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Angelica Sai

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About me

I am a creative and dedicated person who loves to explore different versions of the world, not only by writing stories but also by making short videos and designs. I love romance novels with a sprinkle of action and plot twists to spice up my interest, I started writing when I was little but just very short stories, my first published novel Mara's story took a lot of courage to put in here after it faced a heartbreaking set back.


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  • 👁 626
  • 7.5

Mara can either hand over a 5% shares gifted to her when she was 5 through marriage or through a death proof and there are people willing to kill her for it. "it's going to be an agreement, you give me your shares through marriage and I will give you protection" he said formally like he was striking a deal "But I do not want to get married now" Mara felt sad, she was not ready to get married and do those wife duties not to talk of get pregnant and give birth, it scared her "Would you prefer Andrew then?" Ikiris asked in sarcasm "just so you know, they'll keep coming for you" Mara who have lived her whole life doing what she pleases lands herself in a marriage agreement just because of a 5%shares, she would either hand it over through marriage or by death so she chose the former Ikiris who went missing was kidnapped and replaced by another when he was 5 reappears after 17 years to claim back what those monsters in the shadows stole from him, he sees an opportunity to hit a jackpot by marrying Mara so he goes ahead to hit the nail on the head Four Yera siblings born on the same day:Jada,Ceda, Freda and Mara with different life stories. But this is Mara's story The imposter who replaced Ikiris when he was 5 finds his voice after years of being dumb but just finding a voice cannot make him the real heir But then again he is also after Mara, who would she choose? Would she be able to know the real from the imposter? Cause it seems like the Gowas always  has something up their sleeves.


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