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The Alpha King's Mate

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Layla was treated as a curse by her pack members, she was bullied and maltreated, even her father hated her, he accuses her for her mother's death, the pack considers her a disgrace and she's more taunted when she didn't get her wolf early, and she's taunted for having a white wolf, they call her a curse. She realizes that the alpha son Logan is her mate, yet he rejects her and maltreated her. Tired of staying in a place where she is not loved and wanted, Layla runs away. She finds out that she has a new mate in the woods, and she's excited to know he doesn't reject her. Her excitement is cut short when she realizes her mates dislike her, he doesn't want to reject her, nor does he intend to like her the way she thought he would. What will happen when she knows the reason for her new mate's hate? What will she know when she finds out her true nature? Will she understand him? Will Ethan set aside the hate he has for Layla's kind?

Chapter 1 Prologue

Layla's POV.I winced as the stone hit me, my wolf howled in pain, I was glad I finally got my wolf, but it was so weak, any little pain made it hurt.I turned around facing the bullies from my pack, they always picked on me, especially when I didn't shift yet. I wasn't lucky to have a wolf early, yet I finally did, I thought that would make them stay away, but it didn't.The day I shifted they called me a curse for having a white wolf, and when they fought with me, I lost. I realized how weak my wolf was that day, but I was still happy about having a wolf."What do you want?" I asked their leader, Logan, the alpha's son, he always picked on me and now he had more to join him in disturbing me."We came to see the curse of the pack." He spat and I winced, stepping back. I came to the garden to get solace."Weak and invalid Werewolf." He said carrying the pebbles at the side, they all joined him."I'm not weak or invalid, I have a wolf now, and we'll be strong in no time." I said."She thinks she's one of us." He said and they laughed, I looked away, hoping they'll leave, I looked around for an exit."I'm part of this pack, so yes I'm one of you all." I said and he scoffed."You're just a curse, your father thinks so too." He said and I stilled."No way, you're bluffing." I said and he laughed."I'm not, you're responsible for your mom's death, he said it." He said and I shook my head, I knew he loved taunting me, but this was too much."I'm not a curse and I'm not responsible for killing my mom." I said and they laughed."You disgust your father, why do you think he pays no mind to you?" He asked and I shook my head, I didn't believe him."Let's stone the curse away." He said and threw the pebbles at me,and they joined him, I ran away wincing as some hit me, I planned to complain to my father about it.I kept running, though I could hear their mocking laughter********"Father, I have something to say." I whispered and he turned away from me, dropping the basket he held.I didn't know why I couldn't speak out loud when I spoke to him, but I was tired of being treated that way by them.I was also part of the pack and they treated me like I was trash, but what hurt the most was their indication that my father felt that way too, I wanted to speak to him today and clarify everything, I'm sure he didn't feel the way they thought he did, he never said anything when I was being bullied, but I'm sure he was upset seeing his daughter treated that way."What is it?" He answered and I finally calmed down. I thought he wouldn't say anything to me. He has always been silent, today he was replying back."I have a complaint to make." I said finding my voice.My wolf was restless and I didn't understand why, I kept telling it to calm down, I was just talking to my father, it wasn't a big deal."You don't understand." My wolf said and I frowned."Make me understand." I replied and it went quiet, I sighed reluctantly, I didn't care if it was restless, I was happy my father gave me listening ears."And what is that complaint?" He asked in a tone that made me shiver, he sounded so cold, yet I shook my head clearing away my doubts."The pack members my age and also the older ones have been disturbing me a lot for years. Father, I've tried handling them,yet they won't stop." I said and he raised an eyebrow."And also, they keep saying absurd things, and I don't know why they keep saying it, it's very hurtful, and they don't stop even when I warn them to." I said and he just stared at me."Do you know the most absurd thing they said to me today?" I asked and he kept staring at me."They said you hate me,that I disgust you." I said my heart clenched when I remembered their words, it hurt so much when they said it."And they said I'm responsible for my mom's death, and that you told them this." I said and he scoffed."Did you say anything like that father?" I asked, my heart thumping dangerously.I wasn't ready for the slap I received, I fell, holding my cheeks as it hurt, my wolf whined in pain, it wasn't strong and any little action that caused me pain, hurt it as well."Dad, I...""You stupid girl." He roared and I looked into his eyes, seeing the anger, the hate he had for me, I've never looked directly into his eyes, and I regret doing that now, I wasn't ready for what I saw.He slouched down, pressing my neck, my eyes widened, and I gasped in pain. I tried to push his hands away, yet he held my neck tightly.I gasped, tears rolling down my eyes, I kept trying to inhale, yet it was so f*ck*ng difficult."You're a curse, you killed your mother, you shouldn't even exist." He spat on me and I stared at him in confusion wondering why he would say that to me.The bullies were right, this is what he really thought of me, this is why he ignored me always, my heart hurt and I wished I didn't hear what he said, I wished I listened to my wolf and didn't ask him this."You should be thankful they stopped bullying you, cursed child." He said standing up, he stormed out of the room.I sat on the floor, holding my neck in pain, crying from the pain of his hurtful words.I turned around when I heard laughter, I saw the pack members laughing at me.I wasn't ready for what¹ I received from that day, my father opened the door, for the storm to come take me.

Chapter 2 Rejected

Layla’s POV.I gasped as he pushed me to the ground, the cold floor making my teeth clench tightly, I bit my lips to keep myself from wincing.He dragged me from the basement I slept in to the torture room, I wonder what sick thing he’ll do to me today for fun, it became worse when he realized he was my mate, I became the official punching bag of the pack.“I like it when you are feisty, when you fight me, it’s fun to punish you more.” Logan said and I sighed, biting my lips to keep myself from screaming or showing any reaction. It was better if I held it in, while trying to survive the cold from this cold floor.It was better if I didn’t react, it made them lose interest in doing anything to me, if I cried, they would enjoy this and keep going, especially Logan who was supposed to be my mate, he treated me the worse.“You are not going to react huh?” he asked.


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