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The Alpha And His Beautiful Monster

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Senior student Victoria Winner is the campus queen and the heiress of her father’s empire, her name and beauty give her the strength to feel she owns the world. She is the hottest girl on campus, yet she doesn't want to date because, for her, no one is above her, and she is too beautiful to date just with anyone. And too proud of herself that no boys have ever kissed her. Girls envy her while she can toy the boys with her fingers. Until one day, a new guy on campus ruined her reputation by kissing her. Oliver Prize is the handsome and hot Alpha of the Valiant Pack, the most feared pack in the entire werewolf community. He was devastated when the elders asked him to watch over his mate from the Sterling Pack since he doesn’t believe in falling in love, and having a mate; for him, it was only a waste of time and energy. Oliver was forced to pretend as a high school senior student transferee at Zenith Academy, and his bad-boy yet mysterious aura made the girls fall for him except with one girl, Victoria. Excerpt: “How dare you steal my first kiss from me?" Victoria hissed as she looked daggers at Oliver. "And why do you ever feel so stressed about it when I can feel you enjoyed that kiss so much? It was just a kiss, Victoria. Besides, you don't even know how to kiss." Oliver replied with a smirk that made her angrier. "If you want, I can give you a kissing tutorial for free." He said and left her without taking a second glance, and that is why Victoria hated him with all her heart. He was the only guy on campus who got the courage to mess with the school queen by kissing her. He hated everything about her especially her guts, but he couldn't deny himself that the kiss he shared with Victoria was the best kiss he ever had. During Victoria's eighteenth birthday, she discovered what she truly is, a secret she can't even tell her best friend. And she realized the world she knew was all lies. Victoria couldn't accept what she was, and she found refuge in the arms of

Chapter 1: The New Guy

Our teacher was in the middle of her discussion when our classmates gasp especially the girls, and since I felt too tired, I kept my head on my notes, and I didn't dare raise my head to know what is the commotion all about.

"Good morning, ma'am." I heard a male voice that was not familiar, and his voice alone gave me tingles I couldn't explain. Still, I remained scribbling on my notebook. I am the Queen of this school. I don't care who gets inside our classroom, but I couldn't deny his voice is magnetic, and I am willing to listen to his voice from evening until morning.

Today I wonder why I felt so down, maybe because I can't deny it even if I was horrified. I couldn't forget the face of the young man who crossed the pedestrian lane with the go signal and the reason our car almost skidded, and I could have died.

He looked so hot and handsome, and he walked like he didn't care about what was going on around him.

He was wearing all black, and I wondered if it was his favorite color. I shook my head why I couldn't stop thinking about his physique, he is so tall, and I could tell maybe he stands six feet and two inches, and I could tell beneath his leather jacket was a toned body, and he looked like he owned the world by the way he walked with confidence, and I could tell he has a beautiful smile. And I hated myself now why I was thinking about the young man who almost got me killed today.

"So, you are the transferee?" Our teacher asked, and I presume he nodded his head since I couldn't hear his voice, and I couldn't stop myself from being curious that I raised my head. And I couldn't believe that he was looking at me, and I can't deny I was looking at the most handsome guy I have ever met, and his gaze alone could melt anyone's heart.

"Please introduce yourself to your classmates." Our teacher said, and I could tell even our teacher was fascinated by his charm, and I hated myself for a moment that I appreciated his handsome look.

"Good morning everyone, my name is Oliver Prize, and I hope I can be friends with everyone." The new guy said, and he was still looking at my face, and my heart skipped a beat when his eyes lingered on my lips.

His semi-long sleek jet black hair styled on his sides made him look more appealing, and for the first time, I met a guy who passed my qualifications. Then it dawned on me he was the same guy who crossed the pedestrian lane this morning, and I couldn't stop my entire body from shaking as I remembered what he had done to us. , and I frowned at him before I looked back on the board while I could hear our female classmates giggling.

I felt so drained, because of the fright I felt, and as our teacher continued to discuss our lesson, I suddenly felt tired of participating in the discussion. I love mathematics so much, but today I only answer when my teacher asks me a question. I usually raise my hand before anyone can. And I couldn't stop my limbs from trembling as I remembered what happened to my driver and me earlier this morning.

The loud screeching of the tires and boisterous blowing of the horn made me feel terrified, and I couldn't stop myself from screaming, and my body nudged from left to right. My hands were tightly gripping on my seat, and I could feel my body thrown on the side of the car door. At the same time, I saw Jason trying to control the steering wheel to stop the car since we turned around on the highway.

I am so glad there were no cars behind us, and I released a sigh of relief when I realized we were both safe. Aside from my heart, I almost had a heart attack because of my anger. I was frightened when I saw the young man who suddenly walked calmly on the go signal.

"Are you okay, Victoria?" Jason asked me, and I scowled at him, and I could tell my driver was teasing me so I will stop myself from feeling scared.

"For how many times, I told you, my name is Victory," I said, and my favorite driver chuckled.

"Yeah, but your dad loves calling you Victoria; you have to love your name, my dear." He said while he was shaking his head.

"My parents are the only ones who have the right to call me by my first name. My friends called me Victory, Jason, and you have to call me the same." I replied as I saw him grin.

"I am not your friend, Ma'am. I am your driver, remember?" He replied, and I smiled at him, and he doesn't know, for me, he is like my father, and his wife, who was my nanny, was like my mother since my parents are always away because they are both busy running our businesses.

"You don't need to remind me about that, Jason, you have forgotten you are my favorite driver, and that is why I never allow anyone to drive me at school except you," I said, and he looked at me and grinned.

"I just want you to know that you have a beautiful name." He said as he watched me with tenderness as we got back on the road.

"Are you okay, Victory?" He asked, and I nodded at him.

"Yes, Jason, I am fine," I said, and he released a sigh of relief, and I asked him to slow down a bit because I couldn't deny I felt so terrified until now.

I could hear the loud pounding of my heart against my chest as I was running late towards my first period, and I hated it if I would be late. I have never been late in my entire life since I started going to school ever since I can remember, and I think today would be my first time; who could have thought someone would cross the road in the middle of the go signal.

I thought I would die today, and I could feel my throat was still dry because of my screaming episode. I could tell Jason, my driver, needed to go to the EENT for an ear check-up since I could tell I damaged his eardrum because of my loud screaming, and he can't blame me for feeling so terrified, and that man was insane. How could he run in the middle of the go signal?

I felt so relieved that our teacher was not yet around when I got inside our classroom.

"Good morning, Victory!" My classmates greeted me, and I know their greetings always boost my energy because it reminds me, I am the Queen of this campus because I am the daughter of Nicklaus and Zafirah Winner. I only smiled at them as I slowly walked towards my chair, and just in time, our teacher arrived, and I slumped my body on my chair, and I could tell I looked so haggard this morning.

I snapped back to the present as I listened to our teacher continued to discuss our lesson, but I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the new guy as I realized he is the same guy I couldn't stop thinking about even if he almost get us killed.

The moment our teacher dismissed our class and got out of our classroom, I stood up, and I realized almost everyone was still inside, and I could tell they are all wanted to know the new guy, but I had a different reason for staying because I wanted to confront him.

"So, your name is Oliver Prize?" I asked, and I could hear our female classmates gasped when they realized this was the first time I showed interest in a guy because I never get close with any guy.

"Yes, sweetheart, I am." He replied, and his cocky attitude made me want to slap him right away, but I controlled my poise since I am the perfect girl on campus. I moved around with confidence and grace, and I will not tarnish my reputation because of this one hot boy.

"Don't, sweetheart me, because you have no right to call me such," I replied, and he chuckled.

"How dare you cross the pedestrian with a go signal? Do you have any idea I almost died today because of your recklessness and stupidity?" I said as I could no longer control my voice, and I could feel my entire body is trembling with anger when he only smiled at me.

"Are you sure about that? Isn't your driver is the foolish one? He almost hit me, and I could have died right there in the middle of the pedestrian lane." He calmly said, and I couldn't believe his guts.

"Now I realized what they said about you was all true." He said flatly, and it made me raise my eyebrows.

"What do you know about me when you are just new in this school," I said as I tried to control my anger because I knew our classmates were enjoying the show. I felt my knees go weak when he moved closer to me, and I tried to step back until I hit my body on our teacher's desk, and he kept striding towards me.

"Oh, baby, I know a lot about you, even your deepest secrets." He said as he looked at me in the eyes, and his words made me have goosebumps all over my skin, and I could feel the racing of my heart, and this was the first time I felt this way towards a boy, and maybe because of my hatred towards him. And I hate myself that I couldn't stop myself from looking at his enticing red lips. How could he have such perfect lips?

What is wrong with me? I kept away from the boys because I promised myself I would never let any boy kiss me. I reserved even my lips to my one and only, and I am still waiting for him to come, and no one deserved to have my first kiss. Still, before I could think of anything to counter his words, Oliver claimed his prize by capturing my mouth.

I was too shocked to push him away as I felt his soft lips brush my lips, and at first, it was like a feather-light kiss. Oliver deepened the kiss, and I was horrified when I realized I kissed him back, and it felt so good as he continued to devour my lips with urgency, and it was too late for me to realize he stole my first kiss.

Chapter2: Hating Oliver Prize

"How dare you steal my first kiss from me?" I hissed as I looked daggers at Oliver.

"And why do you ever feel so stressed about it when I can feel you enjoyed that kiss so much? It was just a kiss, Victory. Besides, you don't even know how to kiss." Oliver replied with a smirk that made me feel angrier.

"If you want, I can give you a kissing tutorial for free." He added, and he left me without taking a second glance, and I realized I finally met someone who would never worship me, and I promised to myself I would do everything I could to make him pay for what he had done to me.

"Hey! Are you alright, Victory?" Lana asked the moment we walked towards our second class.

"Are you kidding me? After everything that happened, you are asking me if I am okay?" I asked my best friend a question, and she shook her head

"I am boiling with anger right now, Lana, and I hated him with all my heart, and I will make sure Oliver Prize w


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