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Alpha Ink

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  • Author: Alpha Ink
  • Status: Completed
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Jenny hurries to make dinner for her husband... The Kitchen door suddenly opens, and she cringes with wide eyes, staring to behold the intruder. From the doorway Femi gazes at Jenny with obvious desperation, and then their eyes lock. “I’m sorry, to startle you.” He says this with a gentle note of urgency, and so Jenny relaxes, with a punny smile. “It’s fine. Do you need anything?” she says this while still in her position. The man aways makes her shy. “I... sorry I came unannounced...” Femi stutters. “Femi, come off it. You’re no longer a stranger to this house. You’re always welcome any time any day.” Femi smiles, looking as innocent as a dove. “So, what brings you here, Mr. marriage fixer?” Femi chuckles. Chuckle takes his eyes straight to her's. “Actually, I need your help to fix my stomach.” “Your stomach? Is there a problem?” Jenny asks with concern. “Not really. Just that I was trying to make egusi soup. I mean the proper Ibo egusi soup…” “Wow. That’s impressive. So, were you able to make it?” “It’s actually my first time. Was hoping you’d assist. I just need a few directives, I’ll pick up from there.” “Okay. No problem. Just give me a minute let me rinse off these plates, okay?” Femi smiles and nods. “Okay.” Jenny hurries up with her chores, then dries her wet hands with a towel. “So, shall we go now?” “Yeah, sure. Thank you so much.” Femi says, smiles, and makes for his apartment, while Jenny follows behind. Jenny and Femi arrive the kitchen. She spots the food items on the cabinet, and makes for them. Femi stands by the door, a ploy to take good view of Jenny’s back side. Jenny innocently begins to attend to the chores. Unaware that Femi is watching her backside, until she observes that Femi is too distant and then calls his attention. “Femi, you can’t learn from a thousand miles, you know.” Femi smiles. He knows what he has in mind, but then he’s taking it one step at a time. He moves closer, they stand next to each other, and Jenny continues with her cooking. “I’ve been wondering…” Femi says pensively. “About what?” Jenny asks with a tone of concern, while still focused on the cooking. “Being with one woman for the rest of one’s life. How does it taste?” Jenny glances at Femi, smiles, and replies; “you tell me. Aren't you supposed to be the marriage counselor?” “I know, but this is a bit technical. I mean... having to eat the same food over and over again…” Jenny eyes him, he nods, and chuckles. “Well, it’s really not hard. By the way, don’t they say ’when the food is sweet, we lick the plate?’” Femi eyes her intently, she’s just given him the right cue to strike his lustful cord, even though she meant to make an innocent assertion. He grins and stares at her with curved lips, just the way lovers do when they tease each other with dirty talks. “Does he lick your plate?” Jenny withdraws a bit, chews on his words, then responds dismissively. “If what you’re asking is what I think it is, then yes, he doesn’t just lick my plate, he eats the plate as well.” “Wow. Does he? He really loves you.” “You can say that again.” Femi observes a brief pause. It seems things are not working according to plan. He assumed she would be vulnerable with a little touch of sensuality, but she obviously has a tough skin. He has to go deeper. He has to hit the nail on the head. “I must confess. The idea of having s*x with one woman is the reason I’m still single.” Femi says. “Really? What are you? A maniac or something?” Jenny replies with a bemused face, and a wry smile plays around his lips. “Not really. I’m just adventurous. I ride like a horse. I take my woman to the other side and back. I just can’t afford a woman who can’t cope with mad fun.” Jenny eyes him intently and scoffs. “Oh, really?” He nods intently, then whispers with a frosty tone. “I love mad fun. I give mad fun.” D*mn, Jenny makes to imagine some nasty pictures, but snaps out of the fantasy almost immediately. “Then find yourself a match. There are plenty fishes in the sea. “Now, that’s where the problem is. I don’t seem to finding my match... Well I tried searching, but that search has never been successful.” “Then stop searching for already-made. Find a raw material and convert her to your taste.” Femi thinks for a while and nods intently. “You made a valid point, but…” he glances at his wrist watch, and his face narrows with a note of urgency. “D*mn, I forgot to take my medication this morning.” “Medication?” Jenny asks with a look of concern, then observes his face and says, “are you sick?” “I’m hypertensive.” Femi replies. She observes him with deep concern. “Oh dear. Please hurry. You shouldn’t skip your meds you know. I don’t have big muscles to carry somebody o.” They both laugh, then Femi leaves for the bedroom while Jenny continues with the cooking. Jenny glances at her wrist watch several minutes later and realizes that Femi has been out for so long. “Femi? I’m done o.” she announces, but receives no response. She puts out the gas and makes for the bedroom. “Femi!? Femi! Hello!” but she doesn’t get any response. She calls again, still no response. She goes further, then calls again, “Femi?” No still no response. Now worried, she proceeds, but a bit skeptical to enter the bedroom She halts at the doorway and calls, again. “Femi?” “Right here,” Femi answers from within, in a gruff voice. Hearing the flat voice, Jenny dashes into the bedroom. “Oh my god are you okay…? She finds Femi butt naked, her eyes slowly descend on his huge private...


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