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Amidst the shadows of the city of Seoul, Dimitri emerged as the most feared mafia boss in Asia. Commanding a clandestine empire, his icy aura and penetrating gaze made even the bravest of hearts tremble. But behind the relentless façade, the alpha wolf carried dark secrets and a mysterious past that turned him into a calculating and suspicious man. Everything changes when he crosses paths with Julian Salvatore, a young and studious omega, incredibly beautiful and intelligent, who unfortunately gets kidnapped along with her best friend and ends up sold to a cruel gangster. What begins as a dangerous game soon turns into a forbidden and overwhelming passion. Dimitri, the lone wolf of the mafia, and Julian, a dreamy young man, face difficult choices between love and duty, while the mafia world threatens to crumble around them. Night fell over the decaying neighborhood of Ventura, where narrow, shadowy alleys concealed secrets as ancient as the city of Los Angeles itself. In a small wooden house, surrounded by shadows and silence, a legend was born that would haunt the city for decades. The sharp cry of a baby filled the modest room as a young mother, tears in her eyes, held her newborn son. She named him Dimitri Koslowki. He was born into poverty, but that wasn't what destiny had in store for him. Dimitri grew up in a neighborhood where hope was a luxury few could afford. His mother, a courageous and determined woman, worked tirelessly to ensure he had food on the table and a roof over his head. However, life in that forgotten corner of the city was unforgiving, and poverty was a constant shadow. The small wooden house where the alpha wolf was born was modest, with peeling walls and windows that could barely contain the cold winter wind. The room he came into the world from was lit only by a flickering candle, casting dancing shadows on the bare walls. Dimitri's mother, a woman with tired eyes and rough hands, held the baby with unwavering love, even though she knew the world outside would not be kind to them. She whispered words of comfort as she cradled him in her arms, dreaming of a better future for her son. As the night wore on, Rebecca shared stories of hope and resilience, teaching her son the values of honesty and determination. She knew that, despite the hardships, Dimitri had a special spark in his eyes, an inner fire that she believed could take him far. It was in this humble and loving environment that the alpha began his journey, which would take him from the dusty streets of Ventura to the dark corridors of power in the Asian mafia. The baby's crying to, which echoed on that dark night, was just the beginning of a story of rise and fall, of secrets buried in the past, and of a destiny he was destined to fulfill. Dimitri's childhood was marked by his mother's daily struggle to sustain him.


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