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Daisy dai

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  • 7.5
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  • Author: Daisy dai
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 180
  • 7.5

In the year 2450, where societal roles have shifted dramatically, the notion of "Men earn, women spend... it's only natural" prevails. Ouyang Ruolian, a catwoman with an air of languor, reclines on an opulent throne. Her satisfied gaze falls upon a handsome man diligently working at his desk, diligently handling official documents. "Endure!" she murmurs, suppressing a surge of rebellious impulses. Meanwhile, Ying Qingsheng, in the fleeting moment of changing documents, forcibly restrains the impulse to unleash his pent-up frustration. His heart aches with indignation as he bids farewell to his status as a pampered male in this matriarchal society. "I... no, I must escort His Highness to attend the early court session," he stammers. In the early hours of the morning, around four or five o'clock, these words escape his lips before he turns over, embracing an empty pillow, and continues his deep slumber. Endure! A perplexed and disgruntled expression adorns the face of a certain woman as she forcefully contains her buried wrath, storming out with a black line on her face. Fortunes change, as a man aspiring to live off others luxuriates in the comfortable life of female dominance. Meanwhile, a woman dreaming of securing a long-term meal ticket finds herself in the midst of a crumbling existence within this female-dominated society. The ebb and flow of life unfolds, showcasing the complexities and challenges faced by individuals navigating the intricacies of a world turned upside down. In this intriguing tale, witness the comical and poignant struggles of characters in a future where traditional gender roles have been upended. As they grapple with societal expectations, power dynamics, and personal aspirations, the story weaves a tapestry of humor, romance, and societal commentary. Will love triumph over societal norms, or will they succumb to the pressures of a world where roles are reversed? Join us on a journey through the twists and turns of this captivating narrative set in the futuristic landscape of 2450.


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