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Miss Nobody: The Veiled Shadows

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She is weak but unknowingly strong. The witches of the world are after her so are the vampires and werewolves of the world. They don't know who she is but they can feel a presence. Preparation to prevent what happened 500 years ago is being done but can the preparation be complete without the main ingredient? They will only fill a present until she manifest but when will the manifestation take place? Through a lost love gained or a memory gained? She isn't hiding because she knows but she has to. Find out from this thrilling and exciting novel and make your judgement.


Alma's Point Of View

"You will pay! I say again and again you all will pay!" I said sobbing profusely as I bang the iron bar door repeatedly. The constant noise from the chains tied to me, was irritating me.

"Is she still ranting?" I heard someone's voice say. I kept my voice low to know what they were saying.

"Yes sir, she has been ranting for so long," the guard positioned to watch over me, who was standing at the main entrance door, replied.

"For how long has she been ranting?" The voice asked him. Ranting? So to them I am ranting? Then I will keep on ranting so it can get registered to their brains!

"Sir, she has been ranting for a long, so long, I think more than seven hours now," He said to him.

"Wow, this is serious! I think I need to inform the commander about this. For how long has she been locked up?" He asked the guard.

"I wasn't the initial person who locked her up but I took over from Austin and I have been standing here for close to twelve hours, so I guess she has been locked up for forty eight hours" he replied. He wasn't even correct with the time duration, I have been locked up here for sixty hours.

"Okay, I see! I will get back to you and look for something to keep her mouth shut. That noise is distracting. He said to the guard as he retreated his steps back to wherever the hell he was coming from.

"You will pay! You all will pay in ten folds, each and everyone of you with your family for what you did to me and my family. All this won't go on peacefully, all these treatments won't go unpunished I promise you! I promise you," I kept shouting repeatedly, increasing the pitch of my voice. Suddenly I felt cold water running down my face, some were iced.

"Lady, will you keep your mouth shut?" He appeared to me suddenly. When did he appear that I didn't notice?

"I appreciate you still calling me lady but I won't, I won't keep shut. I will keep on talking and shouting and disturbing you guys till I am tired. This is all I have, to keep ranting as you call it. I can't use my powers because of this damned dungeon." I yelled as I stamped my foot on the ground. That hurt, I wasn't wearing any footwear.

"I wasn't asking you a question, just keep your d*mn mouth shut and let's have peace in this place," he commanded.

"There is no peace for the wicked, there won't be any single peace for the ruthless. How will you have peace when you have done something so brutal? Something so uncalled for, something so wicked. How would you have this peace? It is not for you and your kind and that idiot that calls himself the King. He will never be the King he has always imagined, he will never ever ever be because my father's reign is always on their mind, on the people's mind and he can never change that. Will you also kill the people? Will your king also kill the people? Hahaha I laugh at your shame." I yelled in terrible anger.

"Why don't you keep that shame to yourself and mind your god-damned business? Like mind your business! We don't need sl*t like you talking nothing anyway." He said with that look, that look of disdain.

I heard footsteps of people walking into the dungeon. I hear from afar because I still have my i-sensys but it fails sometimes. Two pathetic idiots stood before me beside the other fool.

"Unlock her!" One of the other two said to the guard.

"What? Unlock her?" He asked fearfully and confusedly.

"Yes, unlock her and use this wristband cuff on her. It will help with her powers, so you don't have to worry." He explained, swinging the bands in my face, smiling like he achieved something great.

I was harshly unchained but before anything could happen the bands were cuffed, with the intense pain I was receiving from the cord, I wouldn't have done anything either.

My feet crashed against the ground as I was dragged out, I wasn't even allowed to stand up and walk on my feet and we kept moving like that till we got to the horse stable and I felt my face in a horse dung. I was just pushed into a horse sh*t.

"Clean that up!" He ordered. "That's your punishment for making unnecessary noise, this is to teach you not to whine your mouth and sit in a place." He yelled, spitting at me.

I looked at them with disgust as they walk out of the stable. Pain ran through my body as the guard whipped me for sitting too long on the ground. I got to work because my body couldn't take any more whipping again. From one pile of sh*t to another cleaning up the stable I didn't use. I struggled with the nauseation and did my work to the best I could.


I sat in deep sorrow as the guard brought me my food, getting weaker as the day passed and I looked at him with deep hatred, not meant for him though. He stood outside of my cage looking down at me with so much bitterness and contempt.

“Your end has come, you had better put the food in your stomach so once you get to the other side of existence, you will be acceptable and savable. You look pitiful and stupid,” he spat.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better or eat?” I asked weakly. This dungeon and chains were doing the most to me, cutting into my power core.

“None of the above” He yelled.

“You don’t have to yell,” I told him, eyeing the miserable food on the floor that was meant for me.

“What’s going on there?”

A voice said and I needed no one to tell me it was Hendrix, I stood up from the ground, with strength that was available some minutes ago and moved to the iron bar doors while the guard looked at me with so much disdain as always.

“I asked what is going on here?” He asked again, coming into my view.

“Nothing much my lord but this brat here refused to eat and had been saying hurtful words about you and your family, I wasn't exempted though," he explained, eyeing me.

I was lost for words at the rate at which this idiot lied against me and at what gain? Just to see me get whipped or given harder punishment? I could only look at him with scornful eyes.

“Hmmm, do I hear that correctly, Alma? Why do that to someone so real?”

“People like to say they are ‘Real’," I air quoted it, "but they don’t say real what, real shady, real needy, or a real piece of sh*t. Sorry but I need you to be more specific.”

“Whoa! Why do you have so much hate towards me?”

Is this guy being serious? After all that he did and he still has the heart to ask such a stupid question. “I will not pretend to like you because I don’t, I will only tolerate you and be civil because there’s a difference between being an adult and being fake. Ok?”

“Okay.” He faces the guard, “it is time, call John or Riggs to get things done.”

“Just a little reminder, you will always have to talk about me and my family because whenever you talk about yourself, people won’t listen and always watch your back because… Just because I am coming back for you and I will play back the drama you did.” I yelled after him.


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