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The vampire Baron wants me

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Eliiy, your blood smells so good, may I have a sip?" "No!" "Eliiy, starting today, I'm giving up meat for vegetables, would you let me taste your blood?" "No!" "Eliiy, look, I'm so weak now, if I don't drink some blood to replenish my strength, I'll die!" "No, no, no!!!" Eliiy was almost driven mad by this man, but when his fangs lingered on her neck, she felt an inexplicable thrill... He was a vampire who had survived for a thousand years, and also a baron who made people tremble with fear, yet he was incredibly indulgent with her alone. He tried to please her in every way, protect her, and couldn't bear to see her suffer even the slightest injustice. And she, with all her heart wanting to escape and live a normal life, fell into his domineering love again and again!

Chapter 1 Puppet-like Servant

Night, silent and still.

In the dim light, the faint glow that was gradually fading became even darker in the cold night wind.

Tonight was the rare occurrence of a solar eclipse, and there was no moon or stars in the sky, with only a few cars passing by on the road, it was rare to encounter a pedestrian.

Eliie returned home after finishing her shift, and it was already close to eleven o'clock at night.

She was used to working late into the night, so she didn't pay special attention to this unusual night of the solar eclipse.

Suddenly, a bizarre cold wind whipped up in the night sky, a desolate chill blowing from behind Jane to her very core, causing Eliie to feel that something was amiss, yet she couldn't describe the strange sensation.

She looked around to her left and right, but everything was normal as usual. Jane chuckled to herself, "What's there to be afraid of! Really..."

Eliie continued walking forward but still felt as if a pair of eyes were watching her.

The lights on both sides of the road flickered sporadically.

"Why do I have this eerie feeling?" She looked up at the pitch-black sky, and suddenly, a dark whirlwind swept toward her.


Before Eliie could even cry out in alarm, her body was engulfed by the black whirlwind, a suffocating terror instantly overwhelming her heart, causing her to lose consciousness on the spot...

Outside the suburbs, in a European medieval castle, the lights were bright.

Numerous well-dressed servants were busying about setting the table.

The expressions on each of their faces were nearly identical, devoid of emotion; their movements seemed as though they were being operated like marionettes, and with every item they placed, there was a crisp sound, remarkably discordant.

"The master will be here in an hour, hurry up, everyone," a man dressed in a black tailcoat with a braided hairstyle stood at the center of the hall, instructing the servants with a cold voice.

Without a single reply from the servants, their hands moved all the faster, and the clinking sounds in the living room grew louder.

"Matthew, where is the person I wanted?"

A voice far more sinister than that of the braided man echoed into the hall from somewhere, causing the working servants to shiver, their movements hastening even more.

"Master, your desserts for tonight have all been placed in the garden. You may go and enjoy them first," the man called Matthew replied respectfully, turning his head towards the source of the voice.

After saying these words, he quickly disappeared from the hall.

In a dark corner of the castle's garden, filled with thorny red blood roses, each flower's color was intensely vivid, the red hue shining like fairies under the moonlight, bright yet bloody.

In the center of the garden lay dozens of women, unconscious, their faces serene, free of any pain.

"Master, you can have a smell first. There are fifty-five people here in total, and each one's body is very clean, untouched by men. Tonight is the solar eclipse, and it is most appropriate to have them as your desserts."

Matthew stood with one hand in front, the other behind his back, bowing as he addressed the man beside him.

The man referred to as the master by Matthew was none other than the owner of the castle—William.

William had an extremely handsome face, with delicate features seemingly drawn from a painting, so gorgeous that it took one's breath away. His deep black eyes, with a hint of hazel, were hard for anyone to look away from after a single glance.

But the slightly curled smile on his lips revealed a bloodthirsty grin that sent shivers down the spine.

Chapter 2 They are desserts

 William looked at the fifty-five young women lying in front of him, he tilted his head back and took a deep breath towards the air, his cold eyes immediately turned blood red, and the sharp fangs were also revealed at that moment.

  "Indeed, they all smell quite delicious."

  "It's good that you are satisfied."

  Matthew, who had been standing respectfully by his side, only straightened up at this point, and a slight smile appeared on his expressionless face at this moment.

  "Master, most of them here are orphans, and a few of them are daughters of the Leeds City high officials' consortium. Their taste is extremely delicious; you might want to try them first?"

  With a wave of Matthew's hand, the few 'delicious desserts' he mentioned were instantly suspended in front of William, lined up in order.

  "Master, please have a taste first." Matthew offered one of the women with both


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