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Rising from the Ashes of Her Past ( A Lunas Tales)

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Arina De Luca is the daughter of Shadow Borne Pack Alpha. Her life was perfect until the Alpha's sudden death when she suddenly found herself treated like a slave. A seemingly unstoppable situation forces Arina to flee just as she is approaching her eighteenth birthday. For years, Lycan king Alexandre LeBlanc has been without a mate. After seeing what the bond almost did to his mother, he never had the desire to take a mate. All of that changes, however, when Arina shows up at his door asking for assistance. Both of their lives are turned upside down when fate plays a role. What secrets are hidden within the Shadowborne Pack's walls? What will Arina do when she learns the real reason for her treatment? Are Alexandre and his mate destined for each other? As secrets are unveiled, truths are revealed, and choices have devastating repercussions.


In a regular fairy tale, it all starts with “Once upon a time,” and then a princess gets rescued by a knight in shining armor.

However, my story diverges from the norm right from the start.

Now, let's take a moment to revisit the place where everything started, or at least the initial moments that are etched in my memory.

Throughout my life, I have consistently had this lingering feeling that there was something distinct about the dynamic between my family and myself. Whether you call it a sixth sense or kismet, I had an unshakable knowing that there was more to my existence. From what I remember, we had a wonderful life filled with smiles, hugs, and kisses. Little did I know, there was a dark secret lurking behind the façade, ready to shatter our family and alter the course of my life forever.

My father was the Alpha of the Shadowborne Pack—the most prestigious and well-respected pack in all of Shadow Falls. Although I never saw him as an Alpha, he was more than just my dad—he was my best friend and my protector.

By birth, my father held the status of an Alpha, whereas my mother's innate designation was that of an Omega. Among all the ranks in a pack, this one is considered the lowest. It is important to note that, unlike other packs, our pack does not engage in the cruel act of subjecting Omegas to slavery. My father was extremely strict when it came to that type of treatment. He ended alliances with other packs because of their enslavement of Omegas.

The only thing I remember about my childhood is that my mother always forced me to wear dresses and always styled my hair differently.

“A princess must always be well-dressed and poised,” she would say while brushing my hair. I look back now and laugh at how stupid I must have looked.

The only makeup Mom ever wore was mascara and eyeliner; she didn't need makeup. If you asked me, she was a natural beauty. Her long black hair was always up in a low bun, leaving her ivory face untouched.

At five feet two, she was petite, but she had just enough in the right areas that Dad couldn't keep his hands off.

Standing next to Dad's six-foot frame, Mom looked like a dwarf. His flawless tan skin looked great in any color, even though he always wore black or blue. He always combed his black hair neatly, and his bright green eyes sparkled whenever he saw me.

Besides going to pack meetings, he devoted himself to training with the warriors, not letting his title as Alpha affect him. He always cautioned me, “Never allow your title to go to your head. Always remember where you came from.”

Despite going with my dad to train with the warriors, they never trained me. They were afraid of facing a reprimand if they caused me any injury.

Mom hated the fact that my father would train me. Training a child seemed unnecessary to her. “She is only five years old and a girl; she doesn't need to learn to fight,” she would tell him.

“You should be out there with us, showing the way for the other female wolves,” he would mention. Mom would give us “whatever,” look at us and ditch us.

Unexpectedly, my dad suddenly fell ill, leaving the pack doctors puzzled about the cause of his illness and the reason behind his losing battle. I was only fifteen when he passed away, and it was on that very night that he called me into his room. As I entered, my heart sank at the sight of him. I remembered him as a strong, confident individual. He looked nothing like him. The tan color on his face was gone, and a clammy white color had replaced it. His green eyes were filled with pain instead of life.

He had an IV running through his arm, giving him the needed medicine.

Taking a seat by his side, I tenderly held his hand, letting him feel my presence beside him.

When he squeezed back, I gently lifted his hand and placed it on my cheek. “Daddy, I'm here,” I said timidly.

His green eyes opened, and he smiled. “Babygirl, my time is ending, and I will not be with you anymore. Arina, you are truly exceptional. You have a gift that no one knows about. You must protect it,” he said, taking a deep breath.

“Sadly, won't be able to keep the promise I made years ago. Arina, there may come a time you may have to leave to protect yourself.” He said this, pausing briefly to take a deep breath. “If anyone finds out the truth, it could cause irreparable harm,” he said, closing his eyes.

“Daddy, what are you talking about? W-what gift?” I asked.

I required clarification on what he said. It was his medication that, I believed, was responsible for his peculiar remarks.

As he opened his eyes again, a tear welled up, and a smile adorned his face. “It is of utmost importance that you remember my words and give me your word that you will run and head North. Despite my extreme eagerness, I exercised patience and decided to postpone sharing with you until your eighteenth birthday. However, the moon goddess has different plans in mind. I have always loved you, Arina, and I will always be with you.” Those were his ultimate words, whispered softly before his last breath escaped, his eyes fluttering shut and his hand slipping from mine.

“DAD!” I yelled. “Daddy, wake up. Please. Don't leave me; I need you.” Tears streamed down my face as I desperately pleaded, “I promise I will do exactly as you ask.” Hoping to feel the reassuring beat of his heart, I whispered, "I love you," while resting my head on his chest.

At that moment, his home nurse burst through the door, panting. Her eyes stayed on the monitor momentarily before turning to me and telling me, “I apologize for your loss, Princess.” She stepped away from the room.

That was the last time I saw my father, and from that point on, it forever changed my life.

Chapter 1

Two years later-

“ARINA, YOU WORTHLESS STUPID, GIRL!” my mother yelled at me from the top of the staircase.

“Who told you that you could sleep? Look at this place; the kitchen is dirty, the laundry is not folded or put away, and you still haven't made breakfast!” She yelled.

“I am sorry, Luna. I'll be there promptly.” Wiping away my sleepiness, I timidly replied. In my haste, I quickly gathered any clothes within reach, settling on an oversized black shirt and a pair of ripped, light blue jeans that were two sizes too big. I had a scarcity of options to choose from these days. Because the only clothes mother gave to me, she had deemed oversized, torn, or soiled from leftover donations to local charities.

In my recollection, there was this one particular time when my hair exuded such a vibrant and radiant energy, illuminating everything around me with its shimmering brilliance. Over time, my beautiful black hair lost its vibra


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