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The king's deaf Luna

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It’s done, Teddy. The contract is signed. You will leave tonight to be the Alpha King’s contracted mate. You will bear him an heir within three months, or you will regret it!” He roared out, his face showing me how angry he indeed was. I silently wept at the cards fate played me. I will be nothing more than a baby-making machine for the cruellest Alpha known as Fenris Hemenes. Teddy Dolph was a shy she-wolf who was born deaf. Starting a new life as a disabled wolf in a new pack. She is the new contracted mate to the Alpha king, Fenris Hemenes. Being deaf was a quality I would hate my son to have. As a wolf, you need all your senses to lead, protect, and stay alive. Lacking hearing would not benefit anyone, and it could lead to mass destruction and the loss of many lives. It would not be a good quality for a king. This brought me back to my question. What makes her think she is fit to be my Queen? I want to know what she thinks her strengths are. Would they outweigh her weaknesses?

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 RUDE AWAKENING TEDDY’S P.O.V I awoke from my sleep. The vibrations of my bedroom door slamming into the wall as it was opened roughly. When I opened my eyes, my father was already across the room, yanking my closet door open while tossing all my clothes onto the floor. I sat up abruptly, confused at what was going on. Before I knew it, he was grabbing my arm, yanking so hard I could feel a pop in my joint as he dislocated it from its socket once again. Pain coursed through me, yet no words left my mouth. I could feel the tears brimming the edge of my eyes, threatening to fall. I looked up at his face for any sign of what might happen. His expression is only blank. “You’re leaving today.” I read from his lips as he tossed my weak body onto the ground. “Gather your sh*t and come to the dining room.” He said before storming out of my room. Where could I possibly be going? I barely remember ever being allowed out of the pack house to roam the lands, let alone go outside of the pack lands. The only time I have seen outsiders is when there is an Alpha meeting, and they come here. I, however, have never left before. I sat up, grabbing my shoulder as pain once again coursed through my body. This wasn’t the first time I had been hurt, and I doubt it will be the last. My name is Teddy Dolph, the daughter of Alpha Drake Dolph of the Red Blood pack. I am a werewolf, or at least that’s what my family is. I haven’t received my wolf yet. As wolves, we are supposed to get our other half at the age of 18, but I am now 20, and I have yet to receive one. My father states it is because I am useless and not worthy of having a wolf. I have the senses of a wolf, however, meaning my sight and senses are impeccable. My hearing, however, is still gone. I was born deaf, uncommon with werewolves, but my ability to sense another’s presence was well above other senses, even without my hearing. I made sure never to tell him or any of the other pack members about that part, aside from my caregiver. Having the bloodline of an Alpha made it also uncommon not to have received a wolf yet, unheard of, Ow, in my heart, that she is there; she must be. Maybe she was just hiding from all the trauma I endured in my short life. I hold on to that hope because I have nothing else. I am already different from everyone else with my inability to hear; this makes it even worse. I’m not sure of the answer as to why I have yet to feel my wolf's ppresence.

Helena my caregiver, calls it being a late bloomer, while everyone else calls it unworthy. Helena has been the only light in my dark life—the only person who genuinely cared for me. My heart aches that my father and pack hate me so much; I never did anything to deserve that kind of treatment. At least, nothing that I could have controlled. They all blame me for my mother's death, who was their Luna. I was the last of my siblings to be born, making me the third child in the Dolph family, the only female. However, my birth brought a traumatic ending to my mother's life. She hemorrhaged while giving birth to me. The doctors did everything they could, but nothing they did could save her life from what Helena had told me. To top it off, I was born with the disability of not hearing. My father always says being born with this ability makes me useless. He would always state that if we were to be attacked, I would die due to not being aware of my surroundings. I was no different from anyone else aside from not being able to hear, but that never stopped them from oppressing me and hurting me any chance they had. While I was lost in my thoughts, He switched the lights on and off to let me know she was there. Something she always did so it wouldn’t startle me. “You shouldn’t keep your father waiting.” She signed with me. Helena was the one who helped me learn sign language. We learned together as a way to communicate. Nobody else cared to understand; they didn’t care to speak with a degenerate like me, including my family. A sigh left my mouth as I clutched my arm. I used my eyes to look between Helena and my dislocated shoulder since I couldn’t sign. “He dislocated your shoulder again, didn’t he?” She signed to me, her eyes showing how hurt she felt. I shook my head up and down in response. Helena came over to help. “This is going to hurt.” She said without signing. I have become an expert at reading lips, especially since nobody else would learn sign language. Helena grabbed a discarded shirt and put it in my mouth for me to bite down on. She Then, she counted to three, and at three, she pulled my arm, rotating it around the shoulder joint to pop it into its place once again. Tears began to fall freely down my cheeks as I bit down extremely hard on the shirt. The pain was overwhelming and hurt without any sedatives. “There, better?” Helena signed. I then used my hand on the non-injured arm as I balled it into a fist, shaking it up and down for yes. “Do you know what is going on? Where am I going?” I then signed to Helena. A sad look on her face at the question. That can’t be a good sign. “H?” I signed. It was the way I signed her name. Only a deaf person could give a hearing person a name in sign language, from what Helena said. I went with a simple H, signed by holding out your dominant hand horizontally, palm facing in, with your index and middle fingers held out together, straight and stacked horizontally, index at the top. The rest of the fingers and thumb are curled in. She shook her head as tears started to slip out. “I can’t say, your dad wanted to tell you.” She then signed as she gathered my hand-me-down clothes from my half-sister. My dad remarried shortly after my mom passed away, stating that “the pack needed a Luna." He married a widowed woman with one daughter of her own. She was the same age as me. I had longed for a sister, but to no eval, she treated me like everyone else, shattering my hopes and dreams of ever having someone other than Helena. I shook my head and headed downstairs while she gathered,d my clothes upstairs. When I made it to the dining room, a woman no older than 40 with long raven black hair, olive-colored skin, and soft green eyes stood there with my father. “Ah, she is a beauty indeed; she will do.” The woman said as she shook hands with my father. The lady then handed over a pen with which he used to sign a document. The lady signed it after him while another person signed below both signatures before stamping it. I assume they were notarizing whatever document, making it a legal agreement. As I inched closer, my father looked up to me. “Perfect, you’re here. This is Lilyanna, the former queen of the werewolf kingdom. You will be going away with her now.” He said with finality written across his face. What does that even mean?

Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 THE CONTRACT MATE TEDDY’S P.O.V I looked between the beautiful woman named Lilyanna and my father before asking the question raging in my head. "What do you mean? Why?" I stopped, knowing my father had the slightest clue what I was saying. His face contorted to anger. "The girl can't speak?" I read off the lips of the previous Queen. "She can. She sounds weird." My father replied to her. "What do you mean, sounds weird?" She asked the following question curiously. "Well, the document has been signed, so she is your problem now. The girl is as useless as she is deaf." He said, breaking my heart some more. Lilyanna then turned to me, addressing me for the first time since I had arrived. "What is your name, de dear " "Her name is-" "I asked her, not you." She said, cutting my father off. As much as I tried to get the words to leave my mouth, they just wouldn't come out. I could speak, of course; I had no clue of my pitch or


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