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On Ten Thousand Ways for a Villain to Die

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He is not a genius, but an all-rounder! He is not a prominent noble, but he will definitely become a king and overlord! Tang Ren, an ordinary poor young man, encountered a chance encounter that changed his destiny forever. From then on, he took on a new look, possessing both civil and military skills.

Chapter 1: The Descent into Madness

In the evening, within the men's restroom of the Seventh Senior Literature Museum in Zhonghai City, a slender boy trembled, curled up in a corner. Four boys of his age were beating him mercilessly, their viciousness startling to any onlooker. In no time, the frail boy was covered in bruises, his clothes imprinted with footmarks and stained with traces of blood.

The ringleader of the four squatted down, grabbed the slender boy's hair, and dragged him to the urinal. He pressed the boy's head against the rim, bringing his nose less than five centimeters from the urine, its foul and pungent odor not only nauseating but also shattering his dignity.

"Listen well, I don't care if you have to rob or steal, but if I don't see a hundred bucks from you before tonight's self-study session ends, you'll be licking this urinal clean!" the arrogant boy declared. After his speech, he smashed the slender boy's head against the urinal's edge, indifferent to the blood seeping from his forehead, and left with a spit of disdain followed by raucous laughter from his gang, acting as if nothing had happened.

Quiet returned to the restroom until, after a long while, the slender boy slowly rose from the ground. He gazed desolately at the empty restroom, and tears that had been swirling in his eyes finally fell in defeat.

"Why... Why does everyone want to bully me! Does my constant forbearance and cowardice only encourage them more?" he roared in heart-wrenching agony.

Years of pent-up frustration erupted from the boy's heart in this moment. The boy, Tang Ren, was a student of the Literature Museum, born to an ordinary family; his father a factory worker and his mother a homemaker.

With no power, influence, or wealth, his family was the epitome of poverty. His parents' meager earnings were just enough to cover daily expenses and barely support his education.

Perhaps it was his family's dire straits that made Tang Ren a target of ridicule and bullying since he began his studies. Despite his insecurities, he was sensible from a young age, never wanting to cause trouble for his family, avoiding conflicts and enduring bullying without complaint, swallowing all humiliations.

But this only led to his increasing timidity, and instead of diminishing, the number of his tormentors grew...

In Tang Ren's memory, it seemed every day brought new humiliations... Yet, he never imagined he'd be pushed into a urinal, an unprecedented humiliation that battered his spirit.

As he recalled everything, tears flowed uncontrollably down his cheeks, his heart saturated with grievous injustice. He had had enough of days where even his dignity was trampled into nothingness.

The scent of urine that clung to his clothes and face lingered in his nose, fueling a desire to bash his head against the wall.

A person lives for their face, as a tree lives for its bark. A tree without bark dies, a person without face loses their basic dignity—what difference then, between living and being dead?

"Why do you force me, why do you push me to this edge!" Tang Ren murmured in a low voice, his anger seething, fists clenched so tightly that his nails pierced his palms, yet he felt nothing.

A rage blazed within him!

In that moment, numerous thoughts flashed through Tang Ren's mind, as he came to a series of realizations. The tears stopped, and his expression gradually hardened.

In the depths of his heart, he made a certain decision.

Rising from the ground, Tang Ren fiercely wiped the tears from his face, his eyes reddened, a chilling aura emanating from him, replacing the once meek and timid demeanor.

Sometimes, for some people, change requires but a moment's thought—the line between angel and demon is thin, is it not?

He cleaned his face and the stains on his body at the sink, and looking at his reflection in the mirror, Tang Ren coldly said, "Remember, Tang Ren, a good horse is ridden, a good person is bullied. From now on, you'd rather die standing tall than live on your knees. Your dignity shall not be trampled on any longer!"

At 9:30 pm, the bell signaling the end of the evening self-study rang on time. Everyone rushed out of the classrooms, flooding towards the exit of the Literature Museum.

Only Tang Ren sat still at his desk, his face expressionless, silently watching the night sky outside the door, his eyes flickering with an indescribable light, torn, hesitant.

He knew well that Xu Feng and his gang wouldn't let him off easily, and what he would have to face once he stepped through that door.

Chapter 2:Madness

"Tang Ren, are you leaving or not? We're about to lock the doors," the voice of the duty class officer came.

Tang Ren glanced indifferently at the speaker, remained silent, and secretly tucked the prepared stool leg into his embrace, then left the classroom. In his heart, Tang Ren had made a decision: since they saw his forbearance as weakness to be trampled upon, from now on, he would instill deep-seated fear in them. This was all forced upon him by their actions.

With resolute steps, Tang Ren left the building, his face devoid of fear. "I said I wouldn’t let anyone trample on my dignity again, and I mean anyone!"

Outside the Literary Hall, the crowd had thinned. Tang Ren walked out slowly, his lone figure casting a long shadow under the streetlight, exuding solitude.

"Tang Ren, you’ve really got guts. I thought you wouldn't dare to come out!" Before Tang Ren had gone far, a sinister voice reached him. Turning, he saw


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