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The Alpha's Hidden Baby

The Alpha's Hidden Baby

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Crystal; a seventeen years old girl, kind, intelligent and brave. As a waitress in a restaurant, she had been living a casual life with her stepparents and she didn't have any problems, at least not until she met Logan The Alpha werewolf always made her body react strangely with his presence. She was curious to figure out why that happens so she stalked Logan Logan became disgusted with her thinking she was only doing it to become his Luna, he despised her for that. On a full moon night, they bump into each other and end up having a one-night-stand. This led to the birth of Aidan However, Logan didn't know about the child, he left the country after the regretful one night stand. He returns after 3years and bumps into Crystal. he intends to punish her and the first step to achieving that goal was making her work for him. Crystal was worried that Logan would harm her child, so she hid him away Their love-journey wasn't an easy one, not when they've a vampire as a rival. Crystal possessed a special power and he wanted it. An Alpha's daughter who intends to separate them so she can become Luna.

Chapter 1


A human, born to werewolves? Yeah, that's me!!

My name is Crystal Lennox. I work at a large restaurant close to my home, serving as a waitress, and I live with my Foster parents .

They were not blood-related, but you already knew that, and neither were we bound by marriage. My parents entrusted me to them because my Foster Parents loved me so much.

That year I had turned seventeen, although I looked nineteen- perhaps I had the wolf genes anyway.

My parents were leaders of a wolf clan somewhere in Pasadena, but unlike them, I was not born with a wolf. I was an ordinary human. Maybe that was why they sent me away, but I did not regret their decision.

I live well in California with humans, and my step-parents love me. What more can I ask for?

It was late afternoon, and I had to go to work for my shift. I opened the closet and sighed. There were so many clothes in there. I finally selected a red T-shirt and jeans.

While dressing up, the thought of the young man who lived in the castle right across the street from the restaurant crossed my mind again. He usually came in the evening to buy food.

Something strange about him kept me bothered for the last few weeks, or maybe longer. I did not understand why, but seeing him gives me goosebumps.

Whenever he was around, my heart raced and my body shuddered. I find it difficult to take my eyes off him. My mind goes blank, and I feel intoxicated every time I spot him. Something about him did strange things to my body; especially to my heart- It fluttered uncontrollably, and I got butterflies in my stomach.

Not only that, his presence makes me feel dizzy. My legs wobble, unable to support my body. Seeing him made something crawl under my skin, an itching sensation I could not describe.

I needed to know why my body reacts the way it does around him? Why does warmth envelop my body from the inside yet give me goosebumps on the outside?

His eyes were intimidating, and the way he moved made my heart stop beating. He was handsome, but he was not the first handsome guy I had ever met. So why did his presence make me feel that way?

Curiosity to get answers to those questions made me approach him whenever I got the chance, but I never dared to confront him. The thought of that abnormality kept me bothered for the past few weeks.

When I finished dressing, I grabbed my black bag and hurried downstairs.
I ran into mommy and daddy, as I affectionately called them. They were sitting at the dining room table when I arrived. The maid had already served breakfast.

"Good afternoon, everyone!" I greeted them cheerfully.

I walked over to mommy and gave her a peck on her right cheek.

"Why are you in a hurry, Crystal? Aren't you having lunch with us today?" She asked, frowning.

"No, I'm running late, but I promise I'll eat at work," I said.

She did not seem convinced by my answer, so I gave her a reassuring smile.

"Well, if you say so. Be careful out there."

"I promise, okay? Bye. Take care." I waved and hurried out of the door.

My step-parents as I like to call them were very charming. Sometimes I felt like they were kinder than my actual parents. I mean, who throws out their children for not having a wolf?

I arrived at McMahon's Food Palace, where I worked. The back door was open, and I hurried in as I did not want to draw attention to myself.

I walked into the kitchen and the first person I met was Margaret. She was one of the oldest cooks in the restaurant, and she was also very nice.

She was already old, with a twisted waist and gray hair. Her face was full of wrinkles. She looked like a faded shadow of her former self.

Something far more hideous than a wooden mask had permanently replaced her face, which was once so attractive. All-around and along her neck was a network of crisscrossed veins.

"Hello, Margaret." I smiled as usual.
My mother often told me that the best way to live your life was with a smile on your face.

"Hi, you're finally here. Grab an apron and get out there as fast as possible," she instructed me.

"Well, what's wrong, Mrs. Maggie?" I asked.

"Your partner Rosie is sick today, and she's taken sick leave from the boss. It's up to you and Grace to take over."

"Oh!" I groaned. So it was going to be a stressful day, got it.

I quickly grabbed an apron and headed to the local eatery. There were a lot of customers there.

Suddenly, my heart started beating fast, and I could not understand why.

"Crystal, don't stand by and do nothing. Check what that man wants." Grace instructed as she walked by with an empty tray in her hand.

I nodded my head. She seemed to be in a bad mood today. I turned towards the direction she had pointed and froze. It was him; the guy from the castle.

That explained why my heartbeat increased when I walked in here. But why?

"Crystal! Don't tell me you've finally gone deaf!" Grace almost shouted as she passed by me again, but she had two takeout plates in her hands.

"Sorry," I muttered and headed toward the man.

I reached for his table and swallowed hard. He concentrated his gaze on reading the menu.

His blond hair caught my eye. It was a messy blond, which was rare in that part of the country.

"Sir," I said and swallowed hard. Even speaking in his presence was difficult. I felt like my legs were going to give up on me at any moment.

"What would you like to have?" I finally found my voice.

"Pasta and grilled chicken wings with a bottle of coke," he replied without looking up.

"Okay," I replied, and walked away to bring his order.

The cooks arranged everything on a tray, and I carried it to his table. I arrived at the table and served him. Then, picking up the tray, I was about to leave when he said something and I stopped.

"Open the bottle!" he ordered me in a stern voice. He still did not look up at me, as he was busy on his phone.

I picked up the bottle opener and fixed it on the bottle cap. My hands were shaking and before I could realize what was happening, I accidentally knocked the bottle over and the drink spilled on his shirt.

"What the fuck!" he grunted and immediately got up.

That was when he looked at me, and I froze. Those blue eyes were intimidating. They made my body shudder even more than before.

That was not fear. That was something else that I could not explain, but it had taken over my entire body, and I was barely in control.

"Are you dumb or what? You just spilled a drink on me," he yelled and I subconsciously shuddered.

However, I could not move or speak a word. Nor could I leave the place. Those blue eyes had trapped me. An invisible force sealed my lips and shackled my legs.

"Crystal! What have you done?" Grace screamed.

"Get out, right now!" she ordered me.

It was then that I found the courage to move. I heard her apologizing to the man as I hurried away. The boss was definitely going to be mad at me if he heard about that.

What was wrong with me?

I went to the kitchen and dropped the tray with a sad face. Just then, Grace walked in. She was not only older than me in age but also at work.

"Why are you so clumsy today, Crystal? You almost lost us a valued customer . Forget it; someone said the tissue in the customer restroom has run out. Go replace it," she instructed me.

I nodded and grabbed a large tissue roll from the shelf, heading for the restaurant restroom. This wasn't even in my job description!!

All I had wanted for the last few weeks was to know him better so he could help me understand my strange body reactions around him. But I kept screwing up.

I got to the restroom and pushed the door unconsciously. I was lost in my thoughts and did not even care to knock on the door.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I heard someone yelling and looked up.
I was stunned to see his bare-chest. He was cleaning his shirt that I had spilled the coke on.

Oh no, not again!

"I... I'm... I'm sorry! I... I didn't know you... were here." My words came out jumbled and I was stammering nervously.

I spun on my heels and was about to leave when he grabbed my hand, pulled me back, and then closed the door behind him.

Chapter 2


I pushed her against the wall, and her back crashed hard. Then, closing the door behind me, I turned to look at her.

"What are you up to? You've been harassing me for the past few weeks, and today you spilled a drink on me. Now you've followed me into the restroom. How shameless can you be?" I growled at her, and she flinched.

"No! I swear, I didn't even know you were here," she said with pleading eyes.

"Liar! You've been following me everywhere. You think I didn't notice?" I yelled at her.

"Yes, we meet everywhere, but it's all a coincidence. I never planned for those meetings to happen! For some strange reason, we just happen to be in the same place at the same time!" She tried to escape.

"But it can't keep on happening all the time! You think I'm a fool that I'll believe your silly lies?" I shouted as I closed i


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