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Daniel Chinonso

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About me

I am Daniel Chinonso, an 18-year-old writer with a passion for exploring paranormal, romance, billionaire, and werewolf genres. I started my writing journey approximately a year and a half ago, delving into the captivating worlds of these genres and crafting stories that enthrall readers. While I haven't published any works yet, I have been honing my skills and immersing myself in the art of storytelling. Through my writing, I aim to transport readers to exciting realms, where they can experience the thrill of supernatural encounters, the allure of romance, the opulence of the billionaire lifestyle, and the mystique of the werewolf lore. Although I do not have any social networks or author profiles available at this time, I am dedicated to my craft and continually strive to improve my writing abilities. With every word I pen, I aspire to create narratives that captivate readers and leave a lasting impact. Thank you for your interest in my writing journey, and I hope to bring you captivating stories in the future.


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  • 👁 183
  • 7.5

Two thousand years ago, Reign's father, the head of the silvertail lykae clan was captured by the Nightwalker lykae clan and figured hellishly and miserably at the hands of his rival clan. After long years of captivity, Reign's father was able to escape his captors, but died on arrival to his clan the silvertail lykae clan. Little Reign was disoriented and his heart was full of revenge and hatred for the Nightwalker lykae clan.not only did the death of the alpha of the silvertail lykae clan affect Reign, his death also affected the clan as a whole and this created hatred in the hearts of the silvertail lykae clan towards the Nightwalker lykae clan. They swore to avenge the death of their alpha no matter the cost. And ever since that incident, the two clans have been at war with each other. The death of Reign's father turned him into a cold-hearted monster who does not care about anything or anybody. He kills at the twinkle of an eye, without any mercy. Despite his cold-hearted and emotionless nature, women always swooned at the sight of him due to his demigod looks, but could not approach him. He is later made the alpha of his clan, the silvertail lykae clan. What happens when he finds out that the mate he has been longing for for 500 years was the daughter of no other person but his rival clan, the Nightwalker lykae clan. Is he going to accept her as his mate or is he going to kill her as revenge for what they did to his father?? Even if he accepts, would his clan, the silvertail lykae (werewolf) clan accept her as their Luna? Gonna be tough right? Well fasten your seatbelt and join me on this ride.


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