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Author Anika

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Billionaire's Mistress Is A Hidden Heiress
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Playboy, Casanova and Heartbreaker were some adjectives used by the paparazzi to describe the brilliant interior designer and the hottest CEO of Grayson Group Of Hotels, Aries Grayson. But that quickly changed when his eyes landed on his best friend’s perfect girlfriend, Cara Silencio. The moment their eyes locked for the first time, her innocence took his world by storm. Cara was everything Aries secretly wished for in his life, but she was off limits, and Aries chose to abide by the rules of Bro code. Cara Silencio has her own fair share of secrets that could destroy her. Amidst masking her true identity from the world and attempting to make ends meet, Cara was exhausted. She wanted to marry the Knight of her life, Keith Wilson, and lead a peaceful life. But the demons of her past destroyed everything, pushing her into the endless tunnel of darkness. Years later, when Aries found her at the infamous strip club, his desires came back to life and this time he was aiming to claim her. A night of intimacy didn't stop his longing for her. He wanted her in his bed every night, waiting for him. Aries returned to the club to find her, but Cara was gone, leaving no traces behind. Determined to find her, he called his most competent informer to find Cara Silencio, only to stumble upon the shocking truth. “Mr Grayson, the woman you’re searching for is the heiress of New York’s biggest business empire!”


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