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BLURB “We don’t really know their ways, We just know they are daredevils” People always whisper. The city has been full of rumors on insecurity and the government; religion has experienced a setback. “Fake people are all around, we are not safe; even our dreams are strange” the mothers living in the western part of that world have been suffering more than those in the other region. “We mourn our children's instability, they fall into the hands of gangs almost every time, and all we result from solving the situation is magic.” This has been the constant tone of their voices. “But, in these ups and downs, some set of men still feel safe, they enjoy their life all through” some people think. However, Greg, the most popular religionist/priest, feels unsafe. Voices and illusions divert the dreams of many citizens and even the non-humans fight battles to understand and save themself. They wage several battles so as to finally gain freedom - to win the whole world, after death.

Chapter 1 (The Gang)

"Which is the best of these names?" Pyre asked his peer of NOTORIOUS ROBBERS who soiled the image of their country without a second thought. Essentially, they performed all these atrocities to barely anyone without considering their status or calibre and unfortunately, none knew this.' This was seen in a newspaper when the Squad decided to eat out on a particular day, it was later broadcast on Aeris TV:

'However, this squad was seen by the people as ordinary cult...' The voice continued 'that aimed at helping people without their consent.'

"Never do them harm, they are for the good of our country, so my brethren, do well to respect and esteem them" Pastor Greg, a local and unruly man would say, while preaching in his sanctuary.

It was a rainy day, Pyre the one who assumed the post of a tentative leader of the Pyric Squad, asked his peers to gather in Aeris Hotel which belonged to the government.

"Make sure Greg is not around" he said.

"Pyre, stop this sh*t!.." Windy exclaimed.

"Windy, I have warned you several times not to go against my words, I am the best of you - note that" Pyre replied abruptly "after all, I'm your leader and should not be rebuffed"

"If you aren't careful, I will have this meeting put to rest, in fact.., meeting closed!" He declared.

In a jiffy, Windy, and Volcan the third of them left there for the bar, "let's go have some beer" they said, as if they were in their thoughts.

Twenty minutes later, both of them were in the bar, (precisely Aeris Bar owned by Bitcherman) totally heavy; Windy had taken fifteen bottles while the other took nine. They had had series of uncontrollable fantasies that had set their servers aback. The servers picked up the bottles and retired to brewing as they shut the door to themselves, leaving the drunkards outside.

Windy suddenly opened his eyes.

"Where is Pyre?" He asked himself.

"'Inspire'? What do you mean?" Volcan questioned, unconsciously. He opened his eyes too, three minutes exactly after Windy did.

"What did you mean by 'inspire'?" Windy asked his friend.

"Did I say anything?"

"Yoo, you said 'inspire' when I opened my eyes, I was asking where Pyre is, not remembering he didn't follow us down here... He really missed our enjoyment, what loss!"

"Alright, I think I said some words when I dozed"

"Anyhow, you just have to be careful about how you drink"

"Who? You or I?"

Windy looked at him curiously; "Yoo, I am talking to you" he muttered.

"Let's do it this way, we can even place bets, how many bottles of beer did you take?" Volcan inquired.

"Erm... I took only three..."Windy replied reluctantly "Na, it's only six"

"Oh my Gosh! You did take more, Windy!"

"I took only six bottles, and that is enough for me, to bring down a skyscraper"

"Alright, should we bet?"

"Yoo, If I took more than six bottles, you are getting 10 dollars - but if I drank less or only six as I said, you are giving me 15 dollars and a slap!"

"So weighty!" Volcan yelled.

"Are you ready? Shall we call the lady who served the both of us?" Or you are ready to give up on the bet?" Windy asked him.

"Nah, let's bet, still"

"Hey!" Windy shouted, trying to call on the server. In few seconds, she was out, she even thought it was another customer who was calling.

"Hey! Who called me now?" The lady responded.

"How much are we going to pay?" Volcan asked with hands akimbo.

"Yoo, you drank nine bottles and the other drank fifteen..."

"How much do we pay per bottle?"

"A bottle worths 6 dollars" The lady replied "Fifty-four dollars for you, and a sum of ninety dollars for your friend...the other guy; that is one hundred and forty four dollars... I wonder why you waste money...oh...sorry for that."

"Gosh!" Windy exclaimed.

"Do you see? You now owe me money because of your stiff-neckedness"

"Yoo... But..."

"Ma'am, let's do it this way, he owes me fifteen dollars - collect that from him and I am going to give you thirty-nine dollars so that makes fifty-four dollars... I have forty dollars on me presently, that should work."

"Alright, hope you heard him Sir?"


"So the other Sir, please do give me the 39 dollars and you are free to go"

Volcan rethought "Nah, don't give her anything... I'll pay the whole and get my change from you, later." He groped his own knees trying to confirm if his debit card is still intact, in his pocket.

"Yoo, my card is here... Ma'am, give me your credit number instead so I'll send the money to you"

"Good, It's - 1870765666" and my credit name is 'Lyan Robbit'" The lady asserted.

So Volcan transferred the exact amount they owed, to her, spanked dizzy Windy on his head "let's go, chicken head!" He hollered.

"F*ck that off!" Windy retorted.

Lyan, the server-lady reset the bar tables and chairs entered again, with ecstasy that they didn't owe a dime, even how much the bill was. "Thank my head, they paid all" she concluded.

Windy and Volcan reached home.

Pyre was in his room, resting on a purple pillow and on a six-spaced bed - there was a sheet of paper underneath the bed that hovered around in the space between the end layer of the bed and the golden floor of the room - he remained there as the wind blew.

"I still don't know why Pyre dismissed us when he was about telling us what to do at the meeting hall" Windy wondered "but another thing bothering me is my new debt, f*ck that off!"

"New debt, you said?" Volcan questioned and suddenly, bursted into laughter until he resigned to stupor and dozed off as he fell down on the floor, flat.

"Pyre is crazy; Volcan is mad"

Windy turned back and stalked into his room.

"We are working towards making both ends meet by giving the Pyric Boys free hand, we have signed the bill that says they should be allowed to vote and participate in our politics, for the betterment of our land!" Windy heard, from the TV that was turned on in his room since he left for the bar.

"These boys especially Pyre, are passionate about making this country more improved and developed" He heard, again.

Angrily, he walked up to the TV and switched it off abruptly.

Chapter 2


It was an unusual morning - the clouds were filled with many spots that looked like strange beings; even the earth, was suddenly overwhelmed with eldritch events. Aeris Hotel was dark like the dungeon; the animals became downers; the people who thought the Pyric Squad/Boys (Pyre, Windy and Volcan and seven minor others) to be fireballs now regarded them as killjoys.

No one thought of calling the other to order; the people all made for their rooms to hide - it was believed that whenever a storm or any similar event happened, they should all retire to their own houses. They even recalled the short poem by a former 'foreign' nationalist:

Fá! fan in una situazione din roccone cosinchén riposan no stare difficile comen una carica.

But this was stressful on the part of those Pyric boys; they had to stand on the road and wait for a horse to arrive


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