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Sold to Alpha Calix

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Pearl is a hardworking woman with two jobs, struggling to make ends meet. Despite her efforts, she still can't afford her brother's medical bills. Desperate, Pearl signs up on a website to become a surrogate mother, thinking it could solve her financial woes. Unbeknownst to her, the contract she signs isn't just for surrogacy—it's a deal that compromises her freedom. Enter Alpha Calix, an influential wolf leader desperate for a mate and heir. Unable to find a suitable partner, he seeks a human surrogate website. When he chooses Pearl based on her application, he sees her as a vulnerable woman. However, an unexpected attraction grows between them, leaving Calix puzzled. But how will Pearl react when she discovers the truth about Calix's identity and that the child she carries isn't entirely human? Faced with the reality of birthing a wolf child and the cold, possessive nature of Alpha Calix, will she flee in fear, or will an unexpected romance bloom between the woman and the wolf?


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