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Aloe Vera

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  • Author: Aloe Vera
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 25
  • 5.0

After years of studying abroad, Casino, a consigliere and the son of the late Don Coslos, returns to his home country of Italy only to be met with devastating news. Familiar faces at the airport inform him of his father's untimely demise and urge him to attend the wake immediately. To his surprise, he discovers that Vasaronica, his father's wife, has taken over as the new Don of Delta Palace, leaving no room for Casino, who was adopted into the mafia family. Determined to uncover the truth behind his father's death, Casino confronts Vasaronica, but their heated argument quickly escalates into a violent shootout, turning the wake into a blood-soaked event. In the chaos, Casino manages to escape with the help of a group of masked hoodlums, orchestrated by his loyal friend and Delta member, Alberto. Little does Casino know that his father had entrusted Alberto with a crucial task - delivering a letter containing his final command to Casino, a mission that must be carried out in South California. Now, Casino is torn between seeking justice for his father's murder and fulfilling his late father's command. As he grapples with these conflicting responsibilities, he must decide whether to allow Vasaronica to reign over Delta Palace unopposed or to challenge her authority while he is still alive. Will Casino uncover the truth behind his father's death and avenge him? Can he successfully complete the mission entrusted to him by Don Coslos? And what will Casino's choices mean for his own safety and the future of Delta Palace? In this thrilling tale of loyalty, betrayal, and revenge, Casino embarks on a dangerous journey that will test his skills, resilience, and determination to protect his family's legacy, even if it means forsaking the search for his father's true killer.


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