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Bella Claire

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Giulia Cavalieri grew up running from the mafia, and she always knew that one day they would find her. Fruit of a forbidden marriage between his mother, sister of a capo from Chicago, and a member of the Russian mafia, sealed his fate, and aroused the fury of the Villani family. Five years ago Giulia was entrusted to the care of the same hands that welcomed her mother, when she had nowhere to run, in the care of the sisters of a small convent a few kilometers from Rome. Now, about to complete adulthood she is awakened with gunshots in the middle of the night, and tries to escape, even knowing that it is impossible to escape from Michael Villani. Michael knew that the marriage between his parents was an arrangement, which is very common in the mafia, but what he never imagined was that his father had loved Donatella Cavalieri all his life. On his deathbed, Erico makes a last request to him, who claims Giulia, and ensures that she stays under his protection as his wife. All Giulia wanted was an ordinary life, studying, traveling, knowing the world. Among Michael’s goals, marriage would appear, and he was very happy with Carolyn, his mistress. But an agreement must be made in the name of peace between men of honor. Kept in a property and watched constantly, Giulia sees little of her future husband, until the night of her eighteenth birthday, when the engagement would be announced. When Michael kisses her, after putting the expensive ring on her finger, a spark ignites between them, in a dangerous combination of attraction and repulsion. Two sides of a story that had a tragic outcome, that can either hate each other all their lives, or allow themselves to live an overwhelming love story.


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