Weeks away from the big Merrie Monarch Hula Competition, Leahi finds herself struggling to face her grandma's upcoming death. Will Leahi be able to dance one final hula for her grandma, or will she give up on her dreams to spend time with her in her final days?

Life as a Treehouse
  • 👁 7.5K
  • 7.5

Oliver Bennett isn't an average teenager. He refuses to use a cell phone and talks with his friends via a walkie-talkie. After his father's accidental death, Oliver needs to relearn how to connect with his family, friends, and his past. His only source of strength is the treehouse in his backyard - his only connection to his father. As Crystal and Oliver fall in love he faces other hardships and challenges he never expected to like how to be a man. Will Ollie allow his father's death to consume him or will he be able to let go of his inner demons?

Model Perfect
  • 👁 245
  • 7.5

Emma Rhodes is a senior at Davis high school. With her ever-growing popularity, it is no wonder why Emma wants to keep dating her sexy boyfriend of three years, Hunter Bates. When the school year begins, Emma finds herself becoming a model for a photography class assignment. Arlo Finch, a lead photographer for the yearbook committee, is paired up with Emma Rhodes. As the two work together to get their assignment done, worlds collide and Emma and Arlo will soon decide if being together is worth the risk before the world decides it for them. One night Arlo discovers that Hunter hits Emma. When things get out of hand at a Haunted House, Emma makes a decision that could change her life forever while discovering a hidden mystery in the process.

All the Feels
  • 👁 7.6K
  • 7.5

Lily Green, a senior at Ashmore High school, is invisible. With no friends and romance novels to read during study hall, her life is perfect. However, Lily soon finds herself joining the student tutoring program. When she is sick the day partners are assigned, Lily tutors the detention reject, Jeremy Davis. Over time Lily starts to realize she and Jeremy have more in common than she realizes. As feelings stir Lily grows attached to Jeremy, will her affections be brushed aside? Or will Jeremy Davis finally let someone else in? However, when Lily discovers Jeremy is suicidal, she will choose between living her life and saving his.

Hot For Teacher
  • 👁 597
  • 7.5

Being a college freshman is an exciting time, especially for Cora Worthington. With no college major declared, Cora finds her heart on the tailwinds of a bad breakup with high school ex, Spencer. As the fall semester begins, an unlikely meeting leads Cora to have feelings for her world history professor, Blake Oakley. When Blake reveals his hidden past to Cora her heart gets entangled with his. Professor and student lines get blurred as the semester unfolds With all these secrets to keep will Cora be able to keep up? Can Cora secretly date a college professor and not get caught or will their relationship be her downfall?

Death Spiral
  • 👁 37
  • 7.5

Callum O'Leary accidentally let go of his fiance's hand too early during a professional ice skating competition. The accident is the reason Callum will never do figure skating again. As the guilt of his fiance's death takes over, Callum is afraid to let anyone else into his life. Elisia Algora is searching for a new partner for an upcoming couple's skating event. When Elisia meets Callum, her world changes as well as his. Callum is faced with the challenge of becoming Elisia's new coach when a unique job is offered to him by his former coach. Will Elisia be able to help Callum overcome his fear of pair skating or will his world continue to be one death spiral?

Aloha Navy Boy
  • 👁 1
  • 5.0

Nani James was born in Hawaii. No matter how hard she tries she will never look like an island girl. Compared to her Polynesian best friend, Jessica McHale, Nani will always look like a tourist in the islands she loves. Determined to keep men away, Nani will do anything she can to not let her heart get broken again. Garret Edwards, a strong and sturdy Naval Officer, has his eyes set on Nani. As the pair get to know each other, Garret has made it his mission to break down the walls that Nani has built around her. Will she let him in or will her broken past come and ruin her all over again?

Socially Distant Teen
  • 👁 22
  • 5.0

Elizabeth Foster is a regular senior in high school. She loved being on top until COVID-19 came. Lizzie will do anything it takes to get her life back in order. After weeks of not seeing her boyfriend, Josh Anderson, the pair run into each other one morning while getting food. Will Josh make a plan to see Lizzie or will the pandemic keep their romance a part for the foreseeable future? Will Lizzie be able to cope with social distancing, safety guidelines, and no school to go back to? Or will she break all the rules to feel normal again?

Not Like Me
  • 👁 16.9K
  • 7.5

Ashley Tudor was once a talented ballet dancer until an unforeseen injury took her dreams away. Years later, Ashley finds herself bitter, broken, and without a boyfriend. When her junior year begins, she finds herself in the middle of two love interests Zander Hogan, her best friend's twin, and Aiden Buckland, a childhood friend. Aiden meets Ashley at the local mall and they mutually decide to fake date. Ashley develops feelings and is caught in the middle. Who will she choose Aiden or Zander? When ballet enters her life again, Ashley will need to figure out if chasing her dreams is worth breaking her heart.

For Sam
  • 👁 5.9K
  • 7.5

Robbie Garvie and Samantha (Sam) Laplow have always been best friends until Sam returns home from her study abroad program engaged. Shocked, jealous, and confused, Robbie denies his feelings for Sam and hides the truth about his father's death. When Robbie starts dating Missy he sees his future looking strong and bright, that is until Samantha decides to test the waters with him one more time before she ties the knot. Will Robbie end things with Missy or will be let Samantha go forever? Will their friendship survive the hardships of adulthood, or will they be forced to go their separate ways?


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