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Sweet Evil Fangs

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Natasha stumbled upon a strange-looking man that was killing someone on the side of the road. She was witnessing something she couldn't imagine. The guy was half-wolf, half-human. To her fear, she runs away. But the man noticed her and smelled her scent, so he followed Natasha. But unfortunately for Natasha, the man catches her. As the man hovered over her, she noticed how beautiful his half-human form was, captivated by its eyes. She was about to touch him when suddenly a loud alarm woke her up. It was all just a dream. Natasha chose to go to school, dismissing her nightmare. Later on, Nathan Jones Davis walked in and was introduced. He soon joins the class and sits in front of Natasha. When Natasha first saw him, she felt like she saw the man before until she realized he looks like the man that turned half-wolf in her dream. She felt this weird tingling sensation that made her shiver whenever she looked at Nathan. She avoided him ever since. One day, she's changing her clothes for physical education when a bunch of cheerleaders stole her clothes, and she is forced to stay in the bathroom, naked. When she tried to go out, she saw Nathan and the cheerleader making out in the bathroom. The cheerleader grabbed her phone and was about to take pictures to humiliate Natasha when Nathan stopped helped Natasha instead.  Because of sudden events, they soon go out, and Nathan takes her virginity. One day, Nathan was absent from school, and she thought he had ditched her. He soon returns to her relief, but something is odd about him. His face didn’t change, but his words and actions were different from the way it was before. One thought was formulating inside her head. That is not Nathan.

Nathan Jones Davis

I faltered on the ground, keeping my balance as I ran for my life. I can barely feel my feet since I've been running for a while. I don’t need to look back. I can’t look at those red chasing eyes. He will slaughter me!


I listened to his yelling that made my knees powerless. I secured my ears in fear as I lurched on the rough pathway. I don’t know where to go. I really don’t have any thought how I got myself into the woods, running away for my life. My breath hitched as I could feel the weariness. I need to halt and take a deep breath, but whenever I listen to his uproarious shrieking clamor of animalistic sound, I warn myself I can’t stop.


I have only read those things in books and in movies. Each time I squint, flashbacks of what happened earlier devoured my thoughts. How the blood spread around like it was nothing. How the light hit his fang and it shone in my sight. Something you couldn’t envision was real. 

My feet hit something so hard that I nearly lost my balance. I stumbled on a tree but fortunately I managed to capture myself before I could fall. I cursed beneath my breath as I touched my chest where my heart was beating. My heart is losing it’s ordinary rhythm.


“W-what is that thing?” I apprehensively asked myself as I looked back. I think I lost him since I can’t locate or hear him anymore.


I let out an overwhelming moan then rest my head on the tree. He slaughtered someone and that’s not any conventional thing I had seen on this day! I put my hand on my head, realizing what’s happening. I was as well shocked to talk earlier but my first thought was to run and cover up in his petrifying eyes. I could feel my hands shaking so I calmed myself.


“I’m probably hallucinating.” I chuckled to myself, letting the uneasiness pushed away some way or another. I looked up the tree and all of a sudden I felt all the color of my face drained when I saw a match of red eyes and broad pointy teeth. I was as well dazed to even move, so when his drool dropped on my temple, that’s where I lost it.


I cried out uproariously in great fear. I might feel the speed of my heart beating in my chest. I was about to run away when he bounced over me, making me lay down on the messy grass. I grunted in pain since my head hit a rock or something sharp but that doesn’t matter since right now, I am face to face with a werewolf!


“Uh…nice doggy.” I don’t know what I’m saying. He’s clearly a man earlier that changed into a wolf!


He didn’t say anything. I swallowed in quiet as I felt him sniffing my face, smelling my fragrance. I can’t thrust him since he’s heavy as well. For a few reasons, even in spite of the fact that I was in a perilous situation, I was able to keep an eye on him. Even though he changed into a half wolf, I can still see a few conspicuous highlights of his face.


I was just strolling around the road earlier when I saw him murdering a man with his claws. His face was turned away from me so I couldn’t see what he looked like earlier. But now that I have a closer look at his face, I couldn’t help but to wonder at his human eyes. I saw something in them, like he required something from me. But what is it?


I gulped. I don’t know where I got the strength to raise my hand to touch his face. His eyes mollified when it landed on mine. It was as in case his look was taking me to another dimension. It was as in the event that I was suffocating and being dragged to the bottom of the sea. As I was about to touch his cheeks, he abruptly opened his mouth wide and devoured me.


A boisterous shrieking of the alarm clock woke me up. I sat up straight while breathing intensely. I quickly looked around the place. I’m on my bed. I touch my face and let out an unstable sigh of relief.


It was just a dream. I thought it was real since it felt like I got truly eaten by a man turned into a werewolf…whatever. Well, who believes in those things anyway? They only exist in fictional books or movies. I bounced out of bed and extended my body. My legs wobbled but I managed to stand straight. I look at the divider clock to see the time.


I'm late again for the class.


This is often not my first time doing it since I'm too apathetic to wake up and do my morning schedule. But hello, I have a reason. I was having a nightmare. I thought I died there for a moment. I shook the contemplation away then began doing my regular morning. I'm like every conventional girl who loves to stay up all night watching random videos on my phone then wake up late, forgetting about the class. I looked down at my feet and noticed I was wearing different socks.


"Great," I muttered to myself.


I even forgot to comb my hair. I know I look hideous, likely the reason why I'm still a virgin, and no one wants to hit on me. I'm so sick of it. I sometimes wanted to date somebody, but at whatever point opportunity gave it, I just found myself running back to the corner and covering up. Yeah, you'll say my life is boring. But hello, I love tuning in to music and reading books or watching anime, which my classmates find nerdy.


When I finally step my feet inside the school campus, people are looking at me, befuddled. As if I had grown five heads or something. I check my reflection on my phone and notice nothing's wrong with my face. They are just likely considering that I look unattractive with my hair since I haven't touched it after taking a shower. It's still damp and messy.


"Sh*t," I cursed beneath my breath when the school chime finally rang. It means classes are about to begin and my teacher is about to close the door so late students can't go to their morning class. I ran as quickly as I could while catching my breath. I can feel the sweat surging down on my brow onto my chin. I look at my phone one more time to see if I'm late. Our lesson usually starts at 9:00 in the morning, and I have three minutes to catch up.


I'm glad there are no more students within the corridors that I would bump to. When I was late, I bumped into a bunch of cheerleaders while running and not looking in my direction and incidentally spilled their so-called expensive coffee that I had just bought in Starbucks. They were angry, alright, but fortunately I managed to elude in their wrath. I look at the time once more and discover it's almost time. I look ahead and see my morning teacher, Mr. Williams, looking at his watch, probably doing a countdown.


"WAIT!" I screech at the top of my lungs, begging for him not to close the door. He looked in my direction and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.


"What the?-" I saw him mumble on his lips.


I closed my eyes as I could not feel my legs anymore. It's getting numb and weaker. I spread my arm as if reaching into something, hoping I could make it.


"Time's up." I heard him announce when I lost my balance in front of him and stumbled on the ground.


I released air, relieved because I made it. I look up to Mr. Williams, who's looking at me with a disapproving expression before signaling me to come inside the room. I stood up, smiling, then followed him behind.


When I got inside the classroom, around forty-five heads turned their way in my direction, and some just began giggling. I was confused at first. They are even pointing their fingers at me. Uneasiness began to construct up in my system, and I seem to no longer take it.


"Your shirt is worn upside down." Mr. Williams pointed out before walking in front.


My face reddened instantly because of the humiliation. I looked down at my shoes and started strolling to my assigned seat. I can still hear their chattering and whispers saying how idiotic I am. I murmured then slammed down on my chair. I saw my classmates look at me then let out a smirk. I didn't mind them as I just took out my notepad. Great thing that Mr. Williams chose to begin the discussion before I once more make any embarrassing moments. As I tuned in to his monotonous lectures, a student all of a sudden caught my attention outside the room.


I know this guy. He's Nathan Jones. He's the most well known guy here at Horizon Valley University. He's always the subject starter of each female here. I did not get them at first, but now that he is standing right before our class, I now understand their point. The guy is tall, at least six feet, or more? To the point my neck hurt. His jaw is sharp as a knife that can cut deep through your skin, and a hairdo that's clean and well shaped on the side of his hair makes him look like a pleasant guy who doesn't break any rules. His body is radiant and carved into subtle elements with the noticeable hands of an artist. I can see how the veins pop on his arms and hands. I swallowed when I saw how enormous his fist is that probably can hold my whole head.


Okay, no joke. This guy is a goddess, for Pete's sake. I really thought those girls were just exaggerating or something.


But there’s something in him I can’t point out. Abruptly, waves of memories splashed on my face as I recalled my dream. I nearly jumped on my seat when he wandered his eyes around each corner of the room. The minute it landed on mine, my heart all of a sudden skipped a beat, and the fallen angels inside my stomach were in chaos.


It’s him.


He’s the guy in my dream. The half werewolf! But, how? Is this a coincidence to meet him? Even though he’s popular, he never got the chance to walk here in our building. I only heard news about him.


Not until this day.


"Mr. Davis, how can I help you?" Mr. Williams stopped mid-air in his presentation then looked at our class's intruder.


"Uhm…yeah, so hi, you all probably know me, but I'm still going to introduce myself." 

He marched on the front unquestionably while wearing a vexatious smile that, with no clear reason at all, made my blood boil. He's not the sort of fellow I would like to marry, overflowing with certainty, well known with the women, and most of all, full of himself.


"Hi, I'm Nathan Jones Davis. You can call me Nathan. Since I missed a subject due to my busy schedule-"


Okay. I know where this is going.


"I'm going to be your new classmate. Please be nice and gentle with me."




I heard cheering from the girls, delighted to listen to the announcement. Mr. Williams nodded his head then pointed to the seat that was not yet taken in front of me.


"Go sit beside Mr. Smith over there. You're a bit late with the class, so you need to catch up with the lessons."


"Yes, sir!" he saluted jokingly and then walked on his seat.


"Hey, Nathan! Glad you're in our class! Hey, listen, can I be on your team?" my classmate, Chris, begged him with pleading eyes.


Nathan winked, then made a thumbs up. "I got you, man! Let me tell my coach."


Chris was in tears when Nathan agreed. He muttered on his lips, 'you're my hero' or something, then suddenly fainted. I shook my head and just brought down my vision on the ground. He looks normal to me. Possibly my brain is deceiving me or something saying there’s a significant connection between Nathan and the man in my dreams that precisely looks l


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