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Darcy Bennett

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  • 👁 4.5K
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It was a sin to love him. It was a sin to desire him. She was his forbidden pleasure. She was his forbidden fruit. It was never right because she was the wife of his billionaire brother. Excerpt: He glanced at her, frowning. "What did you say?" She angrily squinted at him. "Lie on the floor. If you don't respect me, respect Lennox. I'm his wife." His stares became cold. "Respect?" He smirked coldly. "If I didn't respect him, you might be naked right now moaning my name." She was insulted by what he said, but she didn't show it. "What makes you so sure that I will be in bed with you?" There was an insult in her voice as she looked at him mockingly. He gave her a silly smile. "Oh, I'm sure of it." Her eyes were sharp. "I beg to disagree." He just smirked and was not affected by her sharp gaze. "Oh, come on, Lorelei, we both know I can get you naked in my bed." "That's not going to happen." Her jaw was throbbing with anger. "I love Lennox…." "Don't mention Lennox's name because he's not part of our conversation." In the blink of an eye, he got close to her. His face was so close to hers. He smelled her fragrant breath. She couldn't look straight at him. "Lincoln, get out of…." "Look at me, Lorelei." She needed to be brave in front of him, or else he would be able to handle her again. So, she looked into his deep tantalizing eyes. Her throat was dry. "W-what?" She wanted to slap herself for stuttering. Stuttering in front of Lincoln Del Piero was a sign of weakness. And this evil man would exploit it. "Tell me, Lorelei," his hot breath hit her face, "If Lennox wasn't your husband, would you undress for me? Would you let me see your beautiful naked body? Would you let me penetrate you?"


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