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Goodluck Charm

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About me

Hello there! I'm Goodluck Charm, a self-proclaimed word wizard who bravely faces the dreaded blank page every day. My main weapons? A trusty pen and an insatiable appetite for coffee. They say every writer has a muse, but mine seems to be a capricious dog that only graces me with its presence when it pleases. I've become an expert at typing at the speed of light, only to spend the next day deleting nine and a half of the ten chapters I wrote. When I'm not wrestling with words, you'll find me buried in books or watching movies, often thinking, 'I wish I'd written that!' Residing in the heart of Nigeria, I draw inspiration from the vivid tapestry of life and culture around me. Writing is my way of weaving humor, passion, and a sprinkle of procrastination into stories that I hope will captivate and amuse. And remember, behind every great writer is an even greater eraser... and a slightly confused dog who wonders why I'm talking to a computer screen. 😂😜



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