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My Husband’s Brother

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It was a sin to love him. It was a sin to desire him. She was his forbidden pleasure. She was his forbidden fruit. It was never right because she was the wife of his billionaire brother. Excerpt: He glanced at her, frowning. "What did you say?" She angrily squinted at him. "Lie on the floor. If you don't respect me, respect Lennox. I'm his wife." His stares became cold. "Respect?" He smirked coldly. "If I didn't respect him, you might be naked right now moaning my name." She was insulted by what he said, but she didn't show it. "What makes you so sure that I will be in bed with you?" There was an insult in her voice as she looked at him mockingly. He gave her a silly smile. "Oh, I'm sure of it." Her eyes were sharp. "I beg to disagree." He just smirked and was not affected by her sharp gaze. "Oh, come on, Lorelei, we both know I can get you naked in my bed." "That's not going to happen." Her jaw was throbbing with anger. "I love Lennox…." "Don't mention Lennox's name because he's not part of our conversation." In the blink of an eye, he got close to her. His face was so close to hers. He smelled her fragrant breath. She couldn't look straight at him. "Lincoln, get out of…." "Look at me, Lorelei." She needed to be brave in front of him, or else he would be able to handle her again. So, she looked into his deep tantalizing eyes. Her throat was dry. "W-what?" She wanted to slap herself for stuttering. Stuttering in front of Lincoln Del Piero was a sign of weakness. And this evil man would exploit it. "Tell me, Lorelei," his hot breath hit her face, "If Lennox wasn't your husband, would you undress for me? Would you let me see your beautiful naked body? Would you let me penetrate you?"



If you're here for the first time, I want to make it clear that I don't write sweet or vanilla romance. My characters are: Toxic, jealous, intense, and possessive. I'm making this clear, so you don't get any surprises in the future.

The work contains toxic relationships, intense protagonists, and explicit sexual scenes. That is why it is marked as +18.


If you are looking for something sweet or vanilla, please put it aside.


“Gosh, baby, Ahh...Umm…your weapon is so big and long.” Laura moaned as she sat on Lincoln’s manhood which was completely filled inside her.

Lincoln’s reply was just a muffle of moans. He was busy licking Amber’s pussy.

“Umm-hmm…Ohhh. Move your tongue faster, baby.” Amber growled as she sat on his face and rubbed her wet womanhood on his face.

And Lincoln likes the wetness coating his lips and nose. The taste of Amber’s wetness was delicious, and the smell was addicting. He was high in ecstasy. The taste of Amber and Laura mixed in his mouth.

Laura, who was a beautiful actress, was riding his cock hard and fast while he was licking the pussy of the beautiful model, Amber. It was every guy’s fantasy to fuck two women at the same time. And he was reliving his. The lust he felt increased even more when Laura’s horsemanship became more aggressive with his hard, hard weapon.

Laura moaned as she grinded as he pushed his long and hard weapon into her womanhood. God, this feels good.

Lincoln gripped Amber’s ass and pressed her harder into his mouth. He sucked on her pussy while nibbling on the lips of her womanhood, causing her to squirm with pleasure. While he was swirling his tongue around Amber’s wet and hard clitoris, he was moving his hips, fucking Laura harder.

“Ah! Ah! Oh!” Laura growled as she grabbed her own breast and squeezed it hardly. “Lincoln! Ah! Ohoh... honey... give it more. Give it more... it’s delicious…Ahh... fuck…yes!”

Amber’s moans and groans mixed with Laura’s moans as her hips grinded and her womanhood rubbed his lips, especially his tongue that poked at the opening of her womanhood.

Lincoln groaned when Laura’s wet pussy clenched tightly around his cock. A sign that she’s about to climax. Good. Very good.

He gave a long lick on Amber’s clit before looking up at the beautiful model. “I want to fuck, Laura, properly, baby. Would you let me?”

She smiled sweetly. It was obvious that her mind was still in the clouds. “Okay.” She left, sitting on his face, then lay down on the wide bed.

Lincoln, then, smirked at Laura, who was still moving up and down and moaning like crazy.

He captured her lips and then kissed her passionately while guiding her body off the bed. When her feet hit the floor, he pulled Laura’s long hair and spun her around to face the bed and carefully pushed her onto her back.

“Uhmmm!” Laura moaned.

Lincoln gripped her hips, and then he thrust deeply. He fucked her from behind.

“Ahhh…. Yes…Yes!” Laura shouted in pleasure at his every long thrust. “Lincoln. Oh. Lincoln. Oh. Oh fuck me…yes baby fuck me.”

As he pounded Laura’s crimson womanhood relentlessly, his eyes focused on Amber pleasuring herself and moaning.

Beautiful. Lincoln’s mouth watered for another taste of Amber’s pussy. But later. He will eat her later.

“Go on, Lincoln. Fuck me more. More. Give me harder.” Laura was clinging tightly to the bed sheet while all parts of her body were shaking because of his fast and strong movements.

“Uhmm! Ohh! Ahh!” Laura was sweaty, and so was he.

He was dripping with sweat, but he didn’t feel tired. He wanted this. He needs this to contain himself from lashing out at his gorgeous sister-in-law.

“Ohhh! Lincoln!” Laura shouted in pleasure as she cum around his cock.

Lincoln smiled and slapped Laura’s ass. “Good girl.” He pulled his reddish manhood from her womanhood, and Laura then removed the condom he was wearing.

He let Laura regain her strength first. He walked over to the nightstand and took a new condom from the box, and put it on.

Then he knelt down on the bed and smiled passionately at Amber. “Come here, baby, let me fuck you next.”

She smiled seductively and then spread her thighs even more. Lincoln’s throat became dry as he looked at her shaved pussy.

“Hmm...” she ran her fingers over her wet womanhood, and she put her wet finger in her own mouth, and smiled seductively at him. “Come here, Lincoln baby. Fuck me with your big cock as you promised.”

He grinned wickedly. “My pleasure, baby.”

He grabbed both of her legs and pulled the girl closer to him. He smiled as he placed her feet on his shoulders.

“Fuck me with your big cock, baby...” Amber smiled and gave him a flying kiss.

He first kissed her soft thigh before gradually inserting his length into her warm womanhood.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Amber let out a long moan. “That’s long and hard. It’s delicious.” She said flirtatiously while grinding her hips.

Lincoln kissed her belly up to the valley of her breast. And then he started fucking her hard and fast.

Amber hugged him as loud, and long moans escaped from her lips. The lust that he felt was increasing because of her delicious moaning which made his weapon even harder.

“Fuck yes. Yeah, baby.” He buried it and emphasized it even more. “Fuck! Oh, yeah, baby. Fuck!”

Lincoln kept on thrusting in and out. Faster and harder. And in every minute that passed, their body became sweaty, and their pleasure heightened.

Next thing Lincoln knew was Amber climaxing around his still-aroused cock.

She lay panting on the bed, and Laura smiled as she removed the condom he was wearing and replaced it with a new one. Amber seemed to be recovering, and Laura immediately guided her hard manhood into her red and wet womanhood.

“Ohhhhh, yeah.” He moaned in sheer pleasure. “Ride me, baby.”

Laura just smiled before she started riding on his still-stiff manhood. Amber was gradually recovering and romancing her body.

Fuck, yeah.

Amber and Laura took turns riding on his weapon. They both took turns to cheer him up until he came out.

Lincoln couldn’t help but smile as the bodies of the two women fell to his side. He was in the middle of the two.

He knew that Laura and Amber were more than satisfied because he was.

He should be satisfied. The membership he paid for was expensive, so he could do what he wanted to do. To fulfill his fantasies that only happened in his imagination before.

But not anymore.

And he had to thank the ‘Forbidden Land’ for making his fantasy come true. The membership was rather expensive, but it’s all worth it. Just like tonight.

Lincoln carefully got up and went to the bathroom of the Cabin he was temporarily occupying to take a shower.

Minutes later, Lincoln found himself silently walking on the shore, just outside his rented Cabin. The seawater and the cool night breeze hit his feet.

Lincoln could hear laughter from afar and a loud banging of music. He felt peaceful at the moment until his phone destroyed his peacefulness.

Phones are not allowed in the Forbidden Land, but he forgot to surrender his phone when he arrived.

He was forced to answer the call when he saw that it was his mother calling.

“What do you need, Mom?” He immediately asked.

Her response was a sob. And Lincoln instantly knew that something was wrong.

“What happened?” He asked in a harsh voice.

Her sobs gradually subsided, and she spoke. “Because it’s Lennox.” She sobbed. “He’s in the Hospital.” Her sobbing became louder. “He’s in bad shape.”

It was like a bomb exploded in front of him when he heard it. His breath was knocked out of his lungs, and he felt suffocated.

His brother... no! His brain could not process the information that was learned. He can’t lose his brother. He might have envied him, but he doesn’t deserve this!

And in the midst of raging emotions that permeate his entire being. He even got to ask the mother. “Where is Lorelei?” It was his brother’s wife. “Tell her I’m coming.”


You’re invited to Forbidden Land!

Lorelei rolled her tongue over her dry lips, making them wet as she looked at the envelope on her table. When she entered her small office at the Flower Shop, it was already there on her desk.

She adjusted her seat and picked it up, then opened it.

A deep sigh escaped from her mouth when she saw its contents. A copy of a deposit slip worth half a million and a small piece of paper with a man’s familiar handwriting on it.

‘Your allowance for three months, Lorelei.’

She closed her mouth tightly and put the deposit slip aside. She didn’t need that much money. She lives on the income from her Flower Shop. And what would her mother say? She was sure to be the one who appeared evil in her mother’s eyes even though she was not doing anything wrong. But Lorelei also knew that there was no point in returning the money to the person who gave it.

Because Lincoln Del Piero doesn’t take no for an answer.

Unconsciously, she grabbed her finger where her wedding

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