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The Alpha King Unwanted Mate

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“She didn't transform! Everyone was transforming, except her!” “She's a Stealer, and she doesn't have a wolf!” My fate was sealed… For the worst on the night of the awakening. I was an adopted daughter and have always been maltreated by my parents and elder sister, Maya. All I wanted was to turn 18 and live an independent life with my dear soon to be mate Arthur away from my family. However, on my 18th birthday, I was found to be a “Stealer”... A dirty personality whose scent would be attracted to widowed and lone werewolf. What's more, there was no wolf appeared in me. Knowing this, Arthur immediately rejected me as his mate forgetting all the things we had together and he sold me to the ruthless and powerful Alpha Wolfe for something valuable. But when Wolfe first met me in the dungeon and perceived my scent, he could feel his wolf panicking and howling. It was the scent of his fated mate! But why did Maya also have the same scent? Sisters may share the same scent, but we were just adoptive sisters. Something must be wrong. But whether I was his mate or not Alpha Wolfe needed me for something more disgraceful and he was not going to accept me as his mate either ways.

Chapter 1 Luna To Be

Julia POV

I slumped on my bed lazily and yawned loudly due to hunger and tiredness. I have been very busy since the beginning of today doing all the work in the house alone like a slave.

My father is the Beta of our pack, and I'm his second daughter, but he always treated me like an outcast, as if I was not part of the family. Well, that is how life has been since I was a little girl.

Turning to my right, I saw my food on the table and my stomach made a rumbling sound, a sign that I was hungry.

I quickly stood up from my little bed and I sat down on the floor. I opened the plate of food and my face turned into a deep frown when I saw what was inside. It is leftover food from all the members of my family.

But anyway, I am too hungry to reject it. That is how they always gave me leftover food.

I feast on the food hungrily, taking a spoonful at a go. I can only join my family at the dining table whenever we're having visitors. But on a normal day, I was always given food like a slave here in my tiny room.

A few minutes later, I was done eating. I needed to take a bath and have some rest after a long, stressful day of cleaning and washing.

I took off my shirt and was about to remove my boy's shorts when suddenly I heard a loud banging noise at my door.

I wanted to scream and insult the person for disturbing my only leisure time, when suddenly it dawned on me that it could either be my parents or my crazy sister.

“Who is there?” I asked, turning my head towards the door.

Silence settled over the room as I clutched the edge of my shorts, waiting in fearful anticipation as I remained still. Then, I heard the unmistakable rattle of the doorknob, as if someone were attempting to force their way into my room. A surge of panic overtook me as I recognized the manner of the shaking — it was my sister, Maya. She was the only one who ever barged into my room as if she owned the place.

“Open this dam f*cking door!” She yelled from outside, still hitting the door loudly.

“Did you have no courtesy in you?” I yelled at her, wearing back my top as I hissed loudly.

I walked towards the door angrily, and I flung it open, revealing my sister, who was glaring hard at me.

My eyes traveled down her body, and a grin crept to my face when I noticed the body-exposed clothes she was putting on. That's what she always does, dressing like a slut.

“What did you want?” I snapped angrily at her, still standing at the entrance of my door, one of my hands relaxing on the door blocking her from coming in.

“Take this and wash.” She threw some of her clothes at my face, glaring hard at me.

“I am not washing this.'' I threw the clothes back at her, but it landed on the floor. How could she be this wicked? I just finished doing the laundry for all the family members. My body was aching due to the stress I went through and here she was giving me another set of clothes after I was done washing all her clothes earlier.

“Are you disobeying the order of your elder sister, a Luna-to-be?” She yelled at me furiously, throwing me a dagger stare.

I was about to say something to her when I saw my mom walking towards our direction.

Great, just great, things are about to get complicated now.

“Maya, what is going on here?” My mom asked, walking closer to Maya, who was foaming in anger.

“This b*tch over here is the problem, Mom.” She pointed an accusing finger at me, while my mother narrowed her eyes towards me, giving me a killer look.

“What has she done this time?” My Mom asked, facing her precious daughter.

“I gave my clothes to wash, and she threw it on the floor.”

“Is that so, Julia?” My mom narrowed her eyes back to my direction. This time, she was staring at me like I had done something forbidden. Yes, I just disobeyed the stupid order of their so-called princess.

I swallowed hard, trying to find the best way to make her understand me. “I was trying to…” Before I could complete my statement, a hard slap landed on my face and my Mom was standing close to me, her eyes staring at me in disgust and anger.

"How dare you go against the order of your Luna-to-be!” My mother yelled, her face contorted in rage. “You are supposed to do whatever she asks of you without questioning, you're supposed to worship her!” My mom yelled at me, glaring at me with such malice that it felt like a knife in my heart.

She keeps bragging about being the Luna of the Black Moon Pack when she is yet to be mated to the Alpha King.

“Now, pick those clothes and go wash them,” Maya commanded, her tone harsh and commanding. I felt her gaze upon me, sharp as knives, and I knew I had lost to her.

I remained silent as I watched them. A part of me wanted to yell at both of them and disobey their order, but another part of me calmed down when I remembered the punishment I would have to face if my father should get involved in this.

Without saying any more words, I pick up the scattered clothes on the floor and dash out of their presence in anger. It is better that I avoid trouble today. I have gone through enough stress already.

A few minutes after I was done washing Maya's clothes, I went back to my room, looking very tired and exhausted. The only thing I needed right now was enough rest.

I lay on my bed, my head facing the ceiling, as my mind drifted about my life.

I have been having a tough time with my family. All I want now is to clock eighteen and leave an independent life away from my family.

I was about to close my eyes slowly for sleep to take over me when suddenly I heard a loud scream from outside, that was the voice of my sister, Maya. I quickly stood up from my bed when I heard the sound of her footsteps coming nearer from afar.

Suddenly, the door to my room flung open. I quickly raised my head up and my eyes landed on Maya who was standing at the entrance of my door looking very angry.

“What do you want from me now?” I asked, standing up from my bed in annoyance as I walked towards her. I won't permit anyone to disturb my peace again. I have taken enough of her ill-treatment.

“My necklace, you stole it,” she yelled at my face, giving me a stern look, her wicked look burning deep into my skin.

At first, I was quiet and confused.

What did she mean that I stole her necklace? I have been working and busy since the beginning of today and haven't entered her room.

“Maya I know you are always picking at me, please I am too tired for this,” I mumbled under my breath walking back to my bed, but before I could take a few steps away from her, she was already at my front foaming in anger, her two hands on her waist one of her legs was stepped forward tapping on the floor continuously.

“You're not going to rest until you bring back my necklace.” She snapped, blocking my way.

I hissed and tried to follow another direction, but she pushed me on my chest preventing me from going further and the next thing that followed was a hard slap on my face. 

Maya just slapped me! How dare she?

The sound of the slap was very loud, making it seem like time stopped for a while as everywhere went silent. I was furious, I received a slap from my mom because of this bitch, and now she got the gut to slap me.

In a blur of fury, I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her across the room. She fought and struggled against me, but I was relentless, fueled by a whirlwind of rage. I landed several blows on her face, followed by a hard slap that sent her reeling backward. She fell to the floor with a thud, clutching her face and whimpering in pain.

“I am not your slave Maya, don't ever dare to hit me again, ever in your life!” I warned her, my face contorted with rage, my red eyes pinned on her.

"Father is going to hear about this.” She threatened me and dashed out of my room, her hand holding her bleeding nose. That serves her right for treating me badly.

Maya is my sister but I dislike her right since when we were kids she always liked getting on my nerves. She always behaved like the perfect one and always made me feel worthless but I am too strong for her to make me feel weak because of her stupid attitude.

I have just a few days to live here. Once I clock eighteen I will start my own life and live away from them.

I looked through my door and I felt like my father would walk in here any moment from now maybe with a whip in his hand.

I needed some fresh air. I needed to clear my mind of today's stress. I turned away from the door and I jumped outside through my window. If I should follow the front door they're going to catch me.

Chapter 2 The Persecution

Julia POV

I leaped out of the window, escaping into the shadows of the woods. As I ran, I let my feet carry me away from the scene of the fight, through the dark woods that were my haven. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or upset, I would run, losing myself in the wind and the trees, my feet pounding the ground until my mind could finally rest. The forest was my refuge, my escape from the turmoil of life.

After running a long distance away from the pack, I stopped under a big tree to catch my breath. I was panting heavily with the evening breeze blowing on my skin. If my father knew that I was outside the pack I would definitely be in trouble, but right now, I needed to get away from home, most especially away from Maya. I didn't care what was going to happen to me because I was already in trouble for beating Maya up.

Suddenly, I paused when I felt a footstep

walking towards my direction I looked around me, but there was no one coming and the footsteps and heartbe


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